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--weezl-- 01-28-2014 01:36 AM

leg burning
hey everyone, second post on the forum, hoping to get a little help on my issue...

first, I found this thread which is basically the same problem, but the solutions I don't think fit the bill for me...

I have been riding on and off for the last 6-7 years, taking the last 2 full seasons off. Today was my second day this season, and I noticed that my rear leg was on fire while riding! I know that most of aches and pains are a result of improper adjustment/setting/tightening of equipment, but can't remember how to fix this one... I ride goofy btw,

I have two setups, the first is an old santacruz tricore board, in a h 153-sc 3x wide (not sure what the h and sc mean) it's a little bit of an odd board, it has a labeled "backside" instead of a designated tip and tail... anyways, the left binding is in the center holes, and turned rearward 9* and the right is all the way forward, i believe (4 holes showing between it and the center of the board) and is turned about 8* forward. This is a board I don't care about, and use in the park or early season when there are lots of rocks. this one has cheap no name brand bindings on it

second board is a k2 turbo dream in a 163 wide, both bindings are pretty close to the center holes, I can't see any holes in front of, or behind either binding, and the width feels about the same as the other board. the left binding (rear) is at 3* towards the tip, and the front binding is 33* towards the tip. This board is used for good conditions, downhill, speed and big powder days the bindings on it are burton cartel, and have adjustable highback angle, I have them set to F1, which is the most upright, I believe.

I noticed the burning in my left leg last week, and just chocked it up to being out of practice, didn't really pay much attention to it, and I was using the santacruz. Today, I was riding the K2 all day, and I noticed it starting on the second or third run, and got worse and worse all day, the conditions were marginal, hard packed/groomed runs, the pain went away slightly when carving toe edge, and went away entirely when I got on the chair lift and wasn't going down hill, also if I was going slow, and shifted my weight onto my forward foot.

I'm pretty sure this is a binding/stance issue, maybe my body has changed in the last 3 years and doesn't like how i've got it set up now? I'm in ok shape, not significantly over weight, I do a fair amount of walking at work, and I rock climb a few times a week, which is actually more than I did for exercise any of the other times i've been boarding (or that period of time)

any suggestions? I am happy to try as many as you've got, provided i've got the time!

btw, before it's suggested, i hate wall sits, so that'll be the last thing I try :)

--weezl-- 02-03-2014 01:39 PM

no one has any ideas?

neni 02-03-2014 02:29 PM

What kind of pain? Muscle burn? Nerves firing?

For the first, too much highback forward lean would be my first suspect if the setup did well before the hiatus. Or too much weight on rear leg.

linvillegorge 02-03-2014 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by neni (Post 1498057)
Or too much weight on rear leg.

My bet is on this. If it's just your rear leg, stop riding in the backseat.

roboelmo 02-03-2014 03:54 PM

It is most likely two things.

a) Something in your boots is cutting of circulation. If you wear two socks on one foot, DON'T. I couple of people who always had leg pains, and then i told them to only wear one sock, and problem solved. Sure two socks will be warm, but having a painless day is alot better than cold feet. Also sometimes if your sock is not fully pulled up (aka top of it is rolled down) it will start to cut of circulation.

b) Like the above posted said. To much forward lean on the bindings. Unless i am riding the halfpipe, i will pretty much always ride with zero lean. As soon as you start to adding forward lean, your binding highback will start to bite into your calf, causing pain while you ride.

roboelmo 02-03-2014 04:01 PM

oh another thing i forgot to mention.

It could also be your boots. I have pair of 32 boots which are heat moulded to your feet. I can't last an hour in those boots. Once I switched to Nike, my feet felt amazing. I am not saying Nike will solve your probably, but everyones feet is different, and you should try to find a good boot which fits and doesn't hurt you.

--weezl-- 02-04-2014 03:02 PM

thanks for the replies, it's muscle burning pain, I think it's definately too much weight on the back leg, and being crouched for such a period of time, absorbing the impact of the terrible snow we've got here right now.

the boots i've got are brand new, I hope they aren't the issue, as I don't think the place I bought them from has any more in my size, so replacing them isn't an option, and I don't have the money to buy a new set right now. They are quite comfortable, I did have my foot go numb, a little, but after loosening off the ankle strap on the binding, problem solved.

I have the highbacks straight up, no angle on them at all, at least I don't think so...

linvillegorge, what do you mean by "stop living in the backseat"? I assume just stop leaning backwards?

last, it's not my feet at all, they are fine, I only wear one pair of socks (an extremely over priced pair of over the calf marino wool socks) unless it's a combination effect you guys are thinking, where it doesn't seem like my feet hurt, but they kinda do and I don't realize it, and that's what's causing my thigh to burn.

to best describe the pain, it's literally, like the muscle it's self is being set on fire, from the inside, or like I did a wall sit for like 20 minutes past where my muscles wanted to give out, and I am still holding that position.

I should also mention, that the calf on that leg, was sore and tight for a solid week after I went last time, it's good now, but it almost felt like I pulled something in my leg...

speedjason 02-04-2014 03:28 PM

start with a normal duck -12/+12 and go from there.
stop sitting in the back seat meaning shifting weight onto your front foot and use that to initiate turns.

tradnwaves4snow 02-04-2014 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by speedjason (Post 1501217)
start with a normal duck -12/+12 and go from there.
stop sitting in the back seat meaning shifting weight onto your front foot and use that to initiate turns.

yep. of course your rear leg is going to be burning if you have all your weight on it. put more weight on your front foot. I'd suggest a lesson to right any other bad habbits you may have also

baldylox 02-04-2014 04:37 PM

I'm also in the backseat camp. Alternatively, if you don't want to improve your riding, you could do a bunch of wall sits, back squats and lunges. :D

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