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Chrizzowski 11-09-2011 09:22 AM

My broken wrist that cut last season short
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New to the forum so thought I'd share my fun broken wrist story from last season!

Was out west in BC last February visiting family, brought my board along hoping I'd get a chance to do some riding. Turns out a friend was working at Apex so went out to spend some time there. First run, starting off with the little mountain tour since it was my first time there, and we head through the park to scope it out. Figure I'd hit the one kicker just for good measure before coming back to the park later ... oops! Not sure even exactly what happened but I caught something with my front foot right on the lip and the thing bucked me forward. Came down hard on my right side, wrist hit first, then body. No pain, no real drama, but I distinctly remember hearing the break.

Punched my distal radius about an inch back and up 45 degrees. Spent the night without it set in a splint while waiting for the orthopedic guy the next morning. That was a fun experience, it swells up and the bandages pushes the swelling back into the shattered bone. Was supposed to get a plate put in, but everything managed to line up without it. Guess I snap back together pretty well.

Also cracked a rib, but not much to be done with that other than put up with it!

Fast forward to maybe 4 months after, pretty much healed entirely. Lost a little range of motion but nothing I can't live with. Tennis took some getting used to again but I figure it was good physio over the summer. Even today it still hurts a bit when pushing myself up on awkward angles, but in general I came out pretty lucky!

Lessons learned? Don't mix big kickers with your warm up run. Realization that I don't bounce as well as I might have a couple years ago. Acquired pair of Level Gloves with built in wrist guards.

More than anything I just can't wait to get back out there!

ScottVD 11-09-2011 09:51 AM

Welcome to the forum from one forum noob to another! Crummy story, had all the right ingredients to be a fun trip but sounds like fate had something other than "fun" in store for you. Stuff like this always makes me a bit nervous, waiting all summer for the season to start then getting benched by some injury! Enjoy 11/12.. (:

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