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haven't you heard? there is none.

we are a parasite. given our levels of resource consumption the planet breached its carrying capacity sometime in the last century. overpopulation and its effects will lead to a cataclysmic event to "correct" the problem naturally.

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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I often feel like a man born in the wrong country. My thought patterns are so much more aligned with European thinking than anything related to America. We have gone so far "off the track" that I really think that a collapse of this country would, in the long run, actually be a good thing...
It's not all good in our region sadly. The fear of islamization and other minorities is on the rise. I really do think some people needs a shocker to wake up and realize that their fear towards everything foreign is the core of a lot of problems. E.g. that Iranians not are crazy terrorists who are going to kills USA at first chance.
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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Besides, our issue is with the radical clerics and Ahmadinejad, not the Iranian people. Our befriending Iran will create massive unrest and discontent amongst the people of Iran against this current leadership.

Iranians have always been fascinated with American/European Music, Fashion and Cinema. There is no dissent other than last years chants of 'Marg Bar Dictator', or "death to the dictator"
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Originally Posted by InfiniteEclipse View Post
"destroys the ability of the regime to strike back"
work based www filters are fun. i can get into this site, but not CNN.

assuming the above quote is from the lead article, it shows at least that there is an acknoweldgement that Iran is not a state who is about to actually provoke a conflict.

and so one is left to wonder who out there, is about to cause Iran to 'strike back' in the first place?

perhaps the best policy to ensure a lack of ability from the regime, would be to ensure there is no inclination in the first place?

at the very least, this story seems to be one of a terroristic nature; we have a party suggesting an attempt towards violence or the undermining of a nation's defence, purely for the purpose of political gain. this is terrorism.

i presume that no one is surprised?
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Originally Posted by snowjeeper View Post
GOP senator: Consider neutering Iran's 'ability to wage war' -

This is what happens when you vote for republicans, they go around starting wars with everyone.
As a limited defense, that article is taken a bit out of context. He clearly states military action is a last resort. I am in no way saying he is right. Any military action against Iran would be a disaster for a very large part of the world, but CNN is about as partisan as they come.

YouTube - Graham On Iran: 'Take Military Action' Before They Get Nukes
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I don't think it deserves any defence. The whole "All options are on the table" has been it stated again and again at least since Obama's reelection. Clinton herself is a firm believer in this. He isn't reiterating this, because that would do nothing for his political gains, he is taking it a step further, and trying to excuse himself by dropping in a "well you know, as a last reasort i mean"

bullshit. he's inciting fear and is well aware of his war rhetoric
Did she say Strap-in or Strap-on?
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I really like to believe that most people in this country and the govt truely believe that most of our wars are not against the people of a particular country but against the government that rules that country. Of course the problems is with Iran's govt and religious rulers, not the people.
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it's a real shame that green movement in Iran didn't overthrow the gov't. the young people are very much into western style ideals there and they came very close to overthrowing the totalitarian radical theocrats that run things there. If only they could have gotten rid of ahmedinejad and the ayatollah if would have been such a good thing for the whole world. it will happen one day soon enough though. it's still brewing. the police and military managed to quell the protests but they will rise up again .
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Well, being in the military i'm not allowed to publically express my political views, i lost a lot of rights by joining. however i can say a few things:

The first being, everything we know, comes from the media. The government knows exactly what they tell the media and it's probably not even close to whats actually happening. They just tell the people anything to keep them calm, regardless of what party is in office. You think you know whats going on based on what the news tells you or what the politician says in a press confrence but it's actually only as relevant as being up on the newest episode of jersey shore.

Another thing, you can be against war and using military force, but if a nuke does drop in country... then who will be the pig headed retards. And then 100'000s of people could pay the price because we wanted to trust a shadey country with nuclear power. You wouldnt let some a strange guy babysit your kids, even if he goes to the neighborhood barbaque (Geneva) every month and seems really nice.

Last and most important, I am a man of God, and i believe His will, will be done. The bible says things will get fucked up in end of days, and things are definatly going in that direction. If you don't know Jesus, you have bigger things to worry about then Iran nuking the world or your country being run by a war lord. But i know your all grown men and women who have heard this a million times, so i'll stop there, the truth will reveil itself.
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bla bla bla.
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