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SNk2010 02-14-2008 03:18 PM

best brand of snowboards?
I found some snowboards on ebay that im looking into buying. Im trying to make a decision on buying one of these i was leaning toward the sims because thats the most popular company. If anyone knows in general about any of the manufactures snowboards or what brand just beats out the rest it would be appreciated thanks!!

They are:

Rossignol Circuit Mens Snowboard 155 cm #572 - eBay (item 150207256282 end time Feb-16-08 13:53:50 PST)


New! 2007 Morrow Blaze 146 cm Snowboard - eBay (item 180213958403 end time Feb-14-08 09:20:51 PST)


Lamar Diablo


Sims FS600W Mens Snowboard 144 cm #455 - eBay (item 190197379185 end time Mar-09-08 12:23:41 PDT)

kuocal 02-14-2008 03:26 PM

i see there's a pretty large range in the lengths. whats your size (ht and weight) and riding style?

SNk2010 02-14-2008 03:31 PM

freestyle riding, 145 pounds. i already know my size i just need to know what brand is best.

kuocal 02-14-2008 05:24 PM

there is no such thing as a universally best brand. even within one brand there are lines that are awesome and others that are less so. HOWEVER, i get your dilemma and i dont have first hand experience with any of those boards but if you put a gun to my head and made me choose one of the brands i'd go with sims.

iregicide 02-14-2008 06:05 PM

out of those i'd go with the sims. BUT if i were you i'd go to a store that is having a kick ass sell and buy it there. Otherwise of ebay you may get it and realize it doens't fit or something like that. Also are you sure you know your size? going from 155 to 144 is alot different but w/e.

edmontonsara 02-14-2008 08:13 PM

Im not sure everyone would agree, but I think technine is the best! The capped toe strap on the bindings is awesome.

WickedWheat 02-14-2008 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by edmontonsara (Post 35508)
Im not sure everyone would agree, but I think technine is the best! The capped toe strap on the bindings is awesome.

other brands make toe cap bindings

palidon11 02-14-2008 09:24 PM

wow, sims is the "most popular" brand? i thought that was burton..

figure out what length you need for god's sake. and of the 3 i'd take the rossignol.

andrew_schenk 02-15-2008 07:39 AM

check out the rome boards, and step child is a pretty new company but they seem to have some nice product.

SNk2010 02-15-2008 03:33 PM

I know it may seem like a wide range but im new to these skill level boards so i must consider that and my weight. also Im only 16 which means im not done growing yet.

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