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mixie 03-23-2012 11:45 AM

Mammoth/June Powder Week!
And now I'm stuck in Mammoth. All flights were canceled. It started friday. Drove up from LA. 4 feet of snow on the forecast but the entire drive the temps were in the 50s. This winter is seriously sucking and it's starting to make me mad. Finally the last 45 minute of the 5 hour drive looked like this

Saturday Morning-Me cheering YAY SNOW!!!

Got to the resort at 8am to get in line. Only the lower lifts were open and white out conditions all day. I kept getting stuck in the snow as the powder was deep and only shallow terrain was open. My board sucks in the powder so I tried to keep it to the chopped up stuff on the normally groomed areas. It was heartbreaking to have to stay away from deep stuff in the trees but digging myself out of waist deep snow was getting old. However catching air off cat tracks and landing on powder does not suck : )

Sunday-Woke up to more fresh snow and clear skies. I knew Mammoth would be insane so I hopped a bus to June Mountain. June is a small local resort about 25 miles away. None of my friends wanted to wake up early enough to take the bus OR deal with driving in the snow. I didn't have a car of my own so I went solo. I also rented a sweet board for the day.

When you get to June you take a lift up to the chalet from the parking lot. Patrol had been bombing right under the lift. On the way up you could see all the debris.

Once you get up to the chalet there is no more having your ticket scanned which is nice. It keeps the lines moving faster. As you can see it's quite crowded :laugh: Yes, this is a powder day at June. Sure it's small and the terrain is fairly mellow but on a weekend powder day I prefer the chill vibe at June to the scene/crowds/lines at Mammoth. There's two base lifts from the chalet.

The top of the mountain was closed until about 930am. You could hear patrol bombing! I warmed up on some groomers as I was excited to try out the Lotus. I've never been on anything other than traditional camber boards. After a few warm up runs all lifts were open and it was time to head to the top. It was snowing lightly on and of all day so I snapped some pictures when the sun was out. I pretty much just spent all day in the trees.

more pix in the next post. 10? really? wtf!

mixie 03-23-2012 12:13 PM

More June

Finally got sick of riding in the trees and decided to bomb some groomers. I also was on search for ice, I was demoing the Lotus and wanted to put it thru the paces. It rocked. I know why people on this forum rave about their Never Summer boards. Snow started to gall again. Hung out in the bar until it was time to ride back down to catch the bus. I contemplated downloading the chair to the parking lot but opted to drunk ride back down via the cat track. Good times. :thumbsup:

Mammoth on Monday-Top was not open first thing in the morning so I went to the back side. People were POWDER CRAZY! i've never seen it so busy on a weekday. Today I was riding the GNU B Pro. Didn't love it as much as the Lotus. Maybe a true twin board is not for me? Lots of people hiking for powder and everyone on the lookout for other chairs opening.

more pix :)

mixie 03-23-2012 12:25 PM

more mammoth pix

it was more powder in the trees on the backside until they opened up the top. When that happened it was a mad exodus to the gondola. :laugh: I ran into a friend on the way up and e did some laps off the top. I try to do something scary every time I'm out and since conditions were good today I went for it. Did a double black off the top with a 4 foot drop into it. I actually rode up to the lip and saw how far down I had to go and freaked. I thought about turning around but there was already two skiiers behind me. I offered to let them go, they said "nope. You're commited" I thought ok, time to sack up and do this. I kinda wussed a bit as I sat down and sort of lowered myself down. Keep in mind I am not even five foot tall and this was a decent drop for me! I landed ok, skidded a bit and was able to make it down. I probably screamed pretty fucking loud too. Ran into a friend another friend I had not seen since Christmas. He just got into town that morning and asked if I wanted to go back to June tomorrow. Hell yes!

mixie 03-23-2012 01:10 PM

The next day (tuesday?) was back at June with a few friends. Still some fresh to be found in the trees and the chopped up stuff wasn't bad either. Back on my old board I was missing the Lotus. It got very warm up by 1pm and it was spring conditions. Groomers and park laps wearing a long sleeved t shirt is never a bad thing. Sure I wish we'd had a better winter but life is pretty good. June is like snowboard heaven. Everyone is super nice, it's never crowded, the lockers are 50 cents and the drinks are strong. There's a lot of things I hate about california but this is not one of them.

I have a few more days worth of pictures from mammoth. I should probably pack up and head to the airport. Yesterday's flight was canceled due to wind. Hope to have better luck and make it home tonight.

KIRKRIDER 03-23-2012 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by mixie (Post 498073)

Set those bindings back all the way in a day like that..You'll float much better! :)

mixie 03-23-2012 01:20 PM

Thanks. I thought it was pretty far back. That was my demo Lotus the shop set it up for me, it floated like a dream. It's a 154 so maybe that's why it looks centered? My old board that sux, and no there are no pictures of it :laugh:

Rider161 03-23-2012 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by mixie (Post 498109)
Today I was riding the GNU B Pro. Didn't love it as much as the Lotus.

If looking to demo another board for reference I would try the GNU B Nice(It's a directional twin) :)

mixie 03-23-2012 02:28 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I liked the stiffness of the B Pro, it handled well for the most part. I felt like I could never get my stance right as I adjusted it three times over the day. The nost seemed to get stuck a bit in the powder compard to the lotus. I was on a 154 lotus and 152 Pro. I loved how the Lotus was so damp and stable, the B Pro was not as stable and I felt it to be a bit grabby. I loved the slightly stiffer ride on the b pro but not enough, I would check out a B Nice for sure. I was riding what the shop was suggesting.

Anyway, a few more from Mammoth and that is the end of the pics. Yesterday I rode the other side of the resort.

Note to self--Don't ride back under lift line.

Note to Self #2 when ducking into the trees try to pay attention to resort boundaries....

poutanen 03-23-2012 02:51 PM

That looks like a friggin blast! :thumbsup:

Zombaco 03-24-2012 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by mixie (Post 498123)

^This Chair 9?

Is that the road near Eagle you found? I ended up on the road near Eagle last year riding through the trees. Then had to hike back up to the groomers to get back to the lift.

Wish I coulda made it up with ya. Looks like I missed some great riding. Gotta get some chains, no way my car woulda made it without.

Good to see you demoed some boards. Did they not have any narrow libs? That attack banana has mellower magnetraction, but I don't think they make a narrow version. Who helped ya out at P3? Dude name Mike set me up when I demoed and was super helpful.

Might be riding locally on Wed, but looks like work is picking up for the time being.

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