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shifty00 01-05-2011 07:52 PM

GNU Altered Genetics 10/11 159 review
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Years Snowboarding: 4, 20 years skiing
Skill level: Free Ride = 9. Park/freestyle = 4
Board: Gnu Altered Genetics 159
Bindings: Burton Mission (I'm not made of money get off my back haha)
Boots: Burton Moto Size: 11.5
Angles & Stance +15/-15, 24"
Wax: Lib tech all temperature snowboard hot wax (Did not stand up too well to the ice coast conditions, needed waxed again at the end of the day).

Hoooooly crap I am in love with this board! I came off a GNU billygoat 07/08 166 regular camber and no mag traction. So this tech is new to me but this thing is insane. First I will say my style is more of a hall @$$ down the hill, natural jumps/features, back-country (if I ever get back out to WA), and POW (wont see much of that in the ice coast). I am not a big park fan save for some kickers and depending on how many beers I had, sometimes the pipe, I will hit the occasional rail but not much of that going on here, I like having a silky smooth base for speed and my new rock board (my billygoat) is a 166 so not much park action going on with that beast. ;).

Ok enough babbling, on to the review-
This board is a rocket ship. I thought my billygoat was fast, yeah no this is faster and it just eats it up. I had no fear of edge catch with the C2BTX. The mag traction?!!? wow, I keep hearing if you like speed say away form mag because it will slow you down well to that I say bullshizen this deck rips and it cuts trough crust/ice like its melted butter. Now keep in mind I came off a 166 and it is stiff as nails with regular camber, thus built for speed, however the AG is faster and more stable.

What surprised me is the flex is much lower than my 166, I could press it super easy (but what seems easy to me may not be to another as my 166 is mega hard to press) but that did not effect how it handles at speed, I am telling you I pointed it down the steepest hill I could find and just rode it out, only carving a few times and this run was full of chop and ice and still no chatter at all and no loss of confidence in the board.

Edge to edge is lightning fast and the side cut seems perfect. it is a really light board, has a great amount of pop, and will not wash out on a aggressive carve, it just locks you in to the turn like it was on tracks (this feeling actually took me by surprise and almost lost balance as I am use to compensating to a little bit of wash out on the 166). And even being a directional twin not a true twin it felt very comfortable in switch.

I took it on one rail (scared of trashing the base so that was all haha) and had no problem with catching edge or not enough pop.

I live in PA ATM so POW was not an option today haha plenty of groomers, ice, man-made, slush, and junk, the AG took all of that like a champ however I don't know how it rides in pow but I can not see having any issue.

Didn't hit any huge jumps (Ice hurts bones) so I can't say how good it takes big air landings (not that you could even consider the jumps I will hit "big air" more like medium air haha)

All and all I have not one bad thing to say about this board, it's fantastic. I can't wait to get some more aggressive bindings on it so I can really bring it to life (although even with my Mission bindings it felt fantastic). I would defiantly recommend this to a more advanced rider who loves big boy speed and carving, I would even say it could take the park just fine if that is your thing. But this is by no means a high flex board so it will take some more work to press if you are use to a flexy gib stick. So if you are considering a freeride/all mountain (with the emphasis on freeride) Try this bad boy out, you wont be let down. :thumbsup:

(AG left billygoat right)

oxi 01-08-2011 05:10 AM

Thanks! Been waiting for somebody to review this, doesn't seem to get too much publicity.

shifty00 01-08-2011 04:52 PM

Yeah I didn't understand that either, seem like with the T-Rice, skunk ape, and fenix this just gets looked over. It didn't even have a review on boardinsiders, I fixed that... Did you get one?

Hodgepodge 01-08-2011 10:01 PM

sick review. i think this is the GNU version of the banana magic (based on price point and agression). sounds like a sweet ride.

oxi 01-10-2011 03:29 PM

I wish! But I am poor, it's on my list as next board to buy though.

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