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slyder 02-08-2014 06:23 PM

Daughter broke arm !!!!
Not quite sure how it happened I went down at the top of the hill. By the time I reached her it was to late.
She said she went off a big roller and got forward and cartwheeled or slammed on her arm some how or she may have tried to catch her fall I don't know.

Not happy with myself. Not sure if this was to much to soon. She has riden this feature many times. Kinda a large high roller that doesn't really shoot you up but if you carry to much speed not sure, again I only saw the after math.

cav0011 02-08-2014 06:30 PM

I understand wanting to blame yourself but bottomline is accidents happen. She was probably feeling really confident and let her heart get ahead of her skills.

Sorry to hear about her misfortune though.

linvillegorge 02-08-2014 06:34 PM

Oh fuck! That just hurts to look at! I was assuming it was a forearm. Damn, that's a tough break, quite literally.

Don't be hard on yourself. Shit happens and broken bones heal.

chomps1211 02-08-2014 06:36 PM

Awww man! :( so sorry to hear that!! I hope she's not doing too bad considering that's one hell of a gnarly looking break! Putting out positive vibes for a speedy recovery for her.

I Never had any kids myself, but I imagine you r going to beat on yourself over this, and would do so even if you were nowhere near the hill when this happened. Seems a pretty natural response for a father. I wouldnt expect anything I could say would change that!

Even so, try not to be too hard on yourself. She was doing something she enjoyed and you participated and supported her in that activity! Not a ton of parents that can/would do thay!!

Best wishes tothe both of you!

ksup3erb 02-08-2014 07:06 PM

Ouch. Really sorry to hear this. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Bamfboardman 02-08-2014 07:16 PM

Definitely isn't your fault man. It's a really bad break but it could have been a lot worse. Just make sure she gets plenty of milk and gets some sun. Broke my collarbone in September and I made the mistake of not taking calcium pills.

Chef Jer 02-08-2014 07:18 PM

Don't blame yourself Slyder nothing you could have done to prevent it. Shit happens and bones heal.

Argo 02-08-2014 07:18 PM

We see 2-3 a day of those proximal humerus fx. Don't be hard on yourself. Just make sure she learns to keep her arms in. She will heel and ski/board again..

Donutz 02-08-2014 07:26 PM

Just make sure the cast gets a lot of art.

ksup3erb 02-08-2014 07:30 PM

^ this. Every kid breaks something. Not your fault. She will heal and come back stronger.

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