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tAo77 11-16-2010 04:48 PM

New TSA Screenings
Invasive new TSA airport screening procedures are barely justifiable | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Columnist Jacquielynn Floyd | Dallas-Fort Worth News

Ok, maybe I'm old fashioned but I dont really want some government employee feeling up my Mrs. when we are about to head out on a family vaca. I am not against stringent security rules at the airports, but I think aggressive pat-downs cross the line a bit. Well, let me rephrase, aggressive pat-downs of men with turbans on their heads may be a bit more in line than patting down my very attractive :D wife. I am not a frequent flier and I want to know my flight is safe, I just dont see how patting down every granny, hottie and Joe American keeps us safer. Personally, I dont mind the body scanner idea. Want to see me naked to get on the plane, your loss, but I know alot of people, my wife included, are absolutely loathing the day. Just curious what others think. Is it a necessary evil?

KIRKRIDER 11-16-2010 05:57 PM

I suspect that the main point is just making another billion selling those scanners...

Michael Chertoff.

Doesn't sound familiar? He's the former Homeland Security secretary. Seems ultra-convenient for this contract to have been won by his company. Sounds like needless government spending to me.
Since the attempted bombing of a US airliner on Christmas Day, former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff has given dozens of media interviews touting the need for the federal government to buy more full-body scanners for airports.

What he has made little mention of is that the Chertoff Group, his security consulting agency, includes a client that manufactures the machines. Chertoff disclosed the relationship on a CNN program Wednesday, in response to a question.

Shocktroop531 11-17-2010 02:50 AM

at this point I'd rather take the risk of being hijacked by terrorists than deal with all this bullshit at the airport. A metal detector is enough. You know the second Akhmed stands up and tries anything 15 people are gonna take his ass out anyways. I have absolutely zero fear of terrorism .

snowjeeper 11-17-2010 06:28 AM

america has an irrational fear of terrorism.

lannalee802 11-17-2010 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 328214)
Probably a sign of the times and little we can do about it. I do think that TSA is lacking good strategic sense here. Pat downs should really be based on "probable cause" but we are so over cautious not to offend. Sorry, but profiling whether racially or by behavior is a part of the human existence and the fact is with middle eastern terrorism, a person of middle eastern descent is going to raise an eyebrow in airport.

I do think it is a bit ironic that they go to these lengths, yet to this day, the cargo on board under you most often is not screened so long as it is shipped from a "trusted shipper" There could be a friggen nuke on board that was missed by screening, yet grandma`s panties got the thorough once over...:eek:

Myself, I would rather not go through all of the bullshit and instead have fully armed FBI agents or US Military guards on board the aircraft...:dunno:


Mysticfalcon 11-17-2010 07:12 AM

Well 5 years ago my grandmother got pulled aside and got a good thurough pat down and all of her purse and carry on dumped out and gone through. All because her fake knee set off the metal detector after she told them that her fake knee was going to set off the metal detector and showed them a letter from her doctor.
When we got to our destination my suit case slid down the ramp and and exploded all over the floor of the airport because they had cut open my bag incase the zipper was boobytraped. They had just taken my suitcase and all my clothes and tied them off inside a big garbage bag. Inside was a card that basically said we are sorry but we had to look in your bag. because we destroyed your suitcase here is a $50 gift certificate towards samsonite. The stupid t-shirt I had bought on my vacation even had a big gash in it from where they cut open my suit case.
Now I only fly with a carry on.

killclimbz 11-17-2010 09:13 AM

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This what I am going to say to the TSA.

JeffreyCH 11-17-2010 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by killclimbz (Post 328580)
YouTube - Sheep Shearing- Seth Macfarlane

This what I am going to say to the TSA.


Shocktroop531 11-17-2010 12:59 PM

got a big cotton boner. hahah

that would be a great way to freak out a tsa worker. think I'll try it

roremc 11-17-2010 01:32 PM

Another reason to scare away tourists. As if the customs nazis were bad enough now you have these guys to deal with!

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