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mag⋅net⋅ism 12-03-2008 03:25 PM

Green ironically not in favour of the coalition
For Canucks on the forum, or anyone else in the world who is at all concerned by the pitiful state of Canadian politics, what's your take on the newly-formed coalition?

After voting for the Greens and watching them lose to a landslide in favour of the shifty-eyed Stephen Harper and his yella-bellied Conservatives, I can't help but think that the actions of the opposition parties to form a coalition is a ridiculous move. Where did democracy go? Isn't the greatest attribute of Canadian politics the fact that we are not a two-party system like the US, but rather a mosaic of different parties, different platforms, different priorities?

The Tories won because they had the most votes. Sounds pretty fair and square to me. Bush was elected not once, but twice! Harper too. I think that, like things were in the US, Canadians need to see with their own eyes just what kind of shady, self-serving party the Conservatives are before voting in a new kind of government. Obama is a breath of much-needed fresh-air, so too will Canada have theirs...but not before Steve effs up but good.

baldylox 12-03-2008 04:02 PM

I am ashamed to say I know little to nothing about the politics of those kind folk who dwell in America's hat.....

PaoloSmythe 12-04-2008 06:42 AM

i think Bush has done a lot to tarnish the concepts of 'right wing' politics. i mean for a nation which is as left leaning as canada is, how right wing are the conservatives?

considering such a context, i would imagine that a right wing canuck is on par with a lefty american! and so what is so bad about Harper and his party?

personally, this coalition formation is a cop out. instead of trying to formulate compelling policies, the losers in recent elections are trying to shore up support in the form of quantity not quality. this is not democratic, it is strategic.

fair elections were held and one party enjoyed a greater amount of support. it may not be a majority decision, but it was the MOST POPULAR. efforts to undermine this, are efforts to dismiss the choice made by the voting public.

the only thing this coalition endorses, is the 2 party system of america; which is based upon 'black or white', 'with us or against us' electioneering.... it is not an intelligent choice, but a coin toss.

it sucks! canada deserves better

mag⋅net⋅ism 12-04-2008 11:17 AM

Agreed. And Harper called an early election, too. He wanted Canadians to vote before Americans voted because there'd be no way to predict the outcome in the north with Obama at the southern helm.

It's all shady, it's all strategic, and it's all pathetic. The fact that my country's elected representatives care more about egotistical posturing than leading us through and eventually out of this economic crisis is spectacularly irresponsible.

Perpetual3am 12-04-2008 11:22 AM

To me the coalition seems so hollow in the fact that the Bloc is a part of it as well. They've always maintained to separate Quebec from Canada if they ever got power, and that has always flown in the face of any of the other parties. To team up with them just because you don't like the fact the Conservatives called an election and still got a few more seats, and now wants to take away party funding is just sour grapes.

Mind you I don't think that Harper has done anything for Canada since he's been the PM, but I do believe he should be given a chance like any other party that the country votes for. Given the funding issue, I didn't really expect the NDP or Liberals to sit and take it, but this is way too far.

Perpetual3am 12-04-2008 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by mag⋅net⋅ism (Post 89266)
It's all shady, it's all strategic, and it's all pathetic. The fact that my country's elected representatives care more about egotistical posturing than leading us through and eventually out of this economic crisis is spectacularly irresponsible.

So true Mag, so true!!:thumbsup:

Flick Montana 12-04-2008 11:49 AM

As a typical American, I am completely blind to the politics of other nations. Tony Blair is an actor, right?

It is sad, no matter what nation, to see politicians puffing their chests up and being too proud to just work together like we need. Sorry Canada seems to have problems, too. I wonder if things are good ANYWHERE.

Perpetual3am 12-04-2008 11:54 AM

I hear it's awesome in Somalia where they don't have a gov't. They have pirate ships, enough said!;)

anthonybsd 12-04-2008 06:37 PM

So, gay americans of these forums (that's what we call Canadians here in Colbert-land), have you had a chance to pay homage to your newly-crowned Emperor Suspends-the-Parliment-Harper yet? Can't wait to see what a civil war in the far North will look like - I suspect moose and Celine Dion will play a vital role though. Paolo is probably already thinking about how to dodge the upcoming redcoats conscription that is inevitable to crush unrest in this rogue colony.

PaoloSmythe 12-05-2008 12:01 PM

i've crossed the floor buddy!

no redcoats for me eh?

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