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twin89 04-06-2009 03:24 PM

152 Stairmaster demo review
Ok so after all this consideration about different park boards i was on my way up to the mtn. this past sunday and decided to drop by a shop to see if they had ne boards for demoing, and just my luck, they had the stairmaster for demo. ne ways they didn't have the 148 i wanted to try but they had the 152 which was pretty close i guess. So i decided to demo it for like ten dollars (seemed cheep) and i headed out for the mtn, and got there, i was first chair, which was awesome, and im at snow summit and so the first few runs are always icy until the sun melts it all and the board was a champ at ice, didn't chatter or feel squirly. the first fun i did it felt a little odd and unstable, and so i was really bummed out, but second run down a blue then black then blue, it felt WAY better, i think i just had to get used to the board, and by then i could bomb the runs, i had alot of confidence in the board for speed even though it is billed as a park board.

Later, once they opened up the park i started to hit some boxes and jumps, and this board really excels in the park. this board is really like a feather, even though it did not have as much pop compared to my agent i could ollie higher just because it was that much lighter. You know when your on a long lift and you feel like your board is tugging at your foot and kinda gets uncomfortable? this board is so light i didn't feel the need to support the board with my free foot...

It feels really stable on jumps and boxes (started to land my first board slides, as well as some flat ground 180s and some 180s off the quarter pipe) I progressed a lot in one day, just cause the board seemed to give me more confidence, i also hit my first full rail, before i just slide off like half way.

By the end of the day i had a lot of fun on the board and i think ima try and pick up a 148 if i can. I took a look at the base before i rode it and looked poorly waxed, however i still didn't notice a difference in speed from my 156 Agent (sintered, that i wax like every time) The base also seemed to take less scratches and gouges compared to my agent which i thought was odd cause extruded is supposed to be softer but it could just be luck, duno really.

Flex: nice and smooth, i would rate as a little softer than agent but deff not a noddle.
pop: not as much as my agent, but the agent is like a $500 board compared to $300 or so new but this is offset due to the fact that the stairmaster is that much lighter
carving: noticed no problems holding a carve on groomers

6 foot
135-140 lbs
10.5 burton freestyle boot
Large Ride Rx bindings
152 capita stairmaster 08-09

current board is a 156 Agent 07-08

one final note, i found that if i over shot a landing on the stairmaster i deff could feel the shock of the impact more than on my agent, but it could be just that it is a smaller board, but the agent does have impact plates which i thought before were just a gimmeck, but now i may think they actually do something, cause when i have bad landings on my agent, i don't even feel them.

Penguin 04-06-2009 03:39 PM

Great review!

I am also coming from a 156 Agent, looking into the 152 Stairmaster, possibly 151 Evil Twin.

I am 5'11" 170 lbs, but cutting down to 155-160 for the summer...might keep it that way though.

Do you do any large jumps? That's something I probably will not do because I am getting old. I can do medium sized kickers but that's about it. Thanks for the landing comparison.

twin89 04-06-2009 04:40 PM

well i didn't do the line of jumps at the far right of bear, the big like 40 fts or so, but i can hit like every other jump, i'd say most at bear and summit are like 10-20 ft? not really sure (bad at estimates) but i can hit the normal looking kickers ok and the board felt great, with my agent i duno why i bail more often cause i land too much on the nose, but with the stairmaster that didn't happen at all, it was weird, i was landing everything like flat based and stuff. The one thing was the like first jump i went off with the stairmaster, it felt like the nose and tail didn't "bite" as much as my agent, but after the first jump i didn't really notice that anymore, i think i was just getting used to the board, but yeah, great board, loved it. I prob only did some medium sized kickers, but i didn't do the kicker at the top of bear, u know the one that is like right to the left of the lift if u are on the lift, thats a little to big for me, and i don't want people watching when i bail lol

Penguin 04-06-2009 05:13 PM

hahahah yeah i know exactly what you're talking about.

shit... if i knew they had a demo that day i would have gone.

twin89 04-06-2009 08:20 PM

the demo was just from a random shop on the way to bear, but it was the 08-09 just to clear up, but i don't think the stairmasters have or will change much.

but yeah, great board, i would deff recomend it, and u will be amazed at how light it is compared to your agent

Penguin 04-06-2009 08:35 PM

fack... can't wait!

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