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Default Do not buy from Snow and Rock!!!

Just when I thought my experience with Snow and Rock couldn't get any worse, this happened......

Ok, so in September I bought a Burton Joystick 156 Wide (2013) from Snow and Rocks website It was 40% off RRP so I was pretty pleased.

I went into store in Exeter to pick it up a week later. So far so good.

When I got home I realised it was missing the M6 channel bolts, so I called up and after about 15 minutes of speaking to every member of staff, someone finally knew what I was on about.

So another week later I go in to collect them. They had ordered in about 10 packets of regular binding screws, even though I gave the part number of the female M6 bolts! (1 and a half hour trip and (10 of fuel wasted)
Another week later I go in and pick up the correct bolts that they wouldn't post to me on request.

Then when I was sliding the bolts in I realised the board wasn't as V rockered as a V rocker should be. In fact it was completely flat. The board was clearly faulty. I also noticed a ding on the front, and that the board had clearly has bindings screwed to it before. So this board has clearly been sold before, where the last person has strapped in, realised something was wrong, and kept the bolts and returned the board.

So another trip to Exeter, this time to take the board back. I spoke to the manager Rowan and he was more than happy to send the board off to Burton. By now it was the start of October, and I had explained to him that I was leaving in the first week of November so needed it sorted before then. He reassured me that this was plenty of time, and that I'd have an answer from burton within 10 days.

12 days later a friend of mine was in the shop and asked if he wanted to enquire about the board for me. I said yes, and he asked Rowan what the latest was. He said he'd chased it up with Burton earlier that day but was still waiting on a reply. He then went to look at Burton bags where another member of staff came over to help him. He said he was keen on a Burton bag as he said he saw someone bring a Burton board back a few weeks ago as it was faulty very easily. The guy laughed at my friend and said that the board was still out the back. My friend then called Rowan the manager over and asked why he'd said it had been sent off when it was outside. He then said it would be going off first thing tomorrow. My friend, not wanting to get too involved left it at that and told Rowan to call me and explain what was going on.

Rowan then lied to me and said Burton had recieved it, said it's definitely not right, and that I'd hear back what was going to happen in 7 days. Clearly a lie as I very much doubt Burton call a meeting and sit down with a group of people and study a faulty board for 7 days, especially after already saying it was faulty.

A week later I call up again and speak to the assistant manager, Spencer. This time he says 'I've just heard back from Burton this morning and they are saying that we [Snow and Rock] have stored the board incorrectly and that it wasn't covered by warranty, therefore I wasn't entitled to replacement under warranty, but only my money back from Snow and Rock. I explained to him that 6 weeks had passed and that all 2013 stock was now sold out everywhere and this has left me with 2014 prices. (Having bought EST bindings and needed a wide board, there was nothing in my size even remotely close to the price I paid) He recited a load of terms and conditions that basically said that's not his problem. Great way to deal with a regular customer, instead of working towards a resolution.

Having bought my bindings in the sale, selling these to buy non EST bindings would probably cost me an extra 100, and then still be stuck with 2014 prices. The other option obviously is to take a big dive in quality of my gear. As I've been saving for a year for this season, I didn't want it spoilt by cheap full price 2014 gear. By this point I was leaving just over a week so decided to take the hit and fork out another 240 for a 2014 board at the cost of selling my camera. Being 10 stone, 5 foot 9 and 100% needing a wide leaves a surprisingly small amount of options, especially when you don't want to start messing around selling and buying bindings. 240 to end this stress didn't seem to bad after all this. I ordered a Flying V custom from Surfdome and it arrived within 14 hours, in a box, in wrapping and not flat as a pancake.

At this point you might think I've over reacted to an unorganised business and a few white lies from an dishonest manager (Rowan) and assistant manager (Spencer), but that's not the end of it unfortunatly.

Another friend of mine went back into the Exeter store today only to find my returned broken snowboard, pride of place on the end of the aisle, flat as a pancake with a big 50% off sticker slapped on it! Complete with the missing M6 channel bolts which I didn't hand back with the board, as I was expecting a replacement. So the poor sod that buys this board will then have to return again for bolts and if then if he doesn't realise the board is faulty, have an unenjoyable and potentially dangerous time on the snow.

To summerise, I sent the board in for repair/replacement from Burton and after 3 weeks and numerous lies told me that burton had recieved the board, lied that they had reviewed it, lied that Snow and Rock had broken it and then used their rights as a retailer to return my money to get me off their back, only to keep in the store room until after the date I said I was leaving, only to resell it for what looks like at least the THIRD time! If they had bothered to send the board off in the first place, Burton would have likely replaced it with a like for like board. Instead I had to spend more than I had budgeted, they've lost a customer, and are about to resell a faulty dangerous board onto an unsuspecting customer who thinks they're getting the deal of the year.

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Why didn't you just open your eyes and see the hardware wasn't there in the first place and that the camber profile was wrong? Seems like a pretty obvious thing to me and that the whole point of blame doesn't rest solely on those two ass clowns.
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Screw Snow+Rock - Charging money to demo snowboards (no more than 2 boards for 30 mins) is a farce.

Did you get a refund? Pretty sure the 'sale of goods act' would cover you here?
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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Why didn't you just open your eyes and see the hardware wasn't there in the first place and that the camber profile was wrong? Seems like a pretty obvious thing to me and that the whole point of blame doesn't rest solely on those two ass clowns.
This is my first Burton board and I wasn't aware the bolts were meant to come with the board and not the bindings when I collected.

As for the profile I'm not an expert on snowboards, it simply didn't cross my mind to check this at the time. It was a walk in with a printed piece of paper, walk out. I checked it was a wide and the correct length but I didn't take it out the 'salomon' sleeve it was in. As soon as I did notice i checked what a V rocker should be like and I took it right back.

Beeb: I did get a refund, but that's the issue. Lying about sending boards off and reselling known faulty stock is terrible behaviour.

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the v rocker on a joystick is more flat. almost barely noticeable.
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The joystick doesn't have a particularly pronounced shape from the few I've seen, did you compare it to another joystick? What convinced you it was faulty.
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OP did you take any pics of the board's profile?
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Not saying that op didn't get screwed, but in my years in sales, I can confidently say that majority of people are dumb, and most problems are cased because they are stupid consumers. That's all.
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Just a note: Burtons customer service is incredible.

Next time you have a problem with a burton product, call burton first.
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Personally i think you should have avoided the middle man and went straight to Burton, and then gone back to the retailer if they referred you back to them. My reason being, burton would have more than likely known what bolts you were talking about and sent you the proper ones within a week, more than likely for free. They also would have been able to confirm or deny the board was faulty just by looking at simple pictures or if worse comes to worse you'd have to ship it to them. If it was faulty their warranty department would have then sent you another board. If i'm talking out of my asshole here call me on it... but i think if you avoided the middle man and contacted burton directly you would have had a much easier and more pleasant experience.
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