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Never Summer Demo - My Thoughts and Reviews!!

This past weekend was the first of a few of demo's I want to attend in Colorado. I packed all my gear (- board) and headed for the Dino lot to meet a buddy early Saturday morning. After being solicited in the parking lot (again) and still not wanting to read "Watchtower" I packed my crap in his German penis extension Audi and headed to the Never Summer demo at Loveland.

We arrived swiftly with not much of a crowd in the lot and a decent parking spot. I started getting ready to hit the hill and had a slight equipment failure with my boot. With no knife to be found I quickly took a lighter to the speed laces on my Northwave boot and made some "modifications!" I wasn't going to let some POS broken string ruin my demo day, no! Off we went to the 2 black "Never Summer" EZ-Up's!

With a freshly shaven face and "porn star" mustache I arrived at the tents ready to roll. I showed up with just a pair of last seasons Forum Republic bindings that have like 40+ days on them and still look like new. The NS guys thought it was pretty funny and laughed at me. Then it was time for some quick paperwork. Name, addy, phone, mothers underwear size, dogs name, girlfriends bra size etc... After leaving my John Hancock as well as my Visa and an ID I was ready to take my pick at the first board of the day. I was stoked to try all the boards in R/C now after riding my Evo-R last season. On to the boards!

[*Note - This is all in my opinion. I am not a pro snowboarder and work a normal job struggling to get days off to ride like most people here. I don't work for Never Summer and only have 2 NS boards out of 10+. I am 6' 180 lbs 28yrs old and not made of rubber anymore unfortunately! I ride regular stance 23" and 15/-15. All boards were ridden this way. I rode the Evo-R and Circuit-R centered and all other boards based on the offset of the inserts. I did not ride a Titan but have before and there was no change this year to it. It's just not a board I would ever really find myself on for what I like to do now.]

09/10 Never Summer Evo-R - 155

I have an Evo-R from last year in a 158 and have rode my buddies 155 plenty so I am pretty use to the board. They mounted up the bindings and handed it over. A nice shiny purple one with a neon green base, lol. The first thing I noticed is it felt a little lighter then last years. Maybe it's just me? Anyways off to the slopes. Right off the lift I noticed it definitely had a fesh wax job. The board also looked brand new as this was the first demo. Strapped in and took off!! Pressed it right out of the gate and it felt a little softer then last years in the middle, hmm. After a few runs I was convinced it has changed internally somehow. Not much but if you rode one for a year you would notice. The board performed as expected. Super fun to play around on. Not catchy and still stable enough at moderate speed. Bombing down a steep hill is a little sketch but it's manageable and after all it's an Evo!!! It's light on damping ability but no ramen noodle. The vario grip sidecut is something I really like and the 09/10 Evo-R lays over and carves great for a frestyle board. The tip/tail still has the double carbon V's and provided plenty of pop for me when needed. The R/C is super forgiving but always feels fine when jumping to me compared to other "alternative camber" boards. The current Evo-R is the same in that aspect and lands smooth. I am pretty familiar with this board and definitely liked the current one! Was it better then last years? I thought so. Some say it's the same but it felt a tad softer between the binders and it felt better to me. Seemed to fit the board better and was just a blast to play on!

09/10 Never Summer Circuit-R - 155

I wanted to ride the 155 SL-R next but it was out. So I scanned the board inventory and decided to try out the new Circuit to see what it's all about! Definitely lighter then the Evo-R, nice. As I rode off the lift I was stoked to go hard in the backseat and see what it would do. It felt as expected and was softer all around then the Evo. It pressed super easy and I could really hold it well too. Felt a little soggy, No carbon here! I brought it down lazy and hooked an edge looking back for my friend like a After a run or 2 I was use to it and I felt fine on it and could ride it anywhere. It may not be the most stable and will give you the jitters a bit but for 400 bucks you can't beat it for a "park/jibby" board. While I was riding it I got sprayed in the face by a skiier waiting on the side of the run for my friend. I tried to chase him down and it was just not the right board for a yard sale assault! After that run-in I took it back. MUCH better then the System Never Summer!!!

09/10 Never Summer Premier F1-R - 159

Damn SL-R's are still all out. They must be super awesome, right? So I spot the Premier F1-R with it's slightly pointed tail just sitting, screaming, "ride me!" You know like the Vivid girls on a Sims Fader. This is a board I have been looking forward to try ever since I saw they were going to make it in R/C. I have rode Premier's before and they have never disappointed me for a mountain cruising missile assault. So with the same Republic's mounted up I was off on a mission to find that douchebag skiier, hehe. First thing I noticed is how light the board was. I mean come on it's not an Evo or a Circuit but any of you that have had Never Summer boards knows what a tank some of them can be. The previous Premier's were not the most nimble or light weight but they were indestructible! I was shocked and strapped in for a ride. The board was awesome! Already riding/owning an Evo it was definitely my favorite of the line for this year. The board was super fast and stable through some gnarly chop. It would lay a track in the snow just like the euro carving speed suit wearing fools at A-Basin! Poppy and responsive as expected and felt way more forgiving then any other Premier. I tail pressed it at speed and it was fine and came right up. This was a lot more of a chore on the cambered variety. Shot off the side of a run to find something fresh and popped back on. Jumped great and landed smooth as 21 year old's tramp stamp peach fuzz!! I didn't want to take it back. Oh and BTW while I was riding this my buddy (who is a dude) rode the Lotus which was hilarious. Time for a lunch break.....

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Mmm. Loveland has good homemade pizza and calzones. Quick safety meeting and I go on a mission for a pie. If you haven't tried the pizza you should. It's not magical but it's not frozen and is quite tasty. After lunch I head back to my friend's penis extension for another meeting and to drop off some Never Summer stickers. Back to the demo's!

09/10 Never Summer SL-R 155/158

I have actually never rode an SL-R. I know it's NS's top seller but I just haven't got around to riding one. My buddy has one but he's goofy and yeah, PITA. It felt about the same weight as the Evo. I noticed right away that my rear binding was now a LOT closer to those carbon V's thanks to the setback. Took a run or 2 to adjust to it (and my full stomach) and decided to see what it would do. I have to say I wasn't super impressed. The core felt as stiff to me as the F1-R was and I was wishing I had them center my stance. The board had plenty of pop. The tip/tail felt stiffer then the Evo but about the same as the F1-R. At speed it was a little better through chop then the Evo but not enough to be worth it for me. I liked the Evo more all around honestly. It was just more lively and rewarding to me. I'll take an Evo-R or F1-R any day of the week over the SL-R. I mean there was nothing wrong with it, it just didn't have the fun of the Evo or the super balls out awesomeness of the F1. I took it back and decided to try again in a 158. I walked over to the lift and got ready to strap in. WTF, are my binding buckles really mounted on the inside?? Haha. I laughed and told my buddy. He then went to strap in and noticed the same thing. ROFL.. So we decide to head up anyways and give it a try. Well that was a bad idea as he had his high backs rotated and my toe caps don't fit right bassackward! We rode back down and got some more stickers, thanks Gags! I promptly took them to the car while they fixed the fubarred mounted bindings on 2 boards, haha. After everyone from NS took their turns at giving the dude that set them up MAJOR shit we were off again. Eh, is all I can say. It's a cool board and I can see the target market but it just felt OK at everything. If I had to settle on 1 board from the line up for all over in all conditions it would NOT be this one! [Flame suit on!]

09/10 Never Summer Heritage-R - 158

Never been a huge "Heritage" fan but I wanted ride it in R/C fosho! the NS dudes said to me "It's like an SL-R but on CRACK!" Well, that's re-assuring right? We all like thing's on crack like bums in Denver, anyone on the 15 bus, anyone in Lake County California, Lindsay Lohan etc right?? I sure know I do!!! My previous issue with this board has always been the sidecut and plank feeling. I rode it for 3 runs and brought it back. Just not my style. For "freeriding" the F1-R killed it and still was playful and fun yet forgiving and fast. This board not so much for me. It was more blah then the SL-R to me. It felt wayy better this year as a R/C vario grip board but still had all the characteristics I don't like in this board. I can't really explain it that well and am tired of typing this so yeah, it was no bueno for me!

After that I had them mount up the F1-R again and did a few more runs. I took it through the park and was impressed as well for what it is. Only took it off some jumps and the flat box. Then it was time to call it a day. We said our goodbyes to the NS guys, gathered our ID's/CC's and headed to the penis extension. Riding for 25 runs before 3pm with time to consume a pizza (that sounds delicious right now) and multiple safety meetings took it's toll. Time to ditch the gear and get ready for the short drive back. boot now won't come off. I had to loop shit around shit to make it tight etc and it's just not loosening up enough to get my foot out. Out comes my good old Bic and melts away the pain. The boot comes off now and I guarantee whomever at Backcountry open's the RMA will laugh. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Day 6 of riding for me this year was in the books!

Cliffnotes -
The Evo-R felt softer then last year and still rocks.
The Circuit-R is a definite improvement from the System and was fun for what it is for sure!
The F1-R stole the show for me and I have one on the way, was just a super fun board that I can also use for a pow board!!
The SL-R was just ok at everything. Kind of like an "Enduro" motorcycle.
The Heritage-R was for someone other then me!

I never did find that douchebag skiier!!

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Hey great review there. Should be a great help to anyone considering buying one of their boards.

You could have put more work into it though!
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Nice review. The FR1 is a leading candidate for my next splitboard. I need to get out and demo that and the Summit R to decide which one I want.
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thanks for the review. I cant wait to demo the evor and f1-r. Unfortunately their all mtn boards are too big for me my range is 147-151. Im a small dude about 140lbs..might need to try a girls board. What do you think?
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Great reviews! I found a local shop that is going to let me demo an SL-R, so I guess we'll see...

18 Snoplanks Asym Fish . 16 NS Swift - 14 TJ Brand Retro Fish
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I wake up around 11 this morning to get a glass of water then return to my bed when lo and behold! the long rectangular cardboard box which had dogged my dreams the night before is posted up near my front door, and inside it my brand new evo-r 155 (white); however the smile quickly slid from my face when I ventured to check the snow report. cmon snow!
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Nice review. I have the Circuit-R and I'm just waiting to hit the slopes.
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Good reviews. I have an SL-R sitting in the living room ready to go. Judging by what you wrote, I think I'll probably like it, I prefer a stiffer board.

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The Never Summer SL-R is the best all mountain board I have been on... Ever.
Buy it... Ride it... Love it...
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this makes me super stoked i bought the evo-r over the sl-r as it sounds like it is exactly all i hoped it would be. only 5 weeks till i fly from australia to CO and i can ride it! cant wait
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