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BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 10:57 AM

A bunch of reviews for you guys
1. 164 Flow Solitude WX with NXT FX's (07/0).
Conditions: Crunchy icy man made snow mixed with natural snow, brisk but slightly overcast with hints of sunshine.
Stance: 22 wide 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: 06/07 Vans Fargo Boas size 11 with 100 plus days on them.
One word description: Fun
This board is straight up fun, you can haul on it and rail a carve like no other. The carbon fiber X's that make up the Whiskey X construction allow for ultimate pop in the tail, yet provide lots of stability under foot. This board held an edge like no other and was amazing. Seriously blew my mind. Also super light. The bindings were phenomenal, my boots are shot and kind of loose but the bindings compensated like no other. You get awesome stability in these, the ease of Flows as usual, and the ability to drive. If anything I found edge initiation easier on these bindings than my 390's, and have to say probably one of the best bindings I've been on so far.

2. Atomic Rapture 157 (07/08) with Rome 390's (06 - 07)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: End of the day sunshine going down, pushed snow, icy, windy, temps dropping.
One word description: Mediocre
The new shape of this board makes it semi overlap the Alibi in my opinion. Also the introduction of the Nomex in the core has severely reduced its weight, but made the flex almost unpredictable, as it is a softer material. Edge to edge this board is fast and butterable, but knowing that nomex honeycomb is crap I'd be afraid this board would blow apart. Had decent pop, but this board is far from what the rapture of yore was, the Axum and pivot would be better choices since they are on the same chassis.

3. 163 Salomon Burner with SPX 45's (07/08)
Stance 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Flat light, mid morning, sun was starting to peak through the clouds. Rollers and push mounds galore.
One word description: Springy
This board for being a super free ride board was kind of sad, I felt it was way to soft. The best way to describe it is springy. At high speeds I could feel some vibrations under foot, but the ERA tech in it definitely distributes pressure outwards towards the edge. The edge hold was ok but its sidewall is poop in my opinion.

4. 157 Lib tech Jaime Lynn (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: End of the day flat light in spots, shadows, sun setting, windy, icy, harder push mounds, lumpy snow.
One word description: Old school
So since everyone claims I'm on crack with my interpretation of this board I took it out again. I'll say it again this board is relatively soft and butterable. Its ok edge to edge and you can noticeably tell the difference between the sidewall to the cap. All in all itís like riding a board from 10 years ago. I wasn't overly impressed hence why you don't see my recommendations of this board all that much. Itís got decent pop but nothing spectacular. I think the JL name sells it more than the ride.

5. 161 K2 Believer with Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance: 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
conditions: Early morning, firm but softening up, with corduroy still available
One word description: Interesting
First thing you notice with this board is the rubber style top sheet with about 1038484848 different sayings on it. After that you'll realize this board is built to be a BC POW killer for lighter weight guys. Weighing in at 170ish lbs. I'm more the average person that will ride it. Edge to edge it was great but seemed washy in the heel. After talking with the rep we realized he set me a bit heel heavy. So to be fair I did take it out again in a different size. But for a 161 I could have annihilated it in the pipe with this thing. Very poppy has a great sweet spot.

6. 157 K2 Believer (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas
Conditions: Sunny bluebird day, soft snow, 2 inches of fresh.
One word description: gnar
After figuring out that the ride on the 161 had skewed my view of this board I brought my gripper grips to kill on it. First things first the edge to edge was perfect. I was getting a bit burly popping FS 1's off rollers and landing on edge. What I noticed with me was that at my weight I would land more on my nose coming down and go right into a carve from pushing in the nose. Not a bad thing, just this board is a bit softer in the nose/tail than what I'd like. Popping was great and you can really rail a carve on it. Switch is easy and the side cut isn't crazy aggressive. I hit a natural QP and this thing did have boostability like I thought. Definitely a board that you can ride anywhere.

7. 162 K2 Podium (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas
Conditions: Sunny, slightly choppy, soft slushy snow, kind of windy and cold
One word description: Fast
This board does have a 1mm taper and a 3/4ths set back but the sidecut is set back so you ride it centered even though you have a longer nose. This board is for charging and laying carves, wicked fun I have to say. No chatter in it and there's an amazing sweet spot in the tail for popping, its right where the Carbon Kevlar fibers overlap the torsion forks which creates for boost city. It reminded me a lot of popping on the jibpan which has to be one of the best boards for loading up the tail and popping I've ever been on in my life. Itís definitely the free ride elite board of the K2 line up.

8. 162 K2 Eldorado (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas
Conditions: Sunny, bluebird, windy, firmer push piles and rollers.
One word Description: Busted
This board has an easier to initiate sweet spot in the tail than the podium, but its not as good as absorbing the impact of dropping on ice. I felt a few of my impacts on this board, even though itís got that integrated topsheet with the riser/ dampening. The nose did get the chattery butterfly effect at speeds. Edge to edge it was great and held well as long as I wasn't pointing it. I'd say its just a hair past midstiff.

9. 165 Unity Pride Wide (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas
Conditions: Early morning sunshine, bluebird, and beautiful.
One word description: Slug
I can ride a big wide board with no problems. This thing was a slug, slow edge-to-edge initiations, sluggish flex, and just all around it was like a slug that just keeps trudging along. Pop was mediocre; flex was a bit more than the eldorado but still nothing to rave about. All in all it didn't ride really damp and I felt a lot of vibrations. I think the construction of this mixed with the Carbon fiber wrap just made this board the lame.

10. 155 Flow Era with NXT AT's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas
Conditions: Very early morning, sun just peaking the mountain, bluebird, fresh corduroy with rollers
One Word Description: Slayer
Flow has to be doing something right, this board was amazing. It had the right amount of mid flex for a park stick, but a lighter weight. It puts my Hatchet to shame, and makes me question my TR. Load the tail up and pop, yet roll into the landing easily. Switch was amazing on this, perfectly fine, control was great, and flex was brilliant. Bindings are ok, not as great as the NXT FX's but these are noticeably softer and jibbier. Once again I will state that I felt I initiated flows on edge a lot quicker than traditional straps. Buttering with this board is amazing and throwing every variation of butter and spin to butter and butter to spin was easy. Flow has a great 350-dollar park slayer here that easily competes with others in that category.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 10:58 AM

11. 156 Flow quantum with NXT AT's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Early morning, sun peaked the mountain, bluebird, semi fresh corduroy with rollers
One word descriptions: Stiff
this is a more torsionally stiff board than the Era. It has the brass edge and definitely is a pipe board as this is Scotty Lago's pro model. I could get it on nose to butter fairly easy, but then the torsional rigidity would kick in and kill that. Edge to edge it was a bit more muscled and popping off rollers required some effort. This board is built for transitions not for flat land tricks. The bindings were ok again but I think stiffer ones would have helped me a bit more on this.

12. 157 Salomon Sanchez with XLT relay's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Mid day, blue skies, brisk, slightly icy rollers
One word description: Butterworth
This board is definitely the jib stick they make it out to be. Very spongy and just flexed like no other. Pop was ok but for it being so soft I would flex the tail/nose out a bit more than I'd like so it didn't give me the pop I wanted. Edge to edge its like any other jibstick so it doesn't super excel at it. The Relay XLt's are different at this point I'm not saying whether I like them or hate them. Itís just different and allows for different flex than I'm used to. I could really get into butters. So for now I'm going to say the jury is still out on this one.

13. 169 Never summer titan (07/08) with Rome 390's
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
conditions: Overcast, blustery, slightly icy, with trace amounts of snow
One word description: Burly
I have a bit of a vendetta against this board and needed some revenge. I had the 160 of it most of last winter which I thought was an amazing board, but the 169 and I had some unfinished business to take care of. First off this is truly one of the only boards I've ever had to stay on guard at all times with. If you don't ride it like you mean to, it will own you. Its fast and you can haul; the side cut makes turn initiation insane on it. This board just cuts through the crap and charges like a bull in a china shop. You don't butter with this board (unless you're me) and if you're popping its just so you avoid some gaper that made a sudden turn. I love this board and can't stress how great itís become since I first rode the 169 in WA about 2.5 years ago. Plus come on its built in America and has a 3-year warranty.

14. 162 Libtech Skunk Ape MTX (07/08) Rome 390's
Stance 22 18 negative 15 Goofy
boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Icy, choppy, overcast, just plain nasty
One Word Description: Plank
So everyoneís been hyping this up I figured I'd go hop on it and see how great it is. Really its nothing special, the Dark series and TRS are way better in my opinion. Its sluggish edge to edge and kind of chattery. It didn't hold well on edge either and thatís saying something since it has MTX which as everyone knows I'm not a fan of but it does have its uses like the conditions I was in. Buttering wasn't happening on this stick. I'd have to say it wasn't that great of a ride, I was kind of turned off in general by it.

15. 161 Ride Concept UL with Alpha bindings (07/08
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Early morning icy corduroy, bit overcast with sun peaking through
One word description: Light
The top sheet on this board is insanely light, like no other. I give them credit for that for sure the board was light. But right off the bat those evil barrel roll ratchets and I had a shit fit. So after even more adjusting I got it dialed in, or so I thought. This board does have good pop but then again with 7 pieces of carbon fiber in the tail I'd hope so. I could pop on it and the side cut was great for turn initiation, but as always happens with me, squirrelly on edge. It seems to be something with me and rides. Also the way the boards constructed it seemed to get a bit to squirrelly at speeds and do the death flutter. Switch was easy to initiate and buttering was effortless even for having carbon array 7 in it. The bindings though, were crap flex wise. I guess after all these years I'm a plastic guy still. The new slime cap or whatever they're calling it does grip really well and thatís a good concept I give them credit for that. But when unstrapping yet again I had to do the Chewbacca yell and pull as hard as I could to get the damn things off.

16. 158 K2 Zeppelin with Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Bluebird sky's and super sunny, soft snow
One Word: Softer
Anyone thatís rode the Zeppelin in years past knows it for being a hard charging freeride beast. Now they've added Nomex, one of the gayest things on earth for any board to the core between the bindings. It gave it too much torsional give while being more stable in the nose/tail. This board does have a great sweet spot for popping on the tail and the longer torsion forks in the nose allow for a better nollie rate. Other than the gay nomex in the core the boards really sweet and the bindings are fun on it but need more padding. Great edge control on this board and super stable.

17. 158 Never Summer Heritage with K2 Autolocks (07/08)
Stance 22 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Push mounds and ice mixed with slush and blue skyís
One word: charge
This is definitely one of the funnest boards in the NS line up and matched with the Auto's it was even more fun. I was just charging the fall line with this board and popping off rollers. Great edge-to-edge and burlier than the NS SL, which is basically its little brother now. The flex on this board is grand for all mountain freeride, not so wondrous in the freestyle side of things but thatís what makes this board great. See a pile of chud run it over, see a gaper in the way run it over, see a small furry woodland creature run it over. This board just straight up kills it.

18. 158 Rome Graft with Rome 390's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny, slushy, bluebird Loveland days
One Word: Popmaster
This board is very light and poppy when mixed with the new 390's. First as a huge fan of the 390's I have to say how much better these bindings rode because of the strap, although with them being lightened up they did feel a bit more flexi. Anyways the Graft has awesome pop in the nose/tail mixed with a great side cut. While the side cut is great I wouldn't exactly rail a carve on it as its not as smooth as other boards in the line up. Torsionally this thing is soft as hell, which makes boning out a butter a lot easier, but man load the tail up and pop to the moon for sure. I definitely wouldn't put this in the all mountain freestyle category more the freestyle category for sure. But you can ride switch on this thing fine and just pop fs and bs 180's like nothing coming down a trail.

19. 158 Rome Mod with Rome 390's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Bluebird slushy and sunny preseason
One word: Over hyped
This board for being a 550 "high end" park board really didn't wow me. For a board that is supposedly going to offer insane amounts of pop it wasn't happening, and at speeds it wasn't stable. It was almost like riding a broke down Rome headroom really. Edge to edge it was fine but nothing-spectacular if anything a bit more hooky. Butters were easy and the blunted nose/tail makes grab tweak ability super easy but like I said its nothing that wowed me. The flex is definitely softer than a high-end park board should be; the k2 Jibpan is definitely stiffer as is the new alibi/rapture from Atomic.

20. 165 Venture Westland with Flux Streams (07/08)
Stance 22 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Sun going down, icy, cold, blue skies
One Word: HUGE
The bindings weren't an exact match to this board so it didn't do it justice, but I needed a binding and it was the end of the demo days so this was a quick fix. I hate Flux cap straps and every time I use them they prove why they're just so fucking horrid. The flex on this binding was too soft for this board but I made due. Venture has a great thing going with being hand built in Silverton CO, and being all about renewable resources. This board had ptex top sheet, sidewall, and the base of course. It was a bit on the stiff side but it hauled like no other and the side cut was great. Through the end of the day chop it just charged like no other and was really great and stable. Downside was the 4 x 4 inserts god that stuff is so horrid for stance options but whatever. I wouldn't recommend this to many people but it was a fun ride for me and compares to the NS titan.

21. 155 K2 Darkstar with Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Mid day sunshine, some ice, few push mounds
One Word: Blastacular
They narrowed this board up which changed the flex slightly and it being more of a twin this year compared to last. This board is very butterable and poppy. Quick edge to edge but not as all mountain freestyle as before definitely more of a freestyle kind of ride. Had insane pop and was great for throwing spins coming down the mountain. Switch was a breeze. My biggest gripe though has to be the lack of padding on the K2 bindings I just feel I'm going to bruise my heels in these things because of the lack of dampening. If you're a smaller guy though this boards flex is ideal for all mountain riding, me being slightly bigger not so much.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 10:59 AM

22. 157 Nitro Team Art Attack with Raiden Phantom Bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Past midday, sun slightly setting, push mounds and slush
One Word: Frightening
With the new profiling of Nitro in there cores I'm a bit scared to ride their boards. This thing just felt brittle if you will and I was almost afraid I'd snap it. Flexwise its rather soft and not super poppy but decent. The board and the bindings didn't wow me all too much, more so the bindings. I felt that they were just knock offs of other companies I'd been riding. Plus after all these years they still utilize that gay ass cable in the heel straps which actually weighs them down and flops them open so you step on them all the time. The edge to edge was ok and switch was fine, at speeds there was death flutter in the nose and I got the wump chunk bang of death in the nose. Popping 180's on this thing was a breeze because of its lack of weight, but as mentioned that reprofiled core scares me.

23. 162 Gnu Billy Goat Temple Cummins series with 06/07 Rome 390's (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: 15 plus inches of pow
One Word: Smooth
This board is a pow freeride killing beast much like I'd expect since Temple designed this. Edge to edge it was awesome, popping on rollers it was great, and thigh deep pow was awesome. This board was smooth and damp, felt like riding a never summer. Turn initation was a breeze and this thing had great float in pow but I wish I had set it back a lot more.

24. 156 Lib Tech Skate Banana with Rome 390's 06/07 (07/08)
Stance: 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Choppy mid day pow
One word: Buttery
I've ridden the SB before and absolutely hated it but it was the first gen. This one was obviously different and rode so. It was decent in the pow for being a 156. This board was noticeably more banana techy (is that a word) compared to the other one and was fun in the choppy mogul pow I was hitting. Biggest downside was the gay ass MTX grabbed and pulled me to the ground. Edge to edge other than the constant grabbing was fine and it was butterable, the float was amazing. All in all I was far happier with this version than the one I previously rode

25. 161 Dark Series w/ MTX with Rome 390 bindings 06/07 (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: Real choppy mid day pow
One word: Killer
In this day and age there's so many boards claiming to be the quiver of one. This is one that sticks out to me as one. Itís fun, lively, and great for anything. It did great hoping fences, slaying mogul pow, and dipping in the trees. I just hate MTX other than that it was fine. It handled small drops great, switch great, and the flex was awesome.

26. 158 Nitro Wiig with Raiden Phantom Ettalla (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny some gray clouds negative 15 degrees F
One Word: Popomatic
Ok so it was ungodly cold that morning but I still braved Keystone for this demo and since my old ride rep Josh took over for Jeff the former Nitro rep I went out to support him cause he's a good guy and actually dials my shit in. I'm going to give the bindings credit they were more dialed in than the last ones I took, super cushy, great response, and a true 0 on forward lean. The board had pop like no other and a great side cut to it. I was boosting over obstacles left and right, buttering it fine, and able to lay out a hard carve like no other with it. The base was fast and this board was smooth, the precambered cores are awesome for the pop that they give to their boards. But once again still sketchy on durability in the long run for me.

27. 148 K2 Mix with K2 Formula bindings (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
conditions: Frigid ass cold
One word: Stable
Ok so I've ridden like all the k2 line at this point, this board was there for me to ride so I snagged it. Yes itís a chicks board I'm starting a new trend on the hill narrow stances baggy pants and chicks boards. Actually for a little 148 it was stable under foot with good pop and a nice side cut this would be for a beginner advanced female rider. Switch it was fine, it actually carved surprisingly well even though it was tiny as hell. I did do some nice ollies on it and had a blast with it. For something built for someone about 40lbs under my weight this thing was great.

28. 155 Rossignol Decoy with HC 3000 (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Slightly warmer but still frigid ass cold
One word: Surprising
So I've been known to hate on Rossi for some time, frankly most of their shit is whacked out. Case in point these bindings were absolutely fucking horrid piles of shit. No real support, high backs flexed too much on turn initiations, not enough give when pressing it was so weird it was just like being restricted when I wanted to ride park, but not enough support when free riding. Anyways the board surprised me a bit with how stable it actually was for being a 155. Had a great shape, good side cut and was awesome just cruising, buttering, popping. A bit on the stiffer side but still not so bad it was a plank, it is after all a higher end freestyle board but it was surprising.

29. 155 Rossignol Alias with Flow M9 (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 Negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas Size 11
Conditions: sunny bluebird day about 30 degrees great conditions
One Word: Fun

I can't describe in words how much fun this board was. For something in the 350-dollar price point this board slayed. Straight up fun, it was poppy, lively, stable under foot, great side cut. It reminded me of riding a Hatchet, which is awesome as everyone knows, that was one of my favorite boards for the longest time. This board just handled it all well and at that price point I would recommend it. The bindings were a bit softer than I'd have liked but then again itís supposed to be that way itís a mid level binding. It did everything I wanted it to do even for having some technical issues I went over with the rep on. Flow makes a solid product.

30. 159 Infinite with Flow Teams (07/08)
Stance 22.5 I think it was something like maybe 9 degrees on the front negative 12 on the rear
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny, crisp, good day for a board test not too crowded
One Word: Oakley

So my rep who I will say is a great guy set me up wrong and I realized it by the point I was on the lift so anyways its time to ride. This is Risto Matilla's exact set up but man those Team bindings hated me. They're very anatomically correct so much so that a Vans boot is a squeeze in these. I won't lie there was no way in hell a Vans boot fits in there properly. Even with the whacked out angles the bindings were supportive although made of magnesium and having worked on one too many ski buckles over the years I know how magnesium breaks so I'd be a bit skeptical of that plus the 500-dollar price tag. Granted if nothing ever went wrong you'd own this binding for the rest of your life. Now the board was interesting to ride in meaning that it was light and poppy, had great stability under foot yet the nose was still playful for butters. Switch was a breeze on this and pressing wasn't a problem, the pop was decent not anything substantial, I'd consider this more of a down graded solitude personally.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 11:00 AM

31. 158 Nitro Misfit with Raiden Phantoms (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny, end of the day skies, little gray bird going on, some shadows
One Word: Slug

So my rep recommended this to me otherwise I'd probably have ignored it and for good reason. This thing is a slug it was heavier than the other 2 nitro's I'd been on the last 2 days. There was pop in the tail and nose but man it felt like a plank to initiate it, but when it did it was good. The side cut was the poo weiner for sure, I just couldn't initiate a turn like I should with this and it was such a slug to get into a carve. It seriously sucked the donkey weiner. But obviously every company has a board that sucks donkey balls but man this took the cake for the day. The bindings I have to admit are growing on me the ratchets are solid the straps are solid, decent dampening but man I swear the original Nitro rep didn't have my shit dialed for me like my new rep because these are growing on me except that damn cable that holds the heel strap in.

32. Ride Society 157 with Ride Delta (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions Sunny, end of the day skies, gray clouds, more shadows
One word: Chattery

So the rep didn't believe me that this thing was chattery and most people donít' on here as well. But that board just doesn't dampen like a lot of other boards I've rode, pop was ok, but the chattering made the edge wash out and that sucked donkey balls. Side cut was ok for turn initiation but man it just wouldn't hold and was kind hooky if I popped a 180 with it. For a board with this much CF in it, it sure didn't pop well or stabilize well. The bindings were crap. First off too rigid so they didn't flex well with the board at all, the straps were mediocre, and for some reason when initiating toes and heels it felt like something was blocking the flex of my foot in the heels, it was just pure shit I couldn't stand it. Seriously ride might make some good products for some people but man they need to dial in their shit on the boards.

33. Bataleon 155 Riot with their last years bindings
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny blue skies some clouds early morning
One Word: Popmeister

So its been a while since I hopped on a TBT board. It took me a minute to get used to this puppy again. The Riot replaced the Hero, which I used to own, and it has a stiffer nose. This thing was poppy and fun and the tbt wasn't as pronounced as my Hero thatís for sure. I was railing carves with this and popping over small children left and right and ripping the corduroy. It was light and agile and far more stable than my hero. The bindings on the other hand were a pile of Suck seriously. No dampening not a real good heel hold. But then again this was an SP binding with a Bataleon graphic on it and it was a pile of poo. Next year no bindings from them the year after that bindings again but they're designing them from the ground up.

34. Bataleon 157 Jam with K2 Formulas (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
Conditions: Sunny Blue skies early morning
One word: Killer

The tbt was a bit different on this one so turn initiation was a bit different. Although it was a super fun board and with having a better binding I think I rode better. Edge to edge on these boards is a fucking riot can't go wrong with them you just get on it and go. Switch was a breeze on this board and buttering was fun. Flex wise I'd say it was similar to the riot actually just a bit more playful in the nose/tail, I could pop on this puppy with no problems and it was fast thatís for sure.

35. Bataleon Goliath 157 with K2 formulas (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 Goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 11
conditions: Mid early morning blue skies again
One word: Stellar

So the TBT was more pronounced on this and made turn initiation more agile I felt. This board is more freeride geared and straight up stellar underfoot, no chatter, but still playful when need be. I didn't have to be on top of it as much as I thought I was going to be. Charging was a breeze with this and I managed to offend some jackass instructor with it and carving was amazing. I'd say it was stable as could be.

36. Bataleon undisputed 168 with k2 formulas (07/08)
Stance 22.5 18 negative 15 goofy
Boots: Vans Fargo boas size 11
Conditions: After lunch blue skies hunger pains, leg cramps
One Word: Burlinator

This board is burly straight up burly. It is like a never summer titan with tbt. The tbt is so unique on this board with how its set back and defined. There was no buttering, no playing around, and no switch it was charge and go and that was it. If something got in my way I rode over it or gaped it. This was fast and meant for someone that isn't fucking around you charge with it and thatís it, not for the Rudy poo candy ass weekend warriors. This board was fun but I swear itís from the future sent back to destroy me.

37. 158 K2 Jibpan (07/08) with Rome 390 bindings

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís first day size 11ís all days after size 10ís

Conditions: Knee-deep powder, wind blown, sunny bluebird, heavy POW

One Word: Love

You know the more I ride this board the more I have come to regret my choices on not buying this at the beginning of the season. I canít stress how much fun this board is, load the tail and pop, hit a jib and press it, ride a run and Ollie a gaper. Seriously I find this thing amazing. I took it out the Windows gate at Breck and was hitting pillow lines and a open POW field. While its size wasnít the best for pow that tail sunk like a champ and nose popped up. I did find it a bit soft in the middle where the under layer is Nomex Honeycomb but thatís to be expected given the nature of the board. It did fine off small 5 to 10 foot drops, and was awesome at hitting mini poppers in the trees. Edge to edge it was grand. I will note that riding a smaller boot that wasnít packed out changed my edge-to-edge and power transmission greatly.

38. 155 Unity Origin (07/08) with Rome 390ís

Stance 22.75 width 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Slightly sunny into overcast and snowy, very cold

One Word: Washy

Everyone raves to me how great Unityís boards are. Honestly they donít ride any better than a lot of the crap boards Iíve been on. The construction is just poop. Anyways this board was just washy at speeds, had decent pop but nothing to rave about. My problem is that I could feel every inconsistency in the snow, there wasnít any dampening or so it seemed. Buttering it felt like there was a dead spot as if Iíd hit a peak and that was it, couldnít push it further. In the pipe it didnít suck up a tranny as well as Iíd have liked either. The side cut wasnít as bad as the other Unity I rode (see above reference) but when laying into a carve it would spring out and start to wash out; to the point I had to stay on top of it.

39. 160 K2 After Black with Rome Targaís (homemade bastardized version) and K2 Formulas (07/08)

Stance: 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Freezing cold, knee deep pow, blue bird sunny days, with higher winds

One Word: Stable

Iím going to note on this board that the Targaís are the bastardized version I made off the first year 390 chassis. So the toe straps arenít the same as this yearís targas. Iíll note that the heel ratchet is amazing with its quick in and out compared to my old 390ís and Iím totally happy with building this binding. High back sits higher and has a more rigid flex so it allows for better power transmission. The formulas Iím so stoked on buying. I find depending on how I ratchet them down is how they flex. I crank them, stiffer, moderate pressure more jibby. With my new boots all previous complaints about dampening are gone, actually this binding rides so much better in my new boots. The ratchets are so quick to release and easy to use the strap just feels so solid, adjustability was a bit of a bitch, I find it almost similar to adjusting a flow binding but whatever its dialed in 100% now. The board is light and poppy for being a wider stick. The side cut allows for great euro carve ability while still being fun for riding pipe and jumps. The boardsí flex is very rail friendly, but yet still smooth enough for trannies in any sized pipe. The tail on this has a wicked sweet spot that you have to be careful to not over load, as you will end up over shooting a jump. In pow this board has great float but the tail doesnít sink that well, then again itís a true twin park board, it was nimble in the trees and just a blast for hitting poppers and boosting. Switch is very easy on this board and just super fun in general. All in all it is a very solid ride that I was super stoked to be on.

40. Rome Anthem 158 (06/07) with 390ís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 11

Conditions: Cold sunny day, wind packed, slightly crowded

One Word: Poppy

I took out this board a couple months back so Iíd have a clearer perception of the differences between last years and this years. This board rides very similar to the Never summer SL but with a bit better pop in the tail/nose. Switch was fun and edging was ok even though the edges were pretty damn haggard on this board. I could really rail a good carve on this and it was stable. The pop was great and it was fun. All in all I really did like riding this.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 11:01 AM

41. Rome Anthem 159 (07/08) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.75 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Sunny, overcast, cold, warm, slushy, icy

One Word: Soft

This board was really soft to me even for being in the 159 size. At speeds it was very chattery and through a carve it just wouldnít hold the way I wanted. I was really struggling and muscling it into deep carves. Switch it was fine and still very butterable. All in all this ride just wasnít as much fun as Iíd have liked, way to soft for what I wanted and very hooky. In the pipe the edge hold was so sub par after coming off riding that 160 afterblack. I just couldnít understand why at times it would get hooky when initiating carves. Rome makes some awesome products but this was not one I can say I was in love with.

42. 161 Never Summer Premier F1 (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Soft snow, very sunny, light wind, blue bird skies, waist deep pow

One Word: Unique

Iíd like to note that my board is the first off the production line so this is not initially the real production model. At first this board started out really stiff, but about after the first hour when I broke in the fiberglass and core it was flexing like how a premier should. The new F1 is a stiffer tail, with a bit more torsional give between the binding inserts and a softer nose forward of the contact point. You notice right away the stiffer tail which allows you to push it through a hard carve, while still having the added playability of the torsional give between the feet. I do need to detune my edges a bit as for some reason compared to my SL and Legacy theyíre thicker and noticeably sharper. The board did seem a bit hooky, but Iíll get another couple days on this to add to the review. Anyways in pow this does what its intended for, the tail sinks, nose floats. One of the more noticeable features on this is the weight is drastically reduced. Thereís substantial pop, which makes this fun for hitting little poppers. I wasnít too happy with it off park jumps or in the half pipe, but then again I wouldnít ride this board for that. Off rollers though it was fun.

43. 162 K2 0 with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance 22 with 18 negative 15 Goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Small amount of gray bird, sun poking through, fresh corduroy

One Word: Absorber

So the 0 is K2ís answer to all the environmentally green things coming out and the fact that people have pixie sticks for legs and need light weight boards. This board does have lightweight, but it isnít the lightest Iíve ever ridden either. The side cut on this allows for great carves, while still being very stable under foot, and having great edge hold. The flex on this thing is definitely not rail friendly, park friendly, tree riding friendly, or people friendly. Flexed very similar to a NS titan with it just being very hard to bend. The harsh mellow padding under the bindings and in the binding is awesome, for absorbing chatter. I felt next to no vibrations while riding this. The pop in the tail has to be man handled to get it to actuate. The new Auto Evers are stiffer than the old Autoís but way more responsive. The cable on mine was so new it needed to break in so getting in and out was a bit of a pain. The heel strap is very cushy and holds you in super well. The weight of this binding has been drastically reduces as unnecessary parts were eliminated and put into a better capacity for user use.

44. 159 K2 Turbo Dream with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance: 22 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Slightly windy, bit overcast, and 6 inches of windblown powder

One Word: Rocks

So the Turbo Dream has the all mountain rocker. This rocker makes it far more versatile for going any where on the mountain. The board is meant to be ridden centered, so if you ride in the backseat or with a forward stance youíll be falling over. When initiating into a Tail press or butter it takes very minimal effort to achieve this, but over all press ability on this board is so good. In the pow this board does exactly what its intended to do and sinks right in and goes for it. Riding this board on hardpack is no different than a regular board. I was still laying hard carves and just charging as fast as I could with this board. Popping on it off rollers was very easy, if anything the Rocker allows for better pop as the board actually flexes more to initiate the tail. Just so everyone knows with K2ís rocker on the Gyrator and Turbo Dream you ride it bigger than you normally would.

45. 152 K2 WWW LTD with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance 22 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Overcast, windy, cold, real crappy out

One Word: Retards

Let me sum this up, if you cannot press a snowboard especially a jibstick then you are a retard. But this board is like training wheels for the retarded in how it allows you to get into the press position. Doing tail blocks was so easy I donít even think I lifted my back foot off the ground it just went right into that position. The big problem with this board was the bindings; they were way to stiff for it so they kind of overpowered it. By that I mean if I wasnít careful this thing would just get retarded and buck me around. Popping on this board would be better if it was a hair stiffer but then again itís a WWW and we all know how soft that is. Edge to edge it did what it needed to do but was still slightly squirrelly.

46. 153 K2 Jibpan with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance 20 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Overcast, windy, cold, pure crap

One Word: 90ís

Seriously I didnít realize in the 155 and down sizes with k2 the reference stance drops from 22 to 20. My god it was weird riding something that small with that narrow of a stance. The new Jibpan is basically the Super weapon, with a 5 cm longer effective edge, some minor tweaks to its flex, and what not. This thing charged like a 158 thatís for sure, was butterable even with my gay ass narrow stance, and had pop like a jibpan should. Iíll definitely be getting on the 156 to see how that rides.

47. 158 Omatic Celebrity with Nidecker ACT Carbons (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Celsius CLS 8 Double Boa size 10.5

Conditions: Overcast, windy, cold

One Word: Stability

The Celebrity is Louie Vitoís pro model for next year, replacing the Wig Out. It has a similar flex pattern to the old wigs but a bit jibbier in the nose/tail. The pop on this beast is amazing and the edge-to-edge control is super stable while coupled with a great side cut for laying carves with. Buttering with this board is a breeze and switch is super stable. The bindings were a bit on the stiffer side but whatever its what I wanted and they locked me down and I was good to go. The boots my god now I donít know where to begin with this. It felt like I was in a knee high ski race boot the cuff was so high on them, the heel hold was amazing, but the side to side play was just too much. The boot didnít fit my foot shape and probably will only fit a D plus width of a foot.

48. DC PBJ 155 with Atomic Mojitoís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 Goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Pure shit

One Word: Work

This board needs work, for being there jib stick Iíd feel more secure dropping off a 30 footer than hitting a 30 foot double barrel. For some reason DC has the side cuts and edge hold dialed in perfectly, but the flex patterns are so whacked out. Itís a bit of work to press and pop, but the ride is so damn stable and damp. It just needs a different core profile and a changed carbon array. The bindings from Atomic are solid except for the toecap it needs some work, and the ratchets have minor issues, which can be worked out. They have really great dampening in them and are super stable.

49. 158 DC MLF with Atomic Mojitoís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Pure crapola

One Word: Plank

This board is supposedly there all mountain freestyle board, the only thing all mountain freestyle about it is the shape and thatís it. The flex on this thing is about the same as a NS heritage, which made it a choir to butter. Its very stable and the side cut is great for carve initiation. The board rides pretty damp too, but for something in their all mountain freestyle line I wouldnít call it a contender at all.

50. 157 Ellis Felix with Ellis Felix bindings (08/09)

Stance: I think 24ish inches with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Crapola again

One word: Jibgnar

Ellis is a relatively new snowboard company from So Cal that I had a chance to hang out with in Vegas for a day. The Felix is a total jibbers dream the stance has a max of 27 plus and its retardedly soft. The bindings coupled with this board are super soft so its just jib on jibber. The board had decent pop for being so damn soft, but you can feel every little bump in the snow. The bindings still need a bit of work; I had some issues with them that are going to be resolved in production. Itís a unibody binding so the flex is more uniform, the toe straps need some work to become more like a dual-purpose strap, but the ratchets are quick in and quick out. The high backs have great padding on them and are very plush.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 11:02 AM

51. 172 Smoking TK with Smokingtraction and Nidecker Carbon ACT 1ís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Crap

One Word: Hauls

Jay from Smoking saw what Mervin was doing and created Smoking traction (called magnetraction on the board through the license he got from them) but his is completely different. Its not as defined as any of the MTX boards Iíve seen, you have to eyeball it down the sidewall to properly see it. All my average gripes about MTX were gone with STX. I was able to lay down a hard euro carve no problem, it didnít buckle under the pressure, it was very stable, and super smooth. The board needed a bit more dampening even for being a 172. It definitely hauled ass and was a fun ride for sure. Pop wasnít super great; a little more in the tail would have made me a bit happier. Jay uses the same base as NS so I was stoked that it glided the same as all my NS boards.

52. 156 Smoking Super Park mid wide with Nidecker Carbon ACT 1ís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: poo weiner

One word: Responsive

For a midwide it seemed kind of narrow, but the edge hold was superb with the STX, and the side cut was great for carving. This board was stable off drops, jumps, and rollers. It was decent to butter around but not anything Iíd super rave about. Big thing with STX is to know that Jay doesnít order it from Mervin, he has it built for him using his design, which is a far mellower version of MTX, less, defined at the tip and tail contact point, and more between the feet. The pop on this board is great for boosting and felt fairly lively. At speeds there was minimal chatter so I wasnít sketching out about that.

53. 156 Ellis Bot with Ellis Lithiumís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Fresh corduroy, sunny, perfect conditions

One Word: Hatchet

Rarely do I find a board that rides like my old Hatchet. This board did just that. Anyways I was out riding with one of Ellisís sales guy so we were just doing warm up runs and seeing as he just got in from Sea level I had to take it easy on him. Right off the bat this thing was a pop o matic machine. Came close to landing a cab 5 flatland on this. Side cut was great for turn initiation and edged perfectly fine. Torsionally this board was perfect for what it is, a higher end park board. Switch was a breeze, and pressing was insane. Definitely a fun board. The bindings had a minor issues I was warned about but I didnít notice it. The disk cover needs some work, but the straps and ratchets were really good.

54. 162 Smoking Mike Basich Pro with Ellis Lithiumís (08/09)

Stance: 22 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: Freshies with blue skies

One Word: Stiffmeister

Board is relatively stiff laterally, with a bit more torsional give. The STX grips really well at speeds. I ended up making speed runs with Jay the owner of Smoking and doing some pow laps on the backside of Keystone. This board was stable off the various drops I did with it, and maching through the POW lips was intense. Tree riding it was fun and nimble. The bindings actually complimented it pretty well too. The shape is a bit weird as itís all blunted out and snow would pour over it onto the top sheet, which is no bueno for POW riding. Popping took a bit of effort with this board and it was a tad sluggish, but then again its Mikes pro model, so itís his specs. As of this writing thereís only 2 of them in the world.

55. 155 Smoking MIP (minor in possession) with Ride Contrabands (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Overcast, windy, and poop weiner

One Word: Poppy

The board is absolutely sick, super light, and poppy. While being stable at speeds with minimal chatter. The bindings however suck donkey balls. The board was stable off small drops, great for popping, easy to jib, has a great shape for doing tweaked out grabs. The bindings took forever to set up and ended up having 3 people work on it before they got it done for me. The toe strap is a weak ass design at best, it grips right over the big toe and the side of the big toe. The heel strap, which has too put way more torque on it to feel locked in, actuates it and even then I was still feeling play. The damn thing crippled my feet so bad its still hurting 5 days later. There was no cush to that heel strap and it just tweaked my foot bad. This binding needs serious work. The toe clip thing is cheap ass plastic and doesnít do shit to hold you in tightly.

56. 153 Ellis Heist with Ellis Lithiumís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Some sun, tree powder, bit windy

One Word: Jibtasticulastic

This board is a jib stick took no effort to do weak tail blocks and presses. The pop on it was ok but nothing special, edge to edge it was fine but unstable. In the Pow Pow it sunk, but then again itís a little 153. The weight of it is ridiculously low and its super soft. Put it in the price point jib stick category.

57. 158 DC Devun Walsh Pro with Atomic Black Russians (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Overcast, windy, pure crap

One Word: Slaptacular

Normally I donít perform slappyís on boards but this one just called for it so it was slap, slappy, splaptastic. This one of the 3 DC boards Iíve ridden was the most fun. Great pop, just a hair stiff in the nose/tail, but with a fucking amazing side cut, and edge hold. This board was stable yet playful, but itís a lot like other boards on the market so would I buy it probably not. The bindings have changed a lot with that new high back, straps, base construction etc. etc. Ratchets need some minor tweaks but other than that it was a good binding very damp as well.

58. 164 Flow Solitude WX with NXT FX (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: pure shit

One Word: BLAH

I loved this set at Loveland, but this time around it was no bueno. Probably because my rep didnít set me up it was one of their in house guys. Anyways the board is a hair softer torsionally, but due to the fact my bindings were so fuckered up and I wasnít dialed in it sucked balls. It felt like my heel was lifting in the binding, while the toe strap was just held wickedly down. I felt like I was slipping out on edge because of this sensation and it just wasnít that much fun at all. Bindings had the heel slip issue, I think they put forward lean on it which is the lame. All in all not a happy camper on this one.

59. 155 Rome Agent with Rome Uniteds (08/09)

Stance: 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: pure shit

One word: Limp

This board rode like a fucking graft. This board is not the agent I was so disappointed with it. Way too much torsional and lateral give. This is the first board in a long time I heard the death rattle from the chatter and got scared. I felt everything in this board. The pop was good, and the side cut was nice except when I hard carved it and then it was topple over time. The uniteds suck balls big time. Too soft, toecaps suck, flex is whacked out. There was no rigidity from the binding and it would just fold over. Felt like riding a Burton mission from 2000.

60. 159 Ride Concept UL with K2 Formulaís (07/08)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Northwave Decades size 10 (08/09)

Conditions: Golden

One Word: Mislabeled

Ok so everyone knows Iím not a ride fan boy, or even impressed, or even cares for them. Frankly this board is definitely mislabeled. Itís a 749.99-dollar park board and thatís where it excels. Would I take this board out as my all mountain freestyle board like they suggest, fuck no. This board has a lot of torsional give thatís for sure and makes it a stable butter board similar to a Never Summer SL. Popping on this thing is decent if you actuate the sweet spot. This board straight up kills it in the pipe though; I canít deny that at all. No matter what I threw at this board it just wanted to slay the pipe, probably the highest airs Iíve ever done in the pipe since I rode a Dragon back in 99. On jumps this thing could make you or break you, but the reduced weight of the Tek Style top sheet was nice. Problem with the top sheet is how much it frays, my god it frays like no other. The side cut on this thing is so so, I couldnít carve as hard as Iíd like because it would wash out just a bit, and edge hold could be dicey when on edge going over ice. Now the boots are the golden gem. I havenít been a Northwave fan since my KJís lead to the foot problems I have now. But fuck these boots were amazing; I have a calcium deposit on my right anklebone that has been killing me all winter. I put these boots on after pulling hard for 3 minutes, but once in man the fit is perfect. I did get a pressure over my right foots pinky toe, but in all fairness that toe is so messed up I canít fault the boot. These boots are cushy as hell, like ungodly cushy. The weight is way more than my Fargoís which I consider a heavy boot. The flex is stiff I think an 8 on their scale, but my god its supportive. Also the speed lacing is amazing with the pulleys for eyelets but the handles are so small they hurt my hand when I give a hard tug. I used the stock insoles something I donít do anymore and my god talk about comfort, this boot was designed for a flat-footed rider. Just going to add now that Iíve started putting a bunch of days on this boot its packing out at an astronomical rate.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 11:02 AM

61. 156 Omatic Awesome with K2 Formulas/Rome 390ís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boasí size 11 and 10

Conditions: Everything

One Word: Awesome

What better word to describe this board than what it is, Awesome. Iíve ridden this board over every condition and I love it, but alas I did break it. Full separation of the sidewall from the edge, starting at the back binding going to the tail. The pop on this board is amazing for how little carbon it has in it. The side cut is fun for pipe and park, all mountains not so much. Stability is only a concern when straight lining runs or its icy. In the pipe I think this is where the board is most at home and over park tables. The flex lends itself a lot for buttering though, but still stable on decent sized park features. One problem I did notice was at the contact points the sidewalls arenít plush with the top sheet so itís like a cap construction, I Panzer filed that away and then it rode fine.

62. 160 Salomon Sick Stick with Rome Targaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Northwave Decades size 10

Conditions: Epic bluebird pow day

One word. Surfy

This board is a trip. From the get go it was face shots and pow slashers. This board is a giant surfboard whether youíre on edge or in a foot of fresh. I was doing such laid back slashers, boosting off huge rollers, riding all sorts of wondrous conditions. This board just dominated that mini rocker rises out of the pow like a sharks fin and the tail just sinks right in. Stable at speeds with minimal chatter. Downside is that metal sheet under the top sheet, mine was broken in 4 places, I also managed to pull out an insert that was so lovely to find. You can butter this board, pop 180ís like nothing, and generally just slay it all over.

63. 156 Drake Player with Drake Supersports

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Northwave Decades size 10

Conditions: Bluebird soft snow, some push mounds.

One word: Plank

This board for an ďall mountainĒ board is a fucking plank. Seriously whoever designed this should be kicked in the face. It was a slug edge to edge, the hold was mediocre at best, it wasnít damp at all, and the flex was crap. It was so inconsistent with the pop it was crap. In the pipe it would start by charging the tranny but near the end just putteringering along as though it was geriatric. Off jumps it would pop good maybe half the time the other half it was poop. The bindings have been redone and the heel straps were very solid thatís for sure. I had to rock them cap because if I rocked them over the top there was only like a half cm between them and the overly large heel strap. Typical of Drakes I had to put on 2 degrees of forward lean because of how they fit with the boots, and yes Northwaves are made to mesh well with the drakes. Adjusting them was easy as pie and theyíre a solid binding, but for this board I think it held back on the binding itself.

64. 155 Burton Fix with Burton Triads (08/09)

Stance: My guess is somewhere around 23.5 since the kid was an ass hat with 18 negative 15

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Grey bird lightly snowing with soft snow on the ground

One Word: Broken

This goes out to any and all reps that might read this. If someone says 22.5-inch wide stance, give him or her a 22.5-inch stance, do not argue with him or her for a half hour about his or her stance then set it up to what you ride. It is their stance; it is what they know they are right you arenít. I know my body, I know what works for me, and a gangster stance does not. Do I look like a snowmie, NO! Secondly do not argue about binding size with me, Iím a large, I have always been a large, I know what works for me. Donít lie and say your bro bra guy thatís turning screws is a size 12 in a medium, I know you are full of shit. So anyways on to how this thing rode. The flex is pretty damn inconsistent with it it. I could butter it but at times it would be really soft, others stiffer. Pop was ok but not something Iíd be like OMG wowza Iím all that is jibber. In the pipe this thing would get all squirrelly and it bucked me twice. Off booters it just didnít feel stable at all. When tracking this board would pull either way at any given time. The side cut was blah, I just couldnít get a hard carve down on it. Now on to the bindings, what the hell is Burtons issue with not giving me a true 0 of forward lean. Look I understand that the vast majority of Burton users are Euro Trash that ride straight legged and need it, Iím not Euro Trash nor do I ride straight legged. I need a true 0. Secondly the straps on this thing were the gayest on earth, they just arenít that great. The toe strap reminds me of something MFM shit out on his bindings and said nope not gangsta enough for me. It holds ok, but gives you no option for over the top. The heel strap isnít that great and ultimately because of the binding and the crappiness of this strap it tweaked my leg in the pipe. Not happy with that at all, Iíd have given this board at least a full day of riding had the reps not been real ass hats about it. Fuck the Colorado reps seriously. As far as this board goes its not the fix itís the broken and should be fixed.

65. Libtech McKink 157 BTX (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Sunny, blue skies, storm rolling in, medium to high winds at times

One Word: Stiffy

Ok I was a bit excited to take this out, as I donít know many people that have ridden it. But seriously what a fucking let down. First off the base is really fast, but waxing it, the damn thing wouldnít absorb the wax, as Iíd have liked. The MTX is less defined, and I think the BTX is minimal. I say that only because when I put a flat edge across it, there was some slight upturning at the edges, but not as much as a skate banana. Now on to why this board was such a let down. I figured itíd be a high-end park board; oh how I was sadly mistaken let me tell you. This thing is fucking stiff, and Iím not talking like a stiffer park board, no itís stiff like a Riders Choice, K2 Podium, etc. etc. I donít know how youíd jib on this thing; I had to man handle it into nose presses on bonks. Now on to riding pipe with this. What a slug in the pipe, sure I could push off the tail to gain speed, but dear god it wouldnít boost or dampen when taking a tranny back in. Off jumps the swing weight is greatly reduced in the tips, which was fun, but the boards heavy, and clunky to fling around, and once again not damp. Charging this board hauls the base is fast, but you feel everything underneath you, I wasnít impressed. Going on edge the MTX would grip and then slip as usual; sure itís less defined on this board but whatever. I also canít get over the shape on the tip/tail on this bitch its kind of like a K2 www fucked last years Salomon prospect and then got jizzed on by a steak knife.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 11:03 AM

66. 158 Never Summer SL with Rocker (08/09) with k2 Formulaís and 1 day on Relay Proís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Everything

One word: Funster

This board is the epitome of fun all mountain slayer. Iíve tried to hate it, I tried to dislike it, and hell I even tried to break it. The new construction with the new side cut (I call it Never Slip Grip) is amazing, you can pop to the moon, yet charge and not feel shaky. The big thing with the side cut is its kinked, think a cross between a tri radial side cut and the Salomon equalizer. These kinks arenít like MTX that it sticks out and is serrated it just creates two bends in the side cut then kind of flattens out and lets you steer between the feet if need be. Unlike other companies rockered boards this one rides different. I only notice the rocker when I need it or when I Ollie. I no longer have to preload my tails I can just slap it down and pop like a skateboard, if I do preload it then I just boost insanely high. Presses are a tad easier because the nose/tail is raised a bit so you just lean into it and go. With the rocker the center of the board sits a tad higher so buttering around on boxes and wall rides is easier. The big thing to note with this rocker is unlike the K2ís that Iíve been on where you have to stay centered, you can get nose/tail heavy and still ride comfortable and not go ass over teakettle. When riding on flats because the nose is lifted you donít get that drag that slows you down so you can charge through cat tracks, I havenít gotten stuck on it yet. A downside to rocker is the duck walk that takes a bit of time to get used to it. I did notice with this board it took me a good 3 days of riding to become fully adjusted to how it rides. You can carve on this board better than anything Iíve ever been on without any downsides. Those kinks just grip so much more. Flex wise this board has a different flex than the regular SL, its stiffer in the nose/tail because of the double carbon fiber xís, but that also adds more pop, and better stability. In the dead center of the board there is a flex point, when you push it hard, you can feel it in butters, jibs, jumps. Itís a true center flex if you do a hand flex on it and look at the side you see it kink. This board is damp and stable, kills it in the pipe, dominates on jumps, and slays jibs. Now lets talk about those Relayís. What a pile of shit, sorry but I like a rigid heel cup, I donít like feeling like my ankle is unsupported when I go into a press. I had to exaggerate all movements to press it and by that point it was like oh shit rocker initiation time and it was crappy. I could ride them but I wasnít happy at all, donít say they werenít dialed in; they were set 100% to my boot. I will say the heel straps were phenomenal I really liked them, toe straps sucked, and the footpad blew donkey dick. I felt like I had snow under my boot all day with them.

67. 156 Never Summer Revolver with Rocker (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas

Conditions: Everything

One Word: Parkgnar

Rarely do I think to myself well fuck this board just reinvented snowboarding. Such was the case after day one on this behemoth. So I got up to Keystone on this beast, strapped in and blam I was like pop from my nose to my tail like it was nothing, then buttered it around, and threw a cab 3 like it was nothing. After that I laid into a hard carve and the edge gripped like my SL, but had a tad more chatter as this board is noticeably softer. After that it was game on to the bonk line. I was a tail tapping, nose stalling, wall jibbing machine. I got close to a butter 5 on the big butter wall ride Keystone has. Took this sucker into the pipe, that edge hold grips and just lets you float a lofty air like no other. The shape of the revolver is better for spins than the SL in my opinion. With the flat kicks on it I was doing nose butters like no other. On jibs I would just have to do subtle movements and be locked in to presses and what not. This board is stable to a point, but not as stable as my SL. Which was fine for the size of the jumps I was hitting. Switch is so much fun on this side cut you just roll it around and blam off you go.

68. 155 Salomon Official (08/09) with Rome Targaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas

Conditions: Sunny with clouds about 32ish degrees into puking snow and 6 inches of wind deposited POW

One Word: Ungripable

The only reason I rode this board was to compare its Equalizer side cut to the new side cut on the Never Summers. First off let me say I was highly disappointed in this side cut. When Iíd initiate a turn it would get hooky at the kinks in the straight edge, then get chattery in the tail. The board didnít track too well either. Riding switch was a chore and a half with this board because that side cut was sketch ball as hell. The flex was fun I liked that a lot and popping on jumps was great, but half pipe it wasnít happening. On jibs the board was just how I imagined itíd be, its like a tweaked Prospect more than anything. But that side cut is just sketchy as hell. The base is incredibly slow and I waxed it. When waxing it though, it didnít want to absorb as I figured such a higher end base would. All in all not impressed with the side cut on this board.

69. 167 Never Summer Summit (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 Goofy, set all the way back on the tail

Boots: K2 T1 DB (08/09)
Conditions: Untouched first track powder at the Legendary Mt. Baker Ski resort

One Word: Floaty

Yes I was at Mt. Baker for a K2 sponsored event and yes I was rocking a Never Summer. Fuck riding a Turbo dream 156 when itís 2 feet of freshies untouched and no general public allowed. I definitely got some strange looks with the fact I had like 3 feet of nose and 6 inches of tail but it was well worth it. Iíve never ridden a board in any powder that didnít give me leg burn till I rode this champ. My god that nose just swung right up and the tail sunk and I could just ride as normal as usual with it. I laid some sick ass slashes with this and boy was it fucking epic. Then I got a fire cracker up my ass and decided to get into some burlier terrain, now when you see Shane McConkey pro skier saying that doesnít look good, that does not mean charge it, but what the hell do I know. I did a bunch of crazy ass chutes, spines, and drops on this thing. Man this thing is just so retardedly stable even with no tail at all. I did get into a batch of crappy edge hold on some 45 plus degree icy pitch that I slid down and some how managed to survive the drop of death. Riding the baker natural half pipe (banked slalom course) was fun as shit on this thing when just popping and what not. Now the boots were the goddamn saving grace of this trip. I obliterated my second pair of Fargoís this year and well frankly I was in such a mind fuck because this trip was to be epic and I had nothing. But K2 saved the day or I should say my rep saved my ass. Anyways the T1 DBís are a hair stiffer than my Fargoís, but have a better natural flex to them. They come with a full heat moldable intuition liner that rocks and is so much more Cush than 90% of all other companies liners. Probably the coolest feature on it isnít the double boa but the fact that the internal harness has Velcro on the top of it to reposition where it attaches to the tongue of the hell, this allows for unlimited possibilities for tightening. The new Harshmallow technology in the outsole is intense. Its so damp yet allows you to feel the board very well. The profile of the boot fits a wide array of feet Iím noticing since my feet are horribly mangled and guys up at Baker with wide to narrow were rocking them no problem, which can be attributed to the intuition liner.

70. 159 Never Summer Revolver Rocker (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance: 22.5 wide with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: (08/09) K2 T1 DB

Conditions: Low 30ís some sun POW and groomers with some park thrown in for good measure

One Word: Preloaded

The more I keep riding these rockered NS boards the more I feel theyíre going to be the most dialed in shits in the world right now. Iíve been having a fucking field day on this shit riding around and just ollieing fences, small children, woodland creatures, etc. etc. The pop in the nose/tail is intense but unlike a regular board you donít have to preload the tail anymore, but if you do preload it be prepared to boost higher than you thought. The side cut on this board allows for you to get carve nasty like no other and has superb edge hold. Buttering is a blast on this thing; Iíve been doing fs butter to pole slam 180 out so sick and easy on these. Tail presses are just locked like no other and ollieing up to bonk things from flat is easy as pie.

BurtonAvenger 07-27-2008 11:04 AM

71. 162 K2 Gyrator (07/08) with K2 Auto Evers (08/09)

Stance: 22.5 wide with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DBís

Conditions: Sun baked Baker pow pow and some drops

One Word: Arc

This thing is a fun board, donít get me wrong, but I donít like to constantly have to fight to stay centered on something. With the way that I do ride when I drop something or charge a line, I get a little front heavy. K2ís rocker on this board usually puts me up into a nose butter and I feel like Iím going to go ass over teakettle. Granted you can really raise the nose out of the snow, which is just ridiculous, I sometimes felt like the flat spot between the bindings was catchy in POW. After riding NS boards for so long this thing just doesnít feel as stable, its light, but I just didnít feel that stable. Edge hold was decent on groomed stuff, off bigger drops I did get a bit sketched out that it was over flexing. The bindings are absolutely sick though, its like they took everything that I liked about the Formulaís and the Autoís and crossbred them together. Its such a solid binding, with 0 pressure points, and a great flex for someone that wants a stiffer flexing all mountain binding. Coupling the harshmallow in the boots with the bindings it did dampening a great amount.

72. 156 K2 Turbo Dream (Kamp K2 Ltd edition) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DBís

Conditions: Heavy POW, groomers, sunny

One Word: Limp

This thing was just retardedly too soft for me. I liked the other TD I rode but this one just felt too soft. Right off chair 2 at Baker I strapped up and decided to go head over to Chair 8. I threw it into a nose butter and the rocker was just too much it over exaggerated what I wanted to do and I caught my front edge and scorpioned. Popping on this board was ok but Iíd rather have a Jibpan underneath me. Switch was ok but getting up to speeds I sometimes felt like I was going to eat it hard. In the POW this didnít do as well as the Gyrator, which disappointed me, but then again it was a 156. In the natural half pipe I was doing little poppers no problem on it.

73. 160 K2 Darkstar wide with Cinch CTSís (08/09)

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DBís

Conditions: Groomers, chunked up POW, sunny

One word: Blah

Now this board replaces the Afterblack only in name. Essentially it was just the progression of a super fun, poppy, snappy, lively all mountain twin. This board was far from this past seasons Afterblack that really disappointed me. What minor changes it underwent just werenít that great, it just didnít seem as lively. In POW it was fine but still felt like I had to sometimes man handle it through turns and what not. On groomers the edge hold seemed to not grip as well as Iíd have liked and did wash out once. The bindings just straight up sucked donkey dick. The straps were horrid; I just didnít feel like I was getting the support I really wanted from them, the cable kept popping out of the harness hold on the back. These bindings are for the casual rider that wants comfort and ease not performance. Theyíre also ridiculously heavy which is surprising since some of my set ups are highly heavy.

74. 151 Never Summer SL Rocker (08/09) with K2 Formulaís

Stance 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DBís

Conditions: Sunny Blue skies, groomers, park

One Word: Jibber

This board was so small I could just pop onto anything and jib it. The rocker makes holding press stalls on things so easy and popping out is wickedly fun. I only rode this 151 to see if there was a flex issue, there was. I have another 151 sitting at the shop I need to get on this week to just compare it. But for the most part this thing was a sick little jib stick, I might have to cave in to the retardedly small jib board fade and get one.

75. 151 Rome Graft with Rome 390ís

Stance: 24ish inches 15 negative 15

Boots: Vans Fargo Boas size 10

Conditions: Snowy but was leaving a long ass cat track

One word: Soft

I only rode this because the guys and me switched it up. So I rode this little press machine down a like 6 mile run out cat track at Beaver Crotch. I couldnít carve this thing to save my life, but I could do butter spins till the cows came home. Thatís all this board was for me a little butter, bonker, jibber board nothing more. Had decent pop for its size but then again I donít like things this small.

Kyle09 07-27-2008 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger (Post 59864)

59. 155 Rome Agent with Rome Uniteds (08/09)

Stance: 22.5 with 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: Vans Fargo boaís size 10

Conditions: pure shit

One word: Limp

This board rode like a fucking graft. This board is not the agent I was so disappointed with it. Way too much torsional and lateral give. This is the first board in a long time I heard the death rattle from the chatter and got scared. I felt everything in this board. The pop was good, and the side cut was nice except when I hard carved it and then it was topple over time. The uniteds suck balls big time. Too soft, toecaps suck, flex is whacked out. There was no rigidity from the binding and it would just fold over. Felt like riding a Burton mission from 2000.

I hope this is for the new agent you are talking about because I just spent like 400bones on the 07/08 rome agent w/ 390's

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