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The bible is only a story book that parents use(d) as a weapon/punishment against the unobediant children. Nothing more.
"Suicide hotline.....please hold."
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Originally Posted by Sam I Am View Post
The bible is only a story book that parents use(d) as a weapon/punishment against the unobediant children. Nothing more.
Wow, how funny this is for I have a different view from my experience. My Father was a Marine Corp. Drill Instructor and I've spent the last 7 years trying to fix myself and the horrible reaction I have for those who don't follow my orders.

The New Testament has been my saving grace as it's made me patient and tolerant. I'd now rather send my kids to their rooms, and use the scripture later to illustrate their wrongs. (Note: Ephesians 6)

Snowwolf; man cant relate to God, but through Jesus and his teachings we can. That's why the New Testament is so important and it uses Jesus's very own words. I believe that God would not allow his only begotten Son's words to be misinterpreted.
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Thanks for the opinion with no facts.....
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The Old Testament is passed around in the Christian Bible along with the new testament. To say you don't read it or it is irrelevant is the same rationale that leads to religious extremism. Your own picking and choosing may not lead you to conclude that you should kill nonbelievers, and for that I applaud you. But you're still picking and choosing. Much akin to the Muslims who read 'kill unbelievers' but then go on and ignore some pretty explicit 'Don't kill, rather protect Jews and Christians' verses in the Koran.

Additionally, to say all the violence happens in the OT and the OT is a rule for how Jews are supposed to live, but not Christians, can basically be taken to imply that Jews are violent. Why even include the OT in the bible if you're going to just seal it and pretend it doesn't exist?

Not to mention you'd be hard pressed to find a book in the bible more violent than Revelations (NT).

Christianity, like all religions, is simply a highly successful cult. And like all religions, it doesn't stand up to reasonable questions. Eventually you can talk any bible-thumper into a corner with logic and al they can respond with is 'Have faith, without faith you'll be punished.' which roughly translated into modern English means, 'Stop asking questions I can't answer, just blindly follow and obey.'

Back in those days when someone told you god was talking to him, he was a prophet. Now we put those people in straight jackets.

We've been through this whole religion begets violence thing before. Just because Snowvols reads the bible and imagines some sort of peaceful message does nothing to preclude his neighbor reading the same bible and imagining that god wants him to kill gays. Defend your interpretation all you want, and I'll defend your right to speak your interpretation. It's just that, an interpretation - be it a personal and peaceful message like Snowvols, or some jackass telling his sheeple to pray for Obama to die, or to go to a gay soldier's funeral with signs that read 'God hates fags'. But don't believe for a second religion hasn't been the most popular excuse for one person to kill another all throughout history.

I want to conclude that I have nothing but the utmost regard for those who practice what they preach, whatever their religion. Your religion is your business, how you interpret it is your business, but how is causes you to act and treat others is everyone's business.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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I read the old testament because it talks about the coming of a Christ. The reason I do not study it thoroughly is due to the fact it has been fulfilled. Yes the OT is a very violent series of books, but it is also has very loving and peaceful such as psalms and proverbs.

Reading reveltaions can be a very confusing books and really no one but God understands all of it. It is mostly metaphores and not exactly what will happen. It is pretty interesting if you know what they mean. It took me alot of reading and research to understand what they might even mean.

I believe you about being able to back most christians into a corner and they will say have faith. The biggest part of my faith is that Jesus rose. Budda's and Muhammad's bodies are buried and we know where they are, but Jesus' is no where to be found. You can either say it never happened or it was destroyed. I dont really agree with you about people then were a prophet and now are put in a straight jacket. The reason is because how many people claim god is talking to them now? There are only a handful of prophets in the bible and most are in the OT.

About the whole peaceful message how could there not be when Jesus spoke? He never spoke up death and wanted people to love one another. He was asked which is the greatest commandment out of the 10 and he said love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. Now if people would follow that little advice think of how peaceful the world would be?

And the crazies in wacco I think that is where they are located? They are NOT christians! Just because people say they are doesnt mean they really are. That is the biggest problem with christianity is all the people that claim to be part of it but do not live like it. So that is where all the hypocrite talk comes in because it really does happen which makes me so mad.
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but it is also has very loving and peaceful such as psalms and proverbs.
Psalms is peaceful?

Psalms 137:9 "Happy is he who shall seize your children and dash them against the rock".

Why isn't that sung in churches?

Point out all the peaceful parts and look the other way when something like this is brought up, frankly I find the above passage disgusting, I don't care what the "meaning" behind it is.

I grew up having to go to Sunday School, being told basically, "follow his ways or you to go hell where there's pain, fire, and big scary monsters". This is what you call brain-washing, taking children at an early age and scaring them into believing this will happen to them if they don't act accordingly. Not a cult huh?
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Ok at least you have ammo for one part of psalms I should have said most of psalms is peaceful that better? Did I say christians look the other way when it is not peaceful? No sorry but I said Jesus's teachings were all about peace.

How many kids get scared into christianity? I do not know a single kid who has been a true christian their whole life. People might say they have been but no they have not. I am very sorry you had to be drug to church but there are alot of good things in churches for kids and young adults. If you say not then you have never been to a real church that is for God.
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We need to remember that not all Christians are greedy, money hungry, religious idots. Christians are responsible for more giving than any other group in the world. His command if for us to Love the world just as He has loved. That meens giving, as much as you can. Once you do give it is the responsibility of the person or organization you gave to too be responsible with it.
The Bible can be a source of life if you read it with an open mind, beliving God himself will speak to you when you read. Christians are people like the rest of mankind, we all make mistakes, none of us are perfect. When we accept that Jesus is God's son in the flesh and that he died for our sins, mistakes, sickness, lack, anger, hate, etc... and ask Him to be lord of our life, fill our heart. He answers with fullness of life and that more abundantly. God (Jesus) has proven Himself to me over and over again.
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