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Had three concussions, all of them wearing a helmet (without my scull would have been mash), none of them from snowboarding. One of them was when I was doing a programmer training. Hit a tree (horseriding ) with the head and then the ground, again head first - I was told. No memory of it and the next day. "Woke up" in hospital and didnt know what year/season it was. For two weeks I was barely able to follow a soap opera. Going back to my coding two weeks later I wasn't able to understand my own notes. This was was very scary! So I understand your concern. Recovered from this one and the less severe others and still had enough spare braincells left to do a master and phd...

Add ruptured ligaments and spinal discs, broken feet and ribs, dislocated joints, 4 times in E.A. 20 years ago, my parents bared me to ride horses. 10 years ago husband wanted me to quit. I never did cause it's part of my life. Period. Eventually, all of them accepted it. Hubby now accompanies me to eventings to "be there to scratch you off the trees" as he says with a wink.

If you want to give up something you love is your personal decision. You're old enough. If it's your passion, stand up for it; parents/friends should/will understand, eventually. If it's your priority to do them the favor to quit, then quit. If you gain more with loosing the scare to be injured than you loose by quitting during your study, then quit.
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Haven't had many concussions, but did get a mild one this season. I slipped on a rail and hit the back of my head on it. My buddies got me out of the way so other people could hit the rail, and I could collect myself. I was seeing double and everything was a massive blur, I got myself down to the lodge and sat there for another 45 mins before my vision to corrected itself. What's funny is that my buddies had to explain the crash to me later because I couldn't remember it. Also, I went and rode for another 6 hours that day.

I agree with a lot of the others if you want to be safe go do something else. The better you get at this sport the more of a risk you are going to take. This sport is all about pushing just put on a helmet and cowboy up.

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I've had so many concussions I'm surprised I can type this. Some minor, some major.

The worst 2 were fairly recently. One going about 3 mph on a berm riding motocross. Not sure what happened but I laid there for 10 minutes trying to figure out who i was.

Second was the beginning of the snowboard season this year. I had never worn a helmet even though I knew better. I always thought I'm not riding fast enough to need one. Then I hit a jump about 5 times and loved it. Number 6 was a different story. I tried a straight air off a 5 foot jump and somehow landed on my head. It was all I had to finish the run, get on the lift and not fall off. I went straight to the pro shop and bought a helmet. The sales girl told me multiple times that I didn't look right and I should go see Ski Patrol.

I knew if I didn't hit the slopes again immediately, that I would struggle with confidence. So, like an idiot, I kept on going and actually felt better about my day by the end.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Between my hard hat at work, snowboarding, mountain biking, motocross, and trying longboarding as soon as my board gets here, I might as well just where a helmet all the time. I'm sure my girls would love it if I wore a helmet to there cheer competitions and softball games.

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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I've had something like 18 concussions in my life time. 10 years ago I would lose hours of time and wake up in weird places not knowing how I got there. Risks vs rewards man you can sit around and be afraid of living life or you can live it and deal with the risks.

I got a concussion in February and couldn't see out of the top left of my left eye for two weeks. It was droopy but I didn't give up riding and probably never will.

Hell in 02 I ruptured my spleen and was air lifted and I still snowboard.

Figure out what you want in life and don't settle.
WTF BA, You should wear permanent bubble wrap around your noggin...thought I was bad with five...

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I've had maybe 4-5 bad ones, none from snowboarding.

Only two have came from sports, mountain biking.. Rest have been because of work accidents and from being stupid drunk when I was younger.

If I was you I wouldn't even question it, I usually get back on the hill long before I'm supposed to. I think you worry to much, but it's up to you in the end!
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If anything, I think this thread shows you that you should stay the fuck off of mountain bikes.
"People say that marijuana smoking is going to get in the way of my career. I say to them that on the contrary, my fighting career is getting in the way of my marijuana smoking." -Nick Diaz
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Originally Posted by pwol View Post
I got one in January and wanted to hear your opinions..

- had a relatively small spill... wasnt going fast at all, caught an edge and impacted my shoulder first. I don't even think I hit my head it was more of whiplash.
- felt a sensation shoot up my spine and into my head causing an instant headache
- did not lose consciousness, caught my breath for a minute then finished the run to the lodge. Sat there for ~2 hours then I had to go back up and ride to the other side of the mountain where I parked my car, and drove 3 hours home.
- got a CT scan done, came out clear
- ended up getting tinnitus / pretty bad Post Concussion Syndrome.
- I was going into my last semester before graduating with my bachelors. I went to the first week of classes but couldnt handle it, had to take a medical leave of absence.
- I havent snowboarded since then, and now months later I feel alot better but far from 100%
Sounds more like the neck problems that Peyton Manning and Sidney Crosby had that were thought to be concussions. However I'm not a doctor, I just play one on the internet.
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I had one bad concussion that ended my skiing career. I was 12 and on a regional skiing team, had a bad crash during training and spent next 5 days in a coma. My parents were told there would be brain damage for sure, that is if I were to survive at all. It took me more than six months to rehabilitate and I was left with some double vision and severe migraines which diminished over time but had never gone away completely.

Even though I've always been mindful of my head there were a few more mild concussions over the years. I think they take a worse toll on me than they probably could have on someone without a prior history of head injury. I take longer to recover and my migraines get significantly worse for a while. I'm well aware of possible danger but going out there and riding is a conscious choice I make. Snowboarding is worth it for me.

In the end you decide whether it's worth to you personally and try to mitigate risks as much as possible. And make a living will with DNR orders if you end up a vegetable.
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Originally Posted by d2cycles View Post
I will say that I think snowboarding helmets have a long way to go. Motorcycle helmets are so far in front of them...I think the snowboard protective gear industry needs to buy a couple Shoei and Arai helmets and take them apart to figure out how to do it better.
Not really a fair comparison, my snowboard helmet weighs 12 ounces how much does a full face motorcycle helmet weigh?
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OP, I've never had a concussion (yet) but I can tell that you love snowboarding and that you have a hard time getting rid of it. You can still go out and snowboard, just wear a helmet and be smart, I guess. You can always try wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet with a visor/shade and do away with goggles... I've seen it done before.
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