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pwol 05-03-2013 02:12 PM

I got one in January and wanted to hear your opinions..

- had a relatively small spill... wasnt going fast at all, caught an edge and impacted my shoulder first. I don't even think I hit my head it was more of whiplash.
- felt a sensation shoot up my spine and into my head causing an instant headache
- did not lose consciousness, caught my breath for a minute then finished the run to the lodge. Sat there for ~2 hours then I had to go back up and ride to the other side of the mountain where I parked my car, and drove 3 hours home.
- got a CT scan done, came out clear
- ended up getting tinnitus / pretty bad Post Concussion Syndrome.
- I was going into my last semester before graduating with my bachelors. I went to the first week of classes but couldnt handle it, had to take a medical leave of absence.
- I havent snowboarded since then, and now months later I feel alot better but far from 100%

I've only been snowboarding for 3 years but I absolutely love everything about it. I have some seriously amazing memories from snowboarding. I just got to the point where I was getting pretty good and was having so much fun out there, nothing really compares to it (even riding my motorcycle.) It has a special spot in my heart but I'm considering giving it up...

I cant risk something like this happening again. Concussions only get easier and easier to get, and each one just causes that much more damage. I know I have had atleast one pretty bad concussion in elementary school. I cant risk losing more time off from school, especially when I am so close to graduating.

I dug out my old gear and was getting ready to prep it for sale. Seeing my board brought so much memories, I really dont want to sell everything. I feel like giving snowboarding up is my best option though.. its so hard giving up something you love so much.

Has anyone been in this position before? friends/family perhaps? what are your thoughts Id love to hear them.


pics from when I dug my gear out the other day:

linvillegorge 05-03-2013 02:19 PM

I've been knocked clean the fuck out three times. None while snowboarding. Once on a mountain bike crash, once in a car wreck, and once from slipping and bashing my head into a fireplace.

Shit happens. If you're worried about it then quit, but there's plenty of other ways to end up banging your dome piece and ending up with a concussion.

BurtonAvenger 05-03-2013 02:21 PM

I've had something like 18 concussions in my life time. 10 years ago I would lose hours of time and wake up in weird places not knowing how I got there. Risks vs rewards man you can sit around and be afraid of living life or you can live it and deal with the risks.

I got a concussion in February and couldn't see out of the top left of my left eye for two weeks. It was droopy but I didn't give up riding and probably never will.

Hell in 02 I ruptured my spleen and was air lifted and I still snowboard.

Figure out what you want in life and don't settle.

ShredLife 05-03-2013 02:55 PM

i've probably had 6 concussions over the years snowboarding, but that's just cuz i'm like 3 times smarter than BA.

get back out there. drool is cool.

BoardWalk 05-03-2013 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger (Post 939570)
10 years ago I would lose hours of time and wake up in weird places not knowing how I got there.

Yeah, blame it on the concussions...

I attribute my incoherent posts to the three brain rattlers that I've had. If you're going to go out and play, sometimes you're going to get hurt. It's better than couch simulation by far.

BoardWalk 05-03-2013 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by BoardWalk (Post 939634)
I attribute my incoherent posts to the three brain rattlers that I've had. If you're going to go out and play, sometimes you're going to get hurt. It's better than couch simulation by far.

By the way, none of these were from snowboarding...been either oddly lucky or I ride like a puss.

KansasNoob 05-03-2013 03:13 PM

Get a helmet and carry on... Even at my noob level I would have at least one concussion if not for a good helmet... I know some people don't like them but they keep your head warm and goggles on, win win.

RockyMTNsteeze 05-03-2013 03:25 PM

I have gotten a few of them and one early in this season. I waited a whole week after the last one before I started riding again and wore a helmet for most of the season. You don't want to get another one and should avoid it. I should always wear a helmet on the mountain. All of my concussions were mild and probably would of been prevented with a helmet, but I hate them.

They say don't return until you feel 100 percent. I don't think I will ever be 100 percent after getting a few of them. I was nervous when I returned to snowboarding this season. Even a bit paranoid constantly looking over my shoulder. Eventually I started to progress again and speed up.

You could crash your motorcycle and get a concussion, are you gonna sell that too?

I got all of my concussions on the mountain. Snowboarding is not safe and it can kill and maim you. Snowboarding is a risk worth taking. I had a serious season ending injury years ago during my 3rd season with a concussion. I returned to snowboarding with a more conservative approach with out all the gnar. I am technically a much better rider but take way less risks.

You do want to snowboard again because you don't want to sell your board.

d2cycles 05-03-2013 03:29 PM

I've had 5 concussions to date:

1 - Jumping out of an airplane...actually it was the landing that got me :)
1 - Playing football (go Army beat Navy!!)
1 - Crashing my MX bike off a jump
1 - Highsiding while roadracing...yeah 20' in the air and landing on my head
1 - This past snowboarding season on a large park jump.

I don't regret a single one and I'm sure I will get more as time goes on...look at Matt Hoffman...that dude has had well over 100 concussions and he can still talk normal. :D

I will say that I think snowboarding helmets have a long way to go. Motorcycle helmets are so far in front of them...I think the snowboard protective gear industry needs to buy a couple Shoei and Arai helmets and take them apart to figure out how to do it better. I've been road racing motorcycles for 17 years crashing on average 1 time per year. I've only damaged my head once but hit my head nearly every time.

Edp25 05-03-2013 03:31 PM

Enjoy riding but be smart and be safe. No need to push things as it isn't worth it. You are correct on the cumulative effects of concussions. We are seeing so much of this in our returning war fighters. i am 46 and love to ride but a few more turns and backing off the speed just extends the fun. If you need to throw hard, wait for powder days. Be well.

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