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KIRKRIDER 10-10-2012 01:31 PM

The dead Rat Bounce
Post of the day from From Prairie2 News

----The dead Rat Bounce

Willard did get a big bounce in the polls the day after the debate. This wasn't because he convinced anybody with his litany of lies, but the media convinced Red State voters that the Rat race was on again. Most polls at this point only count 'likely voters', as opposed to registered voters.

However the polls numbers with people contacted over the weekend included those who saw the new job numbers, as well as the new Obama ads with Mittens debating himself didn't show the bounce. There aren't many undecided voters, once the Red voters realize everybody isn't switching their vote they won't be so interested in voting. They really didn't want to vote for Romney themselves, and would just as soon stay home.

The only talking point the Republicans have that is fact based is the size of the debt load, but of course they don't mention that the debt is entirely their own doing.

The bad news for this talking point is that the total public and private debt is now at a six year low compared to GDP. Let's see, Obama has been POTUS how long? He took over after Clinton, didn't he?

The truth is that the economy has been growing steadily since the Stimulus was put in place. Consumers have been de-leveraging, (not always willingly) but it has been happening. There are even economists saying we need to borrow more. Raising the minimum wage would make more sense, but the Republicans think the 47% are paid too much already. Always whining about being entitled to food and healthcare.

mjd 10-11-2012 07:49 PM

The scariest thing about Romney other than being a complete tool is his background.

His work with Bain Capital is a good example of his mindset. His fortunes were made buying-out businesses with loans he got from Wall St banks, taking control of their management, running them into the ground by handing out enormous bonuses for top management at the same time cutting jobs and wages then selling off the rest of the assets for a huge profit.

This is completely opposite to true venture capitalism where entrepreneurs invest in a company's infrastructure and r&d in order to make the business grow. They collect their returns as the business expands over time.

This guy doesn't give a crap about this country or the stupid ppl who live in it. The environment, health care, employment security, aging- it's meaningless, irrelevant. That comment about the 47% is the most honest thing he's ever said.

Bones 10-11-2012 08:15 PM

That's the part that worries me about Mitt: while he has a track record of making money, I don't see it as a track record of building or achievement. I see it as the track record of an opportunist, a shrewd opportunist to be sure, but just an opportunist.

I see the "job" of being President as one in which the incumbent identifies and makes it possible for the people to create those opportunities and I don't think that is his strength. I think his strength is to identify weaknesses in his opponents (be they in the business world or elsewhere) and then use those weaknesses to win at all costs. Basically, there has to be a loser in order for him to win. He reminds me far too much of Jason Alexander's character as Richard Gere's partner in "Pretty Woman"

Now, if the goal here is to expand the USA's global economic, political and military power base, then Romney may well be the guy you want. There's golden opportunities to take advantage of Europe's economic woes, annex Italy and Greece and then sell chunks of their territory off to the highest bidder, which is basically what he did in the business world. But, like every non-american, I'm hoping that the American people, at the end of the day, have more altruistic goals than that.

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