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ilikesoldat 12-28-2013 09:02 PM

knee popped midair 360?? anyone experience this?
i was riding around trying to learn 360s and i was doing a thing where i started getting speed going down and then turning right crossing the trail going straight across the trail, im regular and was doing them backside, kind of using the tilt on the edge since i was going straight sideways to get me going.

anyway thats the setup for what happened. i was wearing these volleyball knee pads because i heard they were good for falling (last year i hit my knee realllllllllly bad, cant remember if its the same one that i pulled on my 360). the pads were really tight and after an entire day of wearing them the previous day when i took them off i could see it was tight enough to seriously restrict bloodflow.

so i landed a few 360s, got it down pretty nice i thought and was going for one more and mid 360, after i turned 180, my knee completely kind of like jammed and just snapped midair. i was really scared something bad happened, and i still shudder thinking about that snap. but i realized i was able to still go down the hill after moving my knee around. when i get up, sometimes the knee hurts really bad, and sometimes i have to limp sometimes not. its onnly 1 day after the incident.

so my questions are
1.) anyone have experiences with knee pads restricting the knees elasticity, as if, and causing injury, especially if they are tight? is this the most likely reason for my injury?

2.) was the setup i was using for the 360s, going sideways, in some ways restrictive to the knee movement, could that have caused it? im thinking its most likely not the reason, but i think its a possibility.

3.) could it be a problem with the way im turning for the 360? i dont think i use my knee when i 360 but idk

4.) do you stretch your knees regularly? and would it help for incidents like this

5.) what could have gotten pulled in there? ACL or something else? i think it has to be some sort of muscle/tendon thing in there

sorry for the long post, i just REALLY want to learn 360s and keep snowboarding

slyder 12-28-2013 09:16 PM

Well if you are doing them across the fall line you have to be using your knees. You need to bend to get the pop to do the rotation.

That said your upper body was rotating prior to you popping from the ground so that twisted your knee a bit and when you sprung up may have been when you heard the pop.

No Dr. here obviously but it sounds like just a small sprain or out of alignment pop, kinda like when you crack your knuckles.

As to the knee pads it's I doubt you damaged your knees from that but definitely sounds uncomfortable. I have used McAdams football knee pads in the past and these have worked well.

ilikesoldat 12-28-2013 11:15 PM

cool thanks for your help, so do you think most of it had to do with the angle i was starting the 360 from or the way i was spinning was improper form or was my body not elastic enough?

slyder 12-29-2013 08:20 AM

Not being there or seeing it. Yes that is just my guess
you know your body, if you feel this just isn't right or getting worse I would seek medical help.

We have all had pulls, sprains and general pain/discomfort and know when something is really bad or just work through it.

Think back, visualize what you did, analyze your moves and see if you can figure out what went wrong. If you can ride with a buddy have him video you sometime this is a valuable tool in correcting form.

Good luck and know your body, if you need a Dr go !!! if not work through it and have fun

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