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I dono, I rather liked the "pointing your bony finger of the apex of ignorance"
Did she say Strap-in or Strap-on?
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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
You suspect me of being touchy and reactionary, I would tend to suggest the same to you about this issue. Lighten up, the humor is actually funny is you don`t take things so personal....
We're all good..
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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
And yet you made the deliberate effort to actively click on the section and read the very thing you are now whining and bitching about..

There is a reason that the politics section is in a separate section of the forum and that is so people who TRULY don`t want to be bothered with it don't have to see. Many here who have an absolute passion for snowboarding also like to engage in political discussion and debate. Why should they not be allowed simply because you don`t like and don`t have to see if you could use some self control? Someone like you who willingly clicks on a political topic then gets butt hurt because the topic is there is either stupid, insane or from Texas...

If anything, illuminating some of the dark, twisted shit that has gone on in that part of the country for a century is a good thing. The KKK is no longer socially acceptable, even in the south. Racism against blacks in the south has been terrible and I think it is good thing to expose white southern racists for the dog shit they are. Even in the south, racism is slowly loosening it;s grip. Maybe if the folk in the south are tired of the stereotypes and jokes, they will clean up their act and call bullshit on the human detritus that gives them all a bad name. Don`t tell the rest of us not to comment or make jokes, fix the problems in your part of the country that give the rest of us reason to make jokes....
I wasn't bitching about this section of the forum (just my inability to steer clear of it), I never once said that people shouldn't be allowed to engage in discussion, just that reducing coherent debate to petty name-calling is unfortunate and yes, I guess I could use some more self control!

I absolutely agree with you about southern racism Snowolf. We're in the 21st century, and thank goodness most of the haters/racists are cast aside like the jackasses they are. Nowhere with humans inhabiting it is perfect, all we can do now is keep moving forward. We're all in the same boat, and we're all more similar than different, despite what Faux News and PMSnbc want us to think.
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Racism is all over the country. Stems from people who aren't around people from another race and here stereotypes about them. Everywhere I have lived there have been racist people. This was pretty much just a thread to bash stereotypical southereners though no matter way you look at it since most people on here think they are better than other people which is petty
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Originally Posted by MunkySpunk View Post

See, where I must have gone wrong in my interpretation is the part that reads 'The issue of any incestuous marriage'.

I guess I should have realized, like your own brilliant flash of insight, what they MEANT to say was 'The offspring of any incestuous marriage'. Silly me.

Thanks for uhhh.. clarifying.
Perhaps I erred. I inferred from your statement, "You've got to allow incest," that you had read the law as allowing incest. I can tell I offended you, and I'm sorry about that.
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The incest thing doesn't run rampant as much as apparently some think it does. Only incest type of stuff I heard of was with young young children which is the pedophilia which is sad. Most people I know back home who haven't gone to college have a severe case of homophobia. It is sad yes I know but that's the way they are raised and have normally never encountered a gay man or woman. Same a racism people live in their own little box and do not want to open their eyes to the surrounding world. That creates a zero tolerance for someone who is not like them and that attitude is totally acceptable. If you are using the term abomination in reference to the bible then incest is considered an abomination is considered a sin as well. I am unsure how you are using that but wanted to throw that out. Most southerners will only quote stuff out of the bible though that will benefit them and their own motives.

Just seemed like he intended it to be a bash the south said since whenever i would say anything about the south he would mock me. That makes it completely frustrating when trying to tell another side of the story.
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I am still better.
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Originally Posted by PaoloSmythe View Post
don't you know stereotypes are stupid, you gun totting, tobacco chewing, burger munching, gang-banging 'murikuns!?
*spit* I'm gonna shoot you fer that! Once I finish mah burger... *om nom nom*
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