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Incogneato 09-14-2008 03:06 PM

Do You Find "Reviews" Helpful?
I have been on many forums for many years and i have always been a little mistified by snowboard reviews(or gear reviews in general)

To me they always seem to be very general, full of semi nonsense terms and phrases and not really useful. The whole thing is so subjective and you don't really know if the poster even knows what they are talking about. You can take a board such as the jamie lynn which is generally considered a stiff aggressive board and find reviews that is seemed "soft and playful". Conversely you will find people who say things like the rome artifact was "surprisingly stiff".

Also, what were the conditions it was used in? was the rider on familiar terrain? did they have their correct stance? were they using their bindings? how much time did they spend with the board? what boards have they rode in the past? how much do they ride? what do they weight? how aggressive are they?

was it a demo board? (frequently very soft due to many many hours of use) can you subjectively compare things like "pop" and "edgehold" if the two boards aren't ridden back to back in the same conditions in the same area?

my point is its highly subjective. every new board i get is always my favorite board and its rare i ride a board i don't like. in hindsight i can realize that i like a 160 uninc much more than a 160 rome agent (after owning them both) but does that mean the rome agent sucks? by no means, i just prefer the uninc.

a major indication that most reviews are worhtless is the wide variation in answers you will get if someone asks a question about certian boards like the banana. some people will rave about it, others will call it crap? who is right? well both of them, really. it can go either way depending on your , experience, preference, and maybe even how they rider was feeling that day

so i'm just curious if anyone on here has actually found any snowboard reviews actually helpful?

Sick-Pow 09-14-2008 08:13 PM

Your kidding right? While I agree many reviews are HUGE generalizations, the famous Burton Avenger has a @30 board review which meets all the demands you make in your post, ie. Snow, boot size, conditions....take a look.

BurtonAvenger 09-14-2008 08:22 PM

Its posts like this that actually help me gauge what I can do to make my reviews better. I try to include what boot I was using, its size, the conditions, location, my weight (although I think I forgot to mention that when I posted up my stuff, but maybe I didn't),and the bindings I used.

I'd like to think I could ride a lunch tray down a hill if I had to. But when I take a board out I test for pop, edge hold, ability to rail a carve, speed, slow speed, butters, boost, torsional stiffness, longitudinal stiffness, bomb drop stability, trees, chop, moguls, pow (if available), how it rode in the conditions its meant for, how it rode in the conditions its not meant for. I then try to evaluate it for the average rider not the park kid or snowboard bum like myself. If you can think of ways I could improve how I do my reviews that'd be awesome.

missy 09-25-2008 02:48 PM

I read reviews mainly to determine whether the board has adequate structural integrity.
Reviews can tell me if a board's paint job peels quickly or easily is chipped, and whether it breaks easily or not.
Then, I try to figure out if the reviewer has a similar style to me and judge from there.

But yeah, I agree, a lot of reviews are fluff.

Random Hero 09-29-2008 10:36 PM

The only usefull reviews I've ever read were written by Burton Avenger. I find them very informative and insightful. My only complaint would be that from what I remember he may have been more likely to dislike a board if the weather was generally worse and vice versa(sorry if I'm incorrect statistically its been a while since I read them, besides it just shows how important it is to show the conditions you rode the board in). The only thing that would make your reviews better would be if you had more of them, this way theres more of a chance you will have ridden a board I have, and I would have some actual experience with the product and be able to gauge how I feel compared to how you fell about a board.

BurtonAvenger 09-29-2008 10:46 PM

^ More reviews? I thought I rode a pretty damn good amount this year. You guys are killing me, Killing me. And you're probably right on some aspects about the conditions depending on what the set up was.

Random Hero 09-30-2008 01:19 AM

Its not my fault you chose to be so damn good at them:laugh:. Can't get enough of a good thing I guess:dunno:

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