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Psychobilly 03-02-2009 07:29 AM

Oh the pain....
New to snowboarding (at 40 I decided it was time to enjoy a winter sport)- I have been out 4 times now, but am really starting to get a little discouraged.... I know, I know... "stick with it", "we've all been there".... I know what you're going to say.... However, I'm am just not seeing it. I have been down both green and blue runs (surprisingly did better on the steeper runs), but am getting tired of hurting my body on the hard pack!!! I can hardly walk today due to deep bruising - is it supposed to HURT this much??
I guess my question would be: Should I just get a lesson as opposed to having a frind show me the ropes? I can link my turns quite well, but I am taking a heavy spill in the first 20 minutes and that is ruining my confidence for the rest of the day....
I feel I am close to breaking through and actually feel like I am getting it... but I am not sure how much more pain I can take - Help??

izibo 03-02-2009 07:49 AM

I would take a lesson if I were you. I've taken lessons after a few seasons to just to try and progress to the next level and they always seem to be worth while.

I must also agree with you on the pain of flats. It seems like when I fall on a hard packed green groomer I go "thud" and all the energy goes straight in to the ground. On steeper trails you roll and slide a bit more and I don't think it hurts nearly as bad.

And for completeness sake: don't worry. We've all been there. You'll get the hang of it :)

Interstink 03-02-2009 09:02 AM

Im also new to boarding at 37 yrs. old. Took me a good day of falling to get the hang of it, but we all still fall hard once in awhile. After the pain of my first day out, I purchased some padded shorts. Add some padding, and those falls wont hurt you as much the next day.

Lessons! YES... TAKE AT LEAST ONE! Best to check your bad habits at the door while learning, then trying to correct later.

Funny thing about the pain/falls... As you progress, the hard falls are not as hard. I speculate Im more aware of the fall just before it happens and prepare for it. Slight changes in position when slamming the hard pack help absorb some of the blow.

arsenic0 03-02-2009 11:54 AM

Yes take lessons.

Mt Hood Meadows actually had funny signs last year in the newbie areas near their SLOW signs, which interestingly enough i havent seen this year, that would say something along the effect "Friends dont let friends teach them to ski"

With a good private lesson you will find yourself progressing much much faster.

KIRKRIDER 03-02-2009 12:00 PM

I hear you man.....I'm 43, snowboarding since I was 38.
Pick the right conditions, fresh snow, use skate panrs, they'll save your hips on icy days to ride another day.
Use wristpads, you'll fall with less fear to get hurt, use a helmet, and then practice..don't get discouraged, it will get better soon.
I didn't take a single lesson, but I'm sure they help.

gregmondro 03-02-2009 12:20 PM

Get a set of the crashpads that have padding for your ass, knees, thighs. Mine doubles as the base layer because it's integrated into the tights thing and then I just wear my Sessions Achilles snowpants on top of them. Best investment ever.

The first time I went snowboarding I went home with big briuses on my knees and ass lol.

GrapeDrink 03-02-2009 12:59 PM

padded shorts, wrist guards, elbow, and knee pads. Shin guards if you ever start doing rails. You'll still be a bit sore if you fall (more likely when you're driving back down the mountain vs. when it actually happens), but the pads are definitely worth it. The only pads that may cost you a bit are the butt pads, but you could probably find a good deal if you search online or wait for the end of season clearance some retail stores have. I just use skate pads for the elbow, wrist, and knees and retail stores like Big 5, Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc. usually have like an all in one set for the elbow, wrist, and knees for like $20-$30.

OH AND HELMET too! It saved me a number of times, very important to me.

Psychobilly 03-02-2009 02:01 PM

Thanks for your feedback.... I think one of the most frustrating things is not exactly knowing why I am taking a hard spill... obviously I am catching an edge along the way.. but if I am always landing on my left-ass cheek, does that mean I am catching a heel edge... it all happens so fast!!! I try and move my weight forward to flatten the board out, then transition to either the toe or the heel edge.... it's just not instinctual just yet - tense and always trying to react.

w3iiipu 03-02-2009 02:26 PM

i just started this season too...
and everytime im out...i come home with my right butt cheek, both knees in so much pain i can barely sit :laugh:
plan on getting some of those padded shorts...

but i feel like thats the only way i know im pushing myself trying things out...
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13rian 03-02-2009 03:40 PM

respect that you came this far! alot of people give up there first or second time, iv got great respect for people, even tho they fall alot, just go on.

im sure youll get the hang of it shortly!

i do adivse a lesson, maybe taking a softer board? some protection is deffenatly adviseble.
good luck learning anyway:D

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