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henry06x 02-26-2011 04:49 PM

Academy propaganda RC
I was looking for a new board with rocker and finally after about a month of debate ended up getting the Academy propaganda reverse camber 156.

Yesterday was my first day on it and it was a great day for it. we got about 5 inches of fresh snow over night so I got to try it out in a little fresh first day. The board was great! I wasnt sure what to expect from it because I have never ridden reverse camber before. I have herd the pros and cons but just wanted it. in the fresh snow it was great. it rode so much differently in it than any regular cambered board I have had It floated great and made it so much fun. Late in the day when the lights came on and the snow was more packed down from everyone all day I wasnt sure how it would be because all the stories about how "loose" they can be. I thought it road great on that as well. it held and edge just as well as my Ride Kink 152 did. I havent gotten the chance to try it on really hard packed or icy conditions so im not sure about that yet.
I wasnt sure how pressing would be on it either. Academy had it at a 6.5 flex and ride had the kink at a 4ish I believe. The reviews I read said it pressed well and held them good, well that held true. the boards is rather soft and presses like no other board I have ever ridden. I can hold a press so well now and the board just like locks in on it and stays stable.
probably the most awkward thing I noticed about Reverse camber was getting off the lift. the tail definitely slides out a little while on the stomp pad. took me acouple unloads to get use to that.

Overall I am loving this board after a day on it. Its fun and playfull. like a jib board should be. and its great in fresh snow.

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