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se7en 01-25-2008 02:01 AM

Which size board should I get?
I am 5'6, wear size 10 boots and weigh about 180lbs. I am an intermediate rider doing regular mountain riding and want to learn to do jumps eventually. What size board should I get? Is 154 too big?

universole 01-25-2008 12:45 PM

not to jack your post....
but im about 5'6 as well 160pnds size 8.

i was just gonna post the same question then saw yours so i thought i would piggy back (hope you dont mind).

ive been out 4 times this season (first season) im done growing, gonna try to loose about 15 pnds before summer hits. looking for an all mountain board i suppose but something with flex so i can start messing around with butters in the backyard now i feel more comfy on the mountain.

i dunno if its just me but the "caculators" and "charts" online all have contradicting info and its quite confusing for a first time board buyer. any info is appreciated.

Nivek 01-26-2008 05:01 PM

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board size will really depend on what board you decide on. Se7en, at your weight for a board you eventually want to take into the park, 155-158 is a good place to start. As for boards, i would recomend the rome agent, lib-tech trs(in mtx, banana or both), k2 darkstar, never summer sl, salomon prospect, or burton custom. all the boards can hit the whole mountain but still perform well in the park.
Universole, i would recommend all the same boards, but drop down about 2-3 cm in size (152-155).
For both of you, if you pick the higher of my recommendations, it will do better freeride, if you choose the lower it will be better in park. So choose away.

universole 01-27-2008 11:22 AM

Nivek, thanks for the response. it feels good to have someone narrow things down for me a bit. gonna start looking into those boards now.

another question tho. as far as choosing in the higher recommended lengths for freeride, if down the road i want to focus more on the park can i get into it at a beginner level with a longer board? will having a longer board jack up my learning curve? and on the oppisite end will having a shorter board effect my progression freeride by that much? i guess im looking for a happy medium but i definately want my purchase to last a few seasons.

thanks again, ive learned so much the week i have been lurking these forums.

universole 01-27-2008 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Nivek (Post 31180)
i would recomend the rome agent, lib-tech trs(in mtx, banana or both), k2 darkstar, never summer sl, salomon prospect, or burton custom.

dayummmmm. i just went through your list, little bit out of my budget. i was hoping to spend around 200. or am i being cheap??

universole 01-27-2008 11:00 PM

good stuff!

hopefully gonna make this purchase this week. feels like i finally got my head around everything. really appreciate all the insight!

as far as the cosmetic flaws, is it usually floor model type wear and tear?

universole 01-27-2008 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 31347)
on a board that is at least as good as what you get as a rental and you can be saving up for your "grown up" board.

wow i was kinda hoping goin 200-250 into my pockets would get me on something BETTER than a rental. the rentals i have gotten have always been trashed. maybe thats what made them good boards the fact that they still perform after all the abuse?

rustydomino 01-28-2008 01:23 AM

The REI Outlet is currently selling the Salomon Prospect 06 for about $216 brand new. I just picked one up, am looking forward to getting it soon.

dmoss 01-28-2008 08:41 AM

Arbor Formula...
I looked at this year's Arbor Formula as my first / entry level board. New Formula's are retailing for $300 and I know EMS is having a 20% off sale. could get a new Formula for $240 or less or get this one that is a year or two old for $200...just wanted to throw out the options...

As for the Formula, I almost bought it - ultimately, I went with the Arbor Alt. I wanted a board that would provide a bit of a challenge today, but that I could grow with for four or five years. Arbor is known for making great boards, but I don't think the Formula really incorporates all the goodies that make an Arbor board and Arbor board (no StrucTurn Finish, has an extruded instead of sintered base, cheaper wood core, no fiberglass...)

If money is a key issue than the Formula is probably a good entry level / beginner board (although there might be better boards for $240). If you can swing another $160 and are willing to take a bit of beating for a few weeks I'd recommend going with something a bit more challenging and higher-end.

universole 01-28-2008 10:35 AM

when you say challenging what is it about the board that makes it so, and what am i in for as far as a beating? :)

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