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Default I guess it's freedom of speech?

But at what point do you become a douchebag who is inciting hatred?

Pastor weighing plans to burn Qurans amid U.S. warnings - CNN.com
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thank you, Pastor Jones, for again proving how insane the state of Florida is. whatever one burns in protest, be it Qurans, bibles, or disco records, the guy doing the burning always looks like a maniac.
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Remember when Rushdie published that book about Mohammmed? Remember when that European newspaper published the cartoons about the prophet? Remember how everyone was all "Oh, the muslims are over-the-top in their reactions". Funny how it's *different* when you're doing it....

Snowolf has it right, although too diplomatic methinks.

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It just shows that these kooks don't really care about anything but drama and stirring shit up. It's about like those asshats that went around protesting at soldiers funerals....fucktards!!!

I wonder if anyone worries about the safety of Muslim (extremists) that burn American flags....I doubt it
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While I agree that the burning is pretty lame, if "Islam" gets their panties in a bunch because ONE american shows anger against them, that makes them just as pathetic as the pastor.

Could you imagine if christians, catholics, etc did and said what islam does when someone insults their religion? We'd have full blown anarchy in the US. Religion of peace my ass.
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Safe to say this world would be less violent and more peaceful without religion?
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Here's an example of how small minded some of these people are...

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday issued a statement saying the U.S. government "in no way condones such acts of disrespect against the religion of Islam, and is deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups." It emphasized that it strongly condemned "the offensive messages, which are contrary to U.S. government policy and deeply offensive to Muslims especially during the month of Ramadan."

"Americans from all religious and ethnic backgrounds reject the offensive initiative by this small group in Florida. A great number of American voices are protesting the hurtful statements made by this organization," the embassy said.
Does our government really need to play mommy and daddy with them? Explain to them how one persons actions don't associate everyones opinions? Grow a fucking brain people. If someone (as a muslim or any other religious group insulted) really thinks that one person shows the whole countries opinion, go out to a field, blow yourself up for allah, and raise the global IQ average. You all know what's coming when the pastor does this...


If our troops are in as much danger as they are saying because of ONE wacko pastor. Bye Afganistan, Bye Iraq...not soon, leave RIGHT NOW. Wasting american lives for these idiots is pointless. Hopefully the pastor gets his, and by the way he has a book out and that's probably the main reason for doing this, publicity and money....money...what every extremist god-fucker wants.

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what is the motivation behind this book burning?

clearly people are not going to be compelled to convert from islam to jesusdom because of it.

perhaps the reputation of the US military / government to act immediately and violently in response to any violence towards her or her forces, has inspired this action?

burn a book = retaliation from stoopid extremists = retaliation from the far stronger US fighting forces = the war is perpetuated.

at the very least, this twat in FLA is getting a shed load of publicity.

or perhaps the hope is that any negative response from middle east whack-jobs would not be responded to?

a book burning is a trifling matter (as offensive as some might find it, we can simply dismiss them with "grow a helmet!"); but any retaliation due to it might also be dismissed as non-consequential;

i doubt obama would wish to resume a firing war, that was initiated due to a book burning in florida!! i think this is the true motivator; obama's non-action would be seen as a rally call from the right wing nutters, who will claim that any tit for tat was far too inadequate no matter what was done.
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i love this country because idiots can say what they want, i just wish there weren't so many idiots
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Insane Christian radicals attacking insane Muslim radicals. And who do you think is going to end up dying in the middle of their holy war? People like us.
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