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hnl_forum 03-03-2014 11:28 PM

can't seem to find my stance.
I've read through countless forums and can't really seem a answer my question.

it was my first time snowboarding this past weekend. i have my own board and what not. but any who. I've been reading that if you would have got pushed from the back and and you catch yourself with your right foot that usually your lead foot that would go in front and your left in back hence goofy. but when i went to go riding this past weekend it would be 180 and i was using the back of the board so i was totally confused cause i skateboard goofy and I'm never regular till i went to go boarding and once i get up and start riding i would be in regular which i kind of felt comfortable to be in but didn't change my bindings up cause i was trying to push myself to ride regular. idk what i should do. either change the bindings to regular or just leave it and try to just learn goofy.

just wondering what you guys think i should do.

thank you for reading.

poutanen 03-03-2014 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by hnl_forum (Post 1585914)
just wondering what you guys think i should do.

Setup your board as a twin (hopefully it's a true twin board), with bindings symmetrical duck, and 0 setback.

Learn to ride without worrying about which foot is forward (for now) you should quickly find that one foot is much more natural being in front. Should happen in the first couple days. Once you start linking turns.

Otherwise, you may be pretty ambidextrous, which is great if you want to do a lot of freestyle! :D

tannersdad 03-04-2014 06:36 AM

I don't think I was comfortable until my 3rd or 4th trip snowboarding. Ride as often as you can. Like everything else it will get easier with practice. :thumbsup:

snowklinger 03-04-2014 08:49 AM

If you skateboard goofy, you will snowboard goofy as well when you learn to link turns.

When you are this new, you are comfy going whatever direction means not switching edges.

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