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Taylor_Gang 01-30-2014 02:08 AM

Protein Shakes/bars/supplements...???
Everyone knows that snowboarding is a pretty demanding sport and asks a lot from your body. I know a friend who's a BODYBUILDER and I look at what he drinks and eats. I know for a fact that if I want to achieve better energy and focus for snowboarding...I would have to eat and drink just like a Bodybuilder.

Anyone here drink or use protein Shakes/bars/supplements before, during & after their snowboarding session for energy sustainment/muscle recovery...? What brands do you use? Which works best..?

I used to do energy drinks and fast food in the mornings before a session. I know that was not a healthy way to do it and I am looking at the healthier route now. Mainly protein shakes, a healthy whole food diet and supplements/vitamins.


ASwedishViking 01-30-2014 02:18 AM

Hi! There is no need for you to eat supplements, well-balanced meals and a lot of squats in the gym will do the trick. And then you can use the money you did not spend on protein bars and instead spend it on some new gear! :)

linvillegorge 01-30-2014 02:31 AM

Assuming you're an American and not a vegetarian, you almost certainly get more than enough protein in your daily diet than your body can utilize. We eat the hell out of some meat here in 'murica.

hardasacatshead 01-30-2014 03:54 AM

I think you're a bit on the wrong track dude.

Downing excess protein through a heavy diet and shakes etc doesn't help you focus or give you energy. It can help you build muscle and become stronger, which would in turn help your snowboarding. BUT only if you're actually working your muscles enough to build up. i.e. you need to go to the gym/train, taking protein shakes won't magically make your muscles grow.

Yes, protein definitely helps with muscle recovery. But I highly doubt you're working your muscles enough to warrant excess protein and branch chain amino acids after a session to repair micro tears in your muscles etc.

What I think you are is TIRED and worn out. That's because you've expended a lot of energy. A better way of maintaining energy throughout your session is to have a carbohydrate heavy meal for breakfast or dinner the night before (or something with a low glycemic index - long grain rice for example) that maintains energy levels for longer.

But generally, a good diet will outdo supplements for most normal activities. For bodybuilding like your mate then supplements are 99% of the time necessary.

neni 01-30-2014 05:45 AM

Bodybuilding is a rather different sport than snowboarding in terms of muscles/energy/endurance. Shure, a bodybuilder has a lot of muscles, but think of the athletes that have the best endurance - marathon runners, climbers - they look pretty different, not? For bodybuilding/weightlifting one aims to build up mostly fast twitch muscles type, whereas for endurance, you need slow twitch muscle type.

Rule of thumb: protein are for muscle building, but for energy, carbohydrates (fast delibery) and fat (slow delivery) are key.

I've a fast metabolism, have to eat all the time to maintain a proper blood sugar level or else hands and legs will begin to shake or I even break down (dizzy spell?). Not being able to eat for several hours is a problem for me, e.g. iff at a cross country horseriding event (riding three different disciplines in half a day), or if hiking or trecking. Tried a lot of food and supplement (e.g. high energy bars or fluids) combinations.

Best for me has proven a big bowl of oatmeal mixed with hot chocolate and full fat milk as breakfast. You could as well also mix oatmeal with some fruits and yoghourt. Oatmeal goes a long way in therms of carbohydrate energy delivery and also delivers a good amount of magnesia that prevents muscle cramps if sweating a lot.

Inbetween eventing discipline starts, I'll eat a Ovo Sport (actually a pressed cacao/barley malt bar; e.g. SWISSMADE.COM - Wander - OvoSport (3 Packs)). These bars work best for me. Fast delivery and not as ugly tasting and stomach upsetting as some hightec high energy supplements are. And they're more "natural".

BTW: this fits :) The slogan of Ovo (a Swiss brand producing products like energy bars and a kind of hot chocolate, both based on barley malt) is:
"With Ovo you can't do it better, but longer"

ridinbend 01-30-2014 06:05 AM

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speedjason 01-30-2014 10:01 AM

bodybuilding is different from snowboarding. snowboarding is more like a cardio so you will need to eat more carbs. protein is important so I would just stick to a balanced diet.

16gkid 01-30-2014 10:06 AM

Bodybuilding regiment is only good for bodybuilding, being a ball of muscle is absolutley useless for any other activities. Focus on squats, deadlift and abs, but dont get crazy on weights,a lot of muscle needs a lot of oxygen.

tanscrazydaisy 01-30-2014 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by Taylor_Gang (Post 1486129)
I used to do energy drinks and fast food in the mornings before a session. I know that was not a healthy way to do it and I am looking at the healthier route now. Mainly protein shakes, a healthy whole food diet and supplements/vitamins.


I would suggest picking up a copy of:
Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide Optimal Performance in Sports and Life

INteresting read... with lots of recipes.... and some interesting tips of recover foods and timing vs intensity of exercises.

Since I'm generally not a breakfast person during the work week, I replace my breakfast with Vega One nutritional shake

For some inspiration: Canadian Olympic snowboard is a Vega ambassador.
Michael Lambert | Vega

Disclaimer: I'm not promoting veganism. I like my dry aged Prime ribeye or porterhouse steaks on special occasions.

wrathfuldeity 01-30-2014 10:37 AM

On hill, lots of water, nuts and dried fruit and occasional jerky. One of my ski buds who's mostly a vegetarian, is trim but not muscular, regular guy; goes all day, first to last, full speed, ripping and just snacks frequently on the chair ride...dude is a machine and very very few folks can keep up the pace. He's been known to put in 70-80k vert in a day at whistler.

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