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thetraveler 02-09-2011 03:38 PM

Be on point
I recently had a reminder of how dangerous snowboarding can be if you are too careless and not on point - it is easy to forget since when snowboarding is so exciting and fun.

My friend and I went over to the neighbouring resort to check out their to us unknown trails. Right off our first lift up I spotted a line going off the groomers where the snow looked decent. When we started down everything was as expected. This made me a bit careless and I started pointing the board more and more as we advanced. At one such point when I was bombing down I unexpectedly hit some pretty heavy wet snow and went over the handlebars, landed on my head/neck, heard a loud crack/crunch and spun another flip to land 15 feet further down on my face (my friend did the seeing and I did the hearing).

Anyway, I rode down and went to see a doctor. At the doctors I first spent a very slow hour and a half in a waiting room chock full of people with serious and miserable faces. I then got some X-rays done and waited another half an hour before the doctor examined my neck and the x-rays. Then he ordered some more x-rays, in a foreign language. Gulp. I got some more X ray shots and after another 20 minutes he came over and explained I have a concussion and sprained/overstretched neck ligaments - no breaks or fractures - painkillers and a week of resting. It was the most agonizing 2 hours I experienced as a snowboarder and I'm not talking about pain. I was very lucky this time.

It made me think how easy it is to fuck yourself up snowboarding only if you lose your concentration for a split-second or throw caution to the wind. It is easy to forget this because snowboarding is just so much fun. So, my advice is don't forget this, be on point, be cautious, and take speed and big things very seriously because it can have serious consequences.

Mooz 02-09-2011 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by thetraveler (Post 373037)
(my friend did the seeing and I did the hearing)

But who did the knowin'?

NO ONE is going to get that joke :laugh:. Well maybe BurtonAvenger will.

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