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Kevin137 02-08-2014 02:33 PM

Sneaky having some fun.
Well Sneaky has had fun today, got back in the park, and started trying more stuff with no pushing, was really surprised, he has been very reserved so far this season, and then today, he was just out to try everything...!!!

Proud of him for trying a jump that is bigger than him, and his biggest landed jump so far, even if he did hit it a little slow and come up short, he was trying... He also wanted to try a little more off piste, and this was the hardest he has done so far, and the snow was a little heavy, and with him being so small and light he struggled a little, but wanted more of that as well... The rails, well just glad he is hitting them again, now we will work on what he does on them, and see if we can get him doing a little more there...

jdang307 02-08-2014 02:44 PM

How old was he when you got him started? I have a son on the way, and will count the days until I can get him strapped in. Saw some young'ins pulling 3's on Bear yesterday and that just brought a smile to my face. Kids be killing it! They couldn't be more than 5-6

Kevin137 02-08-2014 02:50 PM

He is in his 3rd year... 1st year he got maybe 4/5 days, last year he got about 30/35 and this year he has done probably 20/25 already...

Some of those days are only 2 or 3 hours though for his lessons ;)

He is just 8 now now, and has a season pass so we go as often as we can, with 1 lesson a week with KIF snowboard, they produce some awesome boarders, got 2 at Sochi from there club, so a good standard, but they don't start pushing until 10, they instruct, but are very laid back until they can compete here, and they can't compete until they are 10 anyway, so they have a good attitude, as far as the teaching goes i think...

Would i like to see him doing more, yes, but i want him to have fun and enjoy it, and at his own pace, when he is ready for pushing the club will push if he has the ability, i will just support what they think is best...

It is all well and good being able to do that stuff when so young, and they heal very quickly as well at that age, but i'm not convinced it is good for there joints to be landing such stuff when they are still developing, i think it is better to get the rails nailed down and simple jumps...

It is really nice to be able to go with him, but he is not my son, he is my stepson, his dad is not into winter sports, so he would miss out, but is much better at supporting a little this year, which is good, and hopefully will improve more as well...

Lets see how much more he can progress at his pace this season, and will keep posting some more little videos on this thread...

If anyone wants to follow him, then you are more than welcome on his Facebook page which can be found on...

The more the merrier... ;)

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