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SPAZ 12-17-2011 07:56 PM

What is wrong with the US Government.
Our country is in such political turmoil right now, and it's all leading to a very big change. What this change is, I don't know. I'm speculating a change in primary parties of our country, while the party names "Democrat" and "Republican" may not change their goals and values will.

In my opinion, this is stemming from the loss of moderate politicians. In the past four years, a little before the first recession everyone in the government started moving towards much more extreme sides of the spectrum. Nowadays everyone is very conservative, or very liberal. This is why we aren't accomplishing anything in congress, and it's very childish how bitter everyone is towards each other. When sitting next to someone outside your party is taboo in congress, you know there is something very wrong. While these people may have different opinions it doesn't mean that they must hate each other to such extremes.

It reminds me of seeing how jocks and hipsters interact in my high school.

The defense bill that was just passed is a prime example of how fucked up our government truly is. Something as radical as that should never even make it to the executive branch, while I still consider myself fairly liberal (however, I've been on the fence about recognizing myself as a Libertarian for a while) this act is something that has been feared and theorized as the beginning of a communist rule on our country. In school I have read worst case scenarios of how our government will run in thirty years, and the way things have shifted this past year it is really appearing imminent.

Just imagine how insane it's going to get once people realize the concept of the "american dream" is dead and that where they are economically and socially now is where they will stay. When they have no hope of climbing higher on the social ladder they will FREAK THE FUCK OUT. I'm talking riots in the streets and shit....

Thinking about conspiracies and the such, this may be reasoning for this bill. Maybe it's a front to arrest people reacting to this? You decide....

Also, you need to think about the whole concept of the "dumbing down of society." Theories that the government will pump us full of mind altering drugs to make us all stupider and the such to keep people from revolting against the government. Think about how many kids are on ADD/ADHD meds right now. Being in a public school, I see first hand how Ritalin and Adderol are as common as candy, if you go to your doctor and complain that you can't concentrate- BAM you're prescribed. However, the long term effects of these drugs are well known. Especially the effect on the brain's natural reward system. These drugs wear out the brain and cause different mental disorders later in life.

These drugs are brainwashing the countries youth. I'm not one of those conspiracy theorist nutjobs, but it's the government that has made them so accesible to people.

The economy failing miserably is purely printing more money when you have nothing to back it. Every failed currency died when the government printed more money with nothing to back it, simply inflating it to ridiculous proportions. Just think of the German Mark pre-World War II. I'm scared that if the US Dollar loses it's standing as the world's reserve currency, or countries like Saudi Arabia no longer accept oil payment in USD the cost of oil will skyrocket inflating the price of every other good in our country. Just imagine what will happen when a gallon of milk costs $100.

A consumer-based economy CAN be successful, but only if you have something to back the money.

So what I want to hear is your own opinion on what is wrong with the country. Explain, debate, do whatever. Please be respectful of other posters opinions, we can debate peacefully without hurting feelings as long as people understand not to make this personal. That's what's wrong with congress, and we all know we here at SBF are above that.

KIRKRIDER 12-17-2011 08:09 PM

It is finally clear that a system based solely on capitalism led to a corporation controlled society, that prescribes meds for kids not based on the long term effect or benefits, but because it is rigged to sell more than help. If you happen to be in the upper 1% you'rte perfectly fine and making millions, if you are not....not.
The rest of the political discourse is just smoke. Are we really discussing about a pipeline that will lower the cost of fuel? No. The fuel will be back on the market, big oil will make more money and the locals will be stuck with the pollution. Exactly how it happened for decades in 3rd world countries.
Will you get a job in the future with your degree? No, you will need a good salary to pay off your student loans, while a foreign students will be able to accept a lower salary because he didn't' pay 200.000 $ to finish college.

dreampow 12-17-2011 08:20 PM

To answer the title of this thread, whats wrong is that its owned by the 1% and has not been a democracy for a long time.
Its just a facade pretending to be a democracy.

The desires and rights of the people are not represented or listened to. Human rights are all but gone, whilst mega corps are protected and bailed out.

I don't know exactly what the change will be either, but I believe a lot of shit will hit the fan next year.

It will change. The question is will you be a part of the change or play the game of the 1%s like a hamster on a treadmill?

I personally believe taking your own consciousness back and unplugging from mass media/TV brainwashing is one of the first steps.

Then making choices that allow you to be as independent from the current system as possible. Standing on your own feet.

Also working together with like minded people to take back the sense of community that has been systematically eroded away, pitting everyone against each other. When people feel isolated they are afraid to act and will go along with any BS.

People need to get back the values of helping each other and making sure everyone is taken care of.

The Japanese people after the Tsunami showed this ethic beautifully. No looting, no free for all. They quietly lined up to get their 2 liters of water and package of food. They helped each other instead of turning on one another.

Japan is no utopia and has its problems, but I think they showed the world how to deal with the pending crisis. Together.

KIRKRIDER 12-17-2011 08:28 PM

I was sincerely moved and impressed by the behavior of Japanese people after the tsunami, money found and returned in that situation? Amazing. Very good example.

On the other hand they must stop killing whales for food, or dolphins for fun....using the tsunami relief money...GO sea Shepherd!

HoboMaster 12-17-2011 08:36 PM

As much as I blame the government and corporate state, we are all to blame for the current predicament. I'm not just talking about the typical "consumer credit-debt bubble" that gets tossed around aimlessly, I'm talking about our actions as part of a democracy for the past 30+ years. You could say the corporate state perpetrated it, because that was their goal afterall - but consumerism turned the baby-boomer generation into a bunch of carefree sheep. We gave all of our power to the government and corporations because responsibility and civil duty were inconvenient. We handed over the keys and said "Here, you deal with this, I'd rather be watching football and drinking beer on my new Ikea sofa". In order for a democracy to work it has to be regulated and run by the people, and we failed to do that. Look at the social stigma in America for protests - until recently 80%+ of people regarded protesting as some sort of jobless hippy activity that was a waste of time. Most people still do. They feel this way because consumerism has kept them comfortable enough to remain in ignorance. People are ignorant only so long as they are shielded from harm.

Well, that bubble is about to burst rather violently. There are many aspects of society that are currently set up to fail, but the most obvious factor is fossil fuels. They run our country 100%, are limited, most come from foreign countries, and right now they are burning natural gas fields in North Dakota etc... because capturing it is not profitable in the short term. Our government and allied corporation state have absolutely no vision for the future - even of their own organizations. In the face of collapse they are more concerned with putting buckets under the leak rather then just fixing the pipe. And why wouldn't they? American capitalistic culture taught them to get theres and fuck everyone else. We'll see how long that ideology actually works...

KIRKRIDER 12-17-2011 08:46 PM

Yes the American people are to blame for not reacting at all in 30+ years. Try the same thing in Europe and you have an INSTANT total strike. You want to try and destroy unions in Italy or France? Be ready for ALL trucks to stop, trains, cabs, phone operators, radar name it. I say finally someone is getting out and reacting (OWS) keep it up!

Extremo 12-18-2011 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by SPAZ (Post 454819)
The economy failing miserably is purely printing more money when you have nothing to back it. Every failed currency died when the government printed more money with nothing to back it, simply inflating it to ridiculous proportions.

This is wrong...

snowjeeper 12-18-2011 08:22 PM

Paul is wrong about many things.

JeffreyCH 12-28-2011 01:12 AM

A better question is... what ISN'T wrong with government? It is built on layer upon layer of lies. We all have some experience in this, if you tell 1 lie, you then have to tell 2 to cover up the first, then tell 4 to cover for the last 2...sooner or later the lies become your consider 40-50 years worth of thousands of lies.

JeffreyCH 12-28-2011 05:25 PM

A good article on "What's wrong with government" This shit has been going on for decades. I've been ranting about this kind of crap since the late 80's and everyone said I was nuts. Who's nuts now fuckers hahahha....told ya so :cheeky4:

Kind of long, and doesn't go into EVERYTHING.....but to cover it all would take volumes.
The Corruption of America

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