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jliu 02-05-2014 09:55 PM

Colorado: Jan 24-Feb 2 TR
Hey everyone, just wanted to do a brief sharing of my recent trip to Colorado. Call it a East Coast Canadian's view of Intermountain US :)

Timeframe: Jan 24th-Feb 2nd
Days riding: 7
Resorts hit: Steamboat (2), Copper (2), Vail (2), Beaver Creek (1)
Accommodations: booked through at steamboat and the rest of the trip we stayed in Frisco
Fri - Fly in
Sat-Sun - Steamboat
Mon - Vail
Tues - Off
Wed - Copper
Thurs - Vail
Fri - Beaver
Sat - Copper
Sun - Fly out + Superbowl

Brief Summary:
So it seemed like we timed the trip well. Some locals we ran into said they haven't seen early storms like this in like 10 yrs :)

Anyway, our group hit up Steamboat 25th and 26th. It was bone dry but we got some nice bluebird. Was really wishing I could experience that resort with pow...but it was still a fun experience. Monday we hit vail which was probably our worst day conditions wise. Overcast and crusty. Tues we had off and Wed we hit up Copper. I really enjoyed copper...its a fun mountain and the vibe is cool (plus 2 for 1 tix help too :). Even tho there wasn't much fresh snow, we found some stashes on the backside and in the trees. Then, the storms rolled in. Thurs we hit up Vail again at the tune of about 9 ins overnight. I couldn't even recognize the resort from my time on Monday lol. We predominately lapped blue sky basin. Probably the best riding I've had. Called it quits around 2 when it was getting choppy but had a good 4-5 solid runs before it started to get bad. Storms continued and we hit up beaver on says 10 in overnight. Place was jam packed. Huge lines for the shuttle. Managed to get some nice runs in and hit up the Stonecreek chutes right off the bat. The tree runs in some areas were hip deep. Not going to lie, I dont think I was really prepared to ride that steepness with that amount of pow. Managed though...but was quite humbled. Had to literally swim out of some of my falls. Interesting point, at the bottom of stonecreek a fairly large peanut gallery gathered to see this boarder huck a rock cliff. If you rode beaver creek on Friday (31st) wearing bright orange pants riding a never summer....MAD PROPS. The guy stomped that landing like a champ. Skiers, boarders, young, old were all there hooting and hollering after he landed. I took a vid, will upload when I have the chance. Anyway, Beaver was pretty sick place but it got ripped up pretty fast on Friday. I need to get better at tree riding to really enjoy that place. Sat we just finished it off with copper. Nothing special as all the snow was ripped up and the crowds were in full force.

Personal thoughts:
- If hitting up copper, get your hands on the 2-1 coupons $118 for 2 days is a bargain. If riding Vail or online in advance! We got lucky with some craiglist tix for steamboat.
- I experienced a heavy skier to snowboard ratio during the weekdays. For every 20 skiers, I'd see 1 boarder. Weekends had a bit more snowboarders. I also found Copper to have more boarders in general. Vail seemed very heavy skier
- Vibe seem more relaxed at Steamboat and Copper. Vail and beaver had a high class feel to it. Never seen so many fur coats and art stores on a resort before.
- being new to the terrain, I found i spent a lot of time cat tracking just to get to places in Vail...esp Blue Sky Basin.
- I cant say which resort I liked or disliked. At the end of the day, conditions make the day. If conditions are good and crowds are low, any of these 4 resorts can be epic. Just based on timing though, my Thurs at Vail was epic.
- I need to get a Powder Snake or Charlie Slasher :)

BarrettDSP 02-06-2014 06:03 PM

I was at Beaver Creek that Friday in Orange Pants(white jacket) and riding a NS but that wasnt me unfortunetly.

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