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ShredLife 07-24-2011 08:51 PM

Police Threaten to Execute Man With Concealed Handgun Permit.

linvillegorge 07-25-2011 12:25 AM

You wanna get really fucking pissed off?

Check out some of these posts in an online forum for cops:

CCW = Death threats on a traffic stop

There are some cops posting on that board that are essentially saying he did nothing wrong and one talking about measures he's taken in the past that go well beyond what we see here. Hardly any there support shit canning the guy, which is EXACTLY what should happen. You really want a fucking maniac like that carrying a badge and a gun with the benefit of the doubt of being a LEO? Hell no! Anyone that fucks up THAT bad on the job should expect to get fired immediately, regardless of whether you're cop, frying burgers at McD's or a CEO.

Scary shit. The amount of power cops have in this country is completely out of control IMO.

linvillegorge 07-25-2011 12:34 AM

From the link I posted, how about this one:

"I guess if you work in a "low speed" area, you've never spoke to mutts in a language they understand. What he said is a far cry from a murder threat. He's on a stop with a whore, her pimp , and an armed goof. who has absolutely NO reason for where he is, who he's with, on a half deserted street in the middle of the night. I would not have ever searched an occupied car, but if knucklehead was armed like he was, I would have MF'ed him to. And I wouldn't be fired. I guess some people that don't deal with this kind of stuff ever, think the copper was "way out of line" and should be fired, maybe drawn and quartered, hung in a public square, beheaded, whatever...If some were created as "the perfect Policeman," I guess they would call for his head.

BTW, pretty much a pimp move on whomever in his PD gave up that video to the people with the agenda. I wouldn't ever want to be on any call with that clown.

If I was the Chief, he'd get a couple days and then I'd give him the oppurtunity to work some OT details to make it up, then I'd launch an investigation to find out who's giving out restricted Dept. info. And this is only because this vid went viral.. "

This is exactly why "internal investigations" are pure bullshit. Cops take the whole "brotherhood" concept very seriously. They protect their own, right or wrong. Most would rather cover up for a bad cop than do the right thing and uphold the public's trust in those of their profession. This guy here is basically saying that the guy he'd be going after is the guy who leaked the vid. Wow. It's why I don't trust cops for shit.

*BTW, the video wasn't "leaked". It was acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.

ShredLife 07-25-2011 02:13 AM

yea - i wish i was surprised by any of it but i'm not.... except the fact that he's actually probably going to get fired for it...2nd cop should probably go too

oh well, i can take solace in the fact that statistically these fucking piggies will probably both commit suicide

CheeseForSteeze 07-25-2011 09:57 AM

It's quite clear the driver was trying to inform the LEO he had a CCW. At the beginning of the video he said "I've never had to do this" when he was trying to present his permit. If the LEO wasn't being an indignant prick interrupting him, he would have had the compliance he was raging about earlier.

The LEO should be suspended without pay during the investigation. I would hope he would be discharged and furthermore, charged in criminal court.

ShredLife 07-25-2011 02:41 PM

problem is, piggie who tore up your buddies ticket is likely the same dude to lie to protect his 'brothers', lie to convict citizens and ruin their lives, or threaten to kill the people he works for, etc., etc.

you just caught him on a good day - hell he gets to float down the river for work... maybe not as stressful as pulling over prostitutes and pimps and whatnot.

ShredLife 07-25-2011 03:12 PM

well, its about context wolf. what i'm saying is that the exact same officers that you have had good run-ins with at work or whatever are the exact same officers that will lie to uphold the 'brotherhood' or use lies to get the average citizen to fuck themselves. to be fair - i'm not saying every cop is a stormtrooper like officerragealot here - i'm saying that every cop lies and uses deception and intimidation in their day to day interactions with the public. And they do. the same cop that just weighed your truck or checked your license on the river...

i see it all the time. if i'm on the river with my boat looking all guidely and shit, its nothing but good 'ol boy backslaping and 'hows the fishing?' bs with them. but if i'm in town or on I5 with shortsleeves all tatted up wearing a tshirt and a fitted hat - Barney Fife aint there - usually Terminator cop

threej21 07-25-2011 04:34 PM

like many others, the vid sickens me...but just so happens someone posted up this video on another forum just the other day, and i think its worth sharing with the current topic, since its also about a man with a gun...however this cop handles it waaayyyyy different

slyder 07-25-2011 04:44 PM

Does anyone believe that that tape would still be in tack if that officer did go a little more over board. Maybe a beating but also possibly as far as a shooting???
**referring to the 1st video**

Deviant 07-25-2011 04:45 PM

I'm about to go on a bit of a rage here for numerous reasons. I know some of you may have friends that are cops, frankly I don't give a fuck.

First, this happened 20 minutes from me, it's an area I shop, eat, etc and I'll never spend another fucking cent in that city until this cop is prosecuted, so far all the piggy has gotten is administrative leave. Lets think about what would've happened had a citizen said something like that to a cop...


Second. I'm sick of this "oh not all cops are bad, just some". Where the fuck are the so-called "good" cops when the bad cops act like this? I'll tell you where, right there doing fucking NOTHING. This video showed that perfectly. I'm sure there's an ego-dick-hardass-piggy in every police force. If the police want respect, which is dwindling by the day throughout this country, then the "good" cops need to stand up against the bad. I don't want to hear anything about the pathetic blue curtain, or the other cop was waiting for porky-the-pig to calm down. They cover each others asses, and half the time it comes from the police chief himself. To serve and protect, LOL. The only protection the majority of the public needs is from the police themselves.

They know they can get away with damn near whatever they want and it's part of the draw to the job, they get off on it, they probably jack-off to Americas Most Wanted (that is, after they are done beating their wife) Its all about power, just like the pathetic politicians in Washington.

Recently, a friend an former co-workers boyfriend went into the police academy. Guy was really quiet, calm, polite, all that. Now he's been a total prick, and their long-time relationship is on the rocks. I don't know if they ass-rape each other with police batons or part of the job description is becoming a crazy meth-head, but something changes in a person when they become a cop.

When I meet a nice cop, a cop that stands up for the name of his profession, I'll change my view. I understand Snowolf that you've met decent cops, I haven't and I won't change my view till I do personally. Hasn't happened in my 32 years on this planet. Hell, I had a 50 some year old cop get literally in my face (like a fight) when I was 13 years old for skateboarding on my own street. You all know a 13 year old kid is a real threat to a guy with a gun, I had no idea of the ban on skateboarding back then, I asked the cop what I did wrong and he went insane. I'm supposed to trust someone that you can't even ask an honest question to? Now I see 2 kinds of cops, bad cops and cops that don't stand against the bad cops. Hell, look around google on this article and you'll find numerous instances of cops defending this asshole. I'll tell you right now, the ONLY reason the pig in this video is on administrative leave is because of the public outcry, not what the police in general think is right, just like NOTHING happened till this video came out.

Edit: Whether or not the other cop in this video is considered a "good cop" by society, he still didn't do what he was paid to do, protect the citizen from an out-of-control criminal.

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