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Banjo 01-08-2014 11:28 AM

Slam/pro helmet psa
Been MIA for a while here guys, but I am back in the city (and school :mad: ).

Had some good friends get married on the slopes of Kimberley on New Years eve...really good time, they did a run in their wedding attire of course, it was awesome. A good pal of mine, literally crashed their wedding, he came out to ride with us for a few days prior to the wedding, and due to a pretty serious crash, stayed for the whole thing so i could drive him back.

Night-riding at kimberley is pretty awesome, fresh groomers, good lighting and often mild temps. We were near first up the night chair and were gonna carve down the fresh groomer path before it got tracked, so we strapped in and headed down. like we had done many a time before, we were hauling ass, popping off all the rollers and having a merry time. Both of us and my skier brother are pretty experienced with my bud having 5 years of snow X and 18 years of boarding under his belt. he went off a roller and landed a tad squirrely, ended up catching an edge and wham-o.

I was right behind him and saw the poof of snow and started chuckling as he had spilled (a rare thing). As I came up, I realized he was KTFO, postured arms and full clench. I sent my bro down for ski patrol (who were turned out to be a bunch of clowns in the end...perhaps I am critical as it was my buddy and i are both seasoned EMTs here in AB), and blah blah blah he ended up in the hospital getting the full head injury protocol. Ended up with a pretty serious concussion, two black eyes and some lacerations, BUT nothing i would consider too serious. I ended up driving his concussed ass back home after as he was still a tad foggy 36hrs after.

Anyhow, helmet was f*cked, and without doubt I can say this would have been pretty bad if he didn't have one on. It was my last years helmet and I had been badgering him to wear one for years of snowboarding, and this was the 2nd day he actually wore it.

Just a story reminding you to put a lid on your head, or you might be getting coloring books for christmas.

koi 01-08-2014 11:49 AM

shitty way to end a day, but good that he will be okay in the long run.

LuckyRVA 01-08-2014 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Banjo (Post 1413681)
Just a story reminding you to put a lid on your head, or you might be getting coloring books for christmas.

Glad your buddy is ok. Had to laugh at this statement though.

--weezl-- 01-28-2014 01:49 AM

lucky end! i took a couple bad bails at kimberly when I learned to board (first 2-3 days i ever boarded were there) the snow can be pretty solid on the night route!

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