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Kevin137 02-03-2014 02:00 PM

I know the whole contour thing has been covered about them going bankrupt etc, but now that they are back in business, you would hope they get things right...

It appears that will not be the case...!!!

I have 2 +2's both still in warranty, and one of them has been replaced already once before there issues...!!!

It is the one that was replaced that has issues now, the battery lasts maybe 6 or 7 minutes before the unit shuts down, it is NOT the battery i have 6 of them...! And i can also take the battery out of the unit that was replaced and put in the other unit and record for over another hour...

I have wiped the firmware and reinstalled, and i have tried everything else i can think of...

So now after a week, i get a reply, and they suggest, trying a different battery...!!! Can they not read...??? I told them everything i have tried, included copy of the warranty, copy of the receipt etc, copy of the replacement paperwork, and there answer is to try a different battery...???

Well, contour has had it's chance with me, i live in Norway, the great system here is the warranty...

As it cannot be replaced here as there is no stock, i will simply get a full refund from the store...!!!

And now, i will joint the masses and go buy a GoPro and Contour lost there chance to keep me as a customer...

Such a shame... They used to be a great company, now they are nothing...

atr3yu 02-03-2014 02:19 PM

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Yeah I jumped ship just before they went under and luckily recover most the cost on my +2. I am now a GoPro owner, Silver 3+ and as much as I do dislike the form factor it is a really nice camera. Also, I find that I am using it on a pole like 80% of the time so I don't really give a shit what it looks

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