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chomps1211 08-28-2014 04:06 PM

Spinal Fusions & Snowboarding?
This is almost definitely premature, but after seeing my latest MRI and the way my back feels today. I wanted to throw this out here and see what kind of an answer I got before possibly hearing things like "you're going to need a fusion" from any of my doctors after they see the images.

Has anyone here ever had a Lumbar or other spinal fusion procedure? Does anyone know if it is possible to continue to snowboard after having one? Or if that is in my future, will I be finished with snowboarding?

I can't help wondering what happens if you fall hard on your ass or "Scorp" with a bunch of nuts n bolts screwed into the vertebrae. If you hit hard enough could they rip the vertebrae apart?

At this point, I'm officially scared (…actually, lets make that terrified!) about my prospects. If you check the "My Spines" thread and look at my latest, post op MRI. It don't look good. I am pretty sure I will be losing my job. If I need another surgery? It would mean another 6--8-10 weeks for procedure and recovery time. My job won't be there that long. BUT,… If it means I can never snowboard again?

:dunno: :cloud:

jjb7733 08-28-2014 04:19 PM

Peyton Manning had a spinal fusion in his neck, he's still out there!

larrytbull 08-28-2014 04:19 PM

do your research webmd is a good place to start
there are alot of other treatments for vertebrae outside of spinal fusion they have a loop like device and other items. like the one below
New implant is alternative to spinal fusion | ISRAEL21c

Kevin137 08-29-2014 04:45 AM

I have had this conversation with my specialist... He asked why it would be any different...??? If you fall in a certain way, things break, regardless of what you have or have not done...

He said that worrying about stuff was worse than the actual thing happening. Makes you live in fear and as such stop living...!

Actually, didn't they say that in breaking bad as well... Haha :giggle:

f00bar 08-29-2014 07:52 AM

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Isn't a fusion for fractured vertebrae? If so, does it even apply here as a possible remedy?

killclimbz 08-29-2014 09:08 AM

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From what I have seen is that if you are in constant pain, there is nothing that really works, this seems to be an effective thing. I know a couple of people who have had spinal fusions, and they could not be happier. They were living in excruciating pain everyday. Now they have normal lives.

The hazards with snowboarding, not so sure of. You may want to drop the park shit. That seems to be where the scorpion is most frequently encountered. I'll say with backcountry riding, I don't think I have ever done a scorpion. Not a serious one for sure and I have had plenty of crashes.

You'll have to voice your concerns to your doctor about what the long term is.

For the most part, I think you can have it done. It may cost you a season, possibly a little longer, but you should be able to get back to snowboarding. Lots of pro athletes in many different sports have had this done and gotten back after it as mentioned.

Perfect solution? Nothing is, but I bet it will work. I would be worried about getting rid of the pain first, then snowboarding second. You got to be able to live your life. I am sure you are of this mindset already.

neni 08-29-2014 09:42 AM

Got only two anecdotes to add... two friends, two similar problems, two very different outcomes.

Both had similar back problems as you. One a professional horserider, one a dancer. Both couldn't perform their job/passion anymore due to the back pain.

One chose to do the fusion and is now well. She's no professional dancer anymore but pain free in everyday life and well enough to be a dancing instructor, still connected to her passion, enjoying to teach kids.

The other was too afraid of the surgery and chose to stand the pain, swallow drugs, etc. Soon, he couldn't mount a horse anymore, lost his job and passion, then tried to be a trainer but due to constant pain he became a heavy drinker, became constantly moody and unbearable as trainer, lost that as well, continuously lost friends. He's a broken lonely man today. I often wonder how his life would have become if he had done the surgery...

F1EA 08-29-2014 12:48 PM

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Get the surgery (if you need it), then ride only pow. The hell with hardpack or ice. Take it easy for some yrs until all the muscles and stuff are back in bussines.

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