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RossBoard 12-31-2013 01:05 AM

Syntactic Surface in Winter
I have a steep 18' wood ramp in Minnesota. It is basically ice and very dangerous, because I can't carve and keep balance near unsafe obstacles. Shoveling snow onto it isn't an option because it won't stay, or it just turns into ice. Raking groves into the ice doesn't help. Melting the ice off doesn't help, because it is very difficult to carve on wood.

I've searched a read a lot about PowderPAK and AstroTurf, but it appears people use this during the summer and spray water (and soap) onto it, which isn't an option during the winter here in MN.

My current thought is to cover it with AstroTurf, and put a dusting of snow on it instead of water (and remove ice as necessary). I know I can go with straight AstroTurf or carpet, but I really need to maximize speed for the feature I wish to fully execute.

If anyone has a better suggestion or if my assumptions are wrong please comment, and I'll be more than willing to post comments and pictures of my results.


jonesy 02-06-2014 08:50 AM

Synthetic Carpet Choices
Check with these guys:

lift accessories

They seem to have a lot of options.

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