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Nemo1ner 03-07-2011 07:56 PM

Spring Riding in NJ
Hey everyone. I am new to the forums, but have been riding off and on for 13 years. This was the first season that I have been out on a weekly basis in over 5 years, and I have fallen in love with my snowboard all over again. I was pretty rusty at first, but everything came back after a couple of days.

It was raining practically everywhere in the north east last weekend, but I still decided to give Mountain Creek a shot since it is the closest area to me. I'm glad I did. The weather cleared up, and although it was in the 50's and slushy, I couldn't really complain too much.

Here are a couple of shots the GF took.

We are looking at heading up to either Jiminy Peak in MA (family in Pittsfield) or to Killington next weekend if the weather looks good.

formanproject 03-07-2011 09:48 PM

pretty sweet... which peak of MC did you ride? I've only been on the south side, gonna probably hit up the main peak this weekend with a few friends.

Nemo1ner 03-07-2011 09:55 PM

We started the morning on Vernon Peak and then made our way across to Granite. We hit up South after lunch. I did a couple of runs and left. The jumps were way to packed and icy and my gf is still learning. I didn't want someone crashing into her. The rest of the place is ok, but I wish they had the new trail open that connected everything. The shuttle bus was kind of annoying.

Jason 03-07-2011 10:17 PM

They closed the trail to granite? Haven't been there since I broke my wrist two weeks ago but that sucks. Actually, I broke my wrist on the trail to granite. Lol.

StarCommand 03-07-2011 10:17 PM

Let me know if Jiminy is any good. I saw a lot of rain in the forecast, and I was up at Catamount last week after rain and whatnot, and it was an ice sheet. I've got some nice yellow bruises all over. Tried to spend the day working on switch, and ended up eating ice for the better part of the morning. Rode until noon-ish and called it quits. Still bruised...

So yea... give a heads up if it's iced over this weekend. Was thinking of going up next week.

Nemo1ner 03-08-2011 07:23 AM

Will do. I am keeping a close eye on the weather. I am also looking at plane tickets to Utah for the first weekend in April to wrap the season up. :) It would be a nice change from the icy stuff we get on the east coast.

mani 03-08-2011 12:53 PM

Jiminy is ok. Not bad, but not really good. I would say if you are staying in Pittsfield, Stratton, Mt. Snow, Okemo are only about a little over an hour from there, that would be better. Stratton gets pretty crowded, but more terrain than Jiminy.

StarCommand 03-08-2011 05:20 PM

I tend to gravitate toward Jiminy because they offer night riding. So if I go up and stay, I can get in, potentially, 11 hours of riding cheaper than what I would pay at Mt. Snow, etc. Granted, the terrain is limited, but with a high-speed lift, I can spend all day working on switch, or new ground stuff, and the evening and night cruising around. Best bang for your buck factor.

Plus, if you find yourself a little lazy and you don't get on the slopes until 11, you don't feel like you've wasted half a day and a bunch of money.

I had been looking for another two people to split a spot at Jay for this week and couldn't find anyone, and of course it dumps two feet up there.

Nemo1ner 03-08-2011 05:30 PM

Yeah, I was interested in night riding myself. This is also my gf's first season, so she is still learning. I can play around and cruise while she practices.

rephreshed 03-09-2011 04:32 AM

if you're wanting to go to jiminy, go on the 19th!!! it's going to be an awesome time!

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