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LoganCormier 01-02-2010 09:00 PM

Review of my newbie gear
I'm really bored so I'm going to do a quick review on my first equipment:)


Mah board: Santa Cruz Fusion TT. Even though I've only had experience with rentals, I can tell this is an amazing beginner board. I literally have no complaints, only compliments. Perfect flex for me, great control, really saves you when you think you're not going to make it. Very lightweight too. Plus the graphics are just beastly :D I have a lot of confidence before I head down a hill on this board because I know it's not holding me back at all. Amazing value for the performance. Best Prices on Santa Cruz Fusion TT Snowboard 151 - Mens Snowboards Snowboarding Gear Equipment

Bindings: Burton Freestyles. I guess I didn't get the 2010 version (I bought in-store), but they're still great. Keeps me strapped in right and tight, I never have to worry about them. Very comfortable. There is one thing about these that I don't neccessarily like, but I guess it is a good thing. The crank things start to skip teeth when you're strapped in tight enough so you can't strap too tight and you don't strip the teeth. I always like things to be really tight on my feet because I feel more secure but the tightness that these allow is absolutely perfect. So yeah no movement at all, it's like my boots are part of my board with these bindings, but with the added support bindings give.

Boots: Ride Orion 2010's. Nothing bad with these as far as I can tell. Very comfortable, tighten really easily, tough and really solid yet soft. Really makes me feel like I have control over my board. Plus they're very lightweight which is a bonus.
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Helmet: Red HiFi 2010. I've only used it once but I've noticed a lot so far. Fits to my head perfectly and only moves when I want it to. I don't notice it at all when I'm riding. Keeps my ears perfectly warm. The headphone insert thing is really cool and fits headphones well but I haven't used it while riding yet. Holds my goggles in place perfectly. One thing I really noticed about these is how easy it is to hear when I'm wearing it. I thought my hearing would be somewhat limited from it but it's not at all. When I use my phone with my helmet still on, I can hear fine with the phone outside the ear pads. So yeah no complaints with this thing either.

Goggles: Anon Solace Work Of Art goggles. Just found out from searching for a link for these that they're womens... :D:D:D but you could never tell. I know that I may possibly have maybe overspent just a little bit considering these are my first goggles... :D Well either way I had some extra money from xmas and I totally fell in love with these so I got them. I can see fine, I was actually really surprised how well the lenses define things. With other goggles I could hardly make out jumps before I was on them but with these I'm always ready. If that's not enough, these are one of the coolest goggles (imho) out there. I actually got a few compliments on them my first time out so... yeah. Also, no fog at all. None. Totally worth the money. Anon Goggles

Gloves: Burton Goretex's. The only moisture that touches my hands in these is my own sweat. Nothing gets through these, really tough, seals off very nice. The insterts are really nice too. The only problem I have with these is that it takes a little longer than average to take off, and if you're not careful when taking out the inserts, the sticky bottom of the inserts grips onto the lining and the lining gets pulled inside out which can take a while to try to put the thumb part back in. If that happens, don't try to put it back in with the insert gloves on, just use your bare hand, it'll go a lot faster. The zipper pockets on them are cool. I put some paper money in them once and even though the only thing between the money and the world is the thin shell of the gloves (the pockets are on the outside of the fuzzy liner), they only got a little moist after a full 10-hour day of being put through a lot of snow. So yeah, pretty cool. The goggle wipe on the left glove is pretty nice. I honestly couldn't imagine a better glove. Waterproof, warm, pockets, goggle wipe, keeps all snow out... yep, no problems at all with these.
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So there's your quick review :rolleyes: I hope you liked it and got something out of it.

Thanks for readin!

arsenic0 01-02-2010 09:05 PM

About the Burton Goretex gloves, i think you'll find you dont need the inner glove unless you are in serious cold...

I have pretty bad circulation and my fingers and toes get cold easy..but even without the inner glove it keeps my hands toasty just seconds after taking them off to mess with pockets, etc....

I didnt really like the inner lining myself, the seams are poorly constructed and i hate the feeling of them on my fingers...and as you said its a pain in the ass to get the stupid things on ...

Give it a try without...i just wrap the bungee's around my wrist so they dont fall away if i take them off, and use them like that not tightened down at great.

LoganCormier 01-02-2010 09:12 PM

Yeah the seams did annoy me a lot to start but I forgot about them quickly. I just like the tight and secure feeling I guess. But it did get to around -5, maybe lower, the day I used them. I'll try without next time though :)

leif 01-02-2010 10:38 PM

If you think burton freestyles are good then just wait until you treat yourself to a pair of binders that are actually worth money. You'll jizz yourself so bad you'll be able to donate to 10 sperm banks.
Seriously, other bindings that cost more than 80 bucks (well, maybe around the 150 or so region) are 100 times better than those things. if you feel like youre flexing too much or the bindings are starting to break i suggest spending some money on a good set of bindings. Good binders will last you a long time.

LoganCormier 01-02-2010 10:44 PM

hahahahahahahaha yeh... we'll I'll see what happens next year. The guy who sold me these seemed like he really knew what he was talking about though and he said that those are the best bang for your buck for all-around bindings.

SPAZ 01-02-2010 10:51 PM

i have the same bindings and same problem. its typical for cheep bindings...

LoganCormier 01-03-2010 10:28 AM

Well if your binding crank just keeps pushing up so it skips, you can actually force it down, but when you're to that point, you can't get it much tighter physically anyways.

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