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slyder 03-16-2014 12:59 PM

Side question:Ski resort security threatens to kill skier
Off this thread and side question as this happened to my son.

He forgot his pass and our local resort gave him a lift ticket but said " this is a one time only"
We have a family pass. Paid nearly $1300, what is the big deal if I forget it 3x or switch jackets do to weather conditions.
Why are resorts anal about this? Seems this is a common policy as well, I don't see the big deal really?

Anyone that worked at a resort or know why this is? :dunno:

chomps1211 03-16-2014 01:36 PM

I was thinking the same thing after reading the other thread only to realize all the arguing back and forth among ppl replying, the SP's death threat, the whole bru-haha, was all over a forgoten pass?? WTF? I thought they caught him ducking ropes or sum shit. (...I didn't watch the clip. Slow mobile connection.)

I suppose if they didn't have the policy or tell ppl that "this is a one time deal?" They would have to dedicate staff to handling that kind of thing all day, every day! That and maybe the worry that you gave it to someone and you're trying to snake a freebie. That is my guess anyhoo.

But I am also with you in feeling that since I paid a shitload for the pass, if I forgot it and you have a record that I bought one? STFU and give me a temp pass! :dunno: Isn't that the way it works if you buy a day ticket, it gets ripped or lost and you have a receipt?

My 2 anyway.

tdn 03-16-2014 01:58 PM

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Most mountains I've had passes from will give you a day pass for free if you just forgot your pass. Forget it again though and they typically charge you, something like $10. They usually deactivate your card for the day, so you can't give it (or the lift ticket) to a friend. If I remember correctly, if you lose your pass they'll charge you $10-20 to make a new card each time, and again, they will deactivate your old card.

I imagine they do it to mitigate theft. Before they could scan cards to see if they're active, people would lie and say they forgot their pass. They'd get a day pass or a replacement, then just give it to a friend. Scanning cards helped stop that, but people can still get their cards deactivated and get a day pass and give it to a friend then play stupid when the scanner doesn't work or find a life without someone scanning. Limiting or charging for forgotten/lost passes is probably middle ground for mountains and riders.


wrathfuldeity 03-16-2014 01:59 PM

Baker has the same policy...1 time is forgiven. Idk if this is me or the hill...but generally, forgetting your pass is possibly the least of your worries on any given day. So just saying, "got to have your shit together" otherwise you are likely a hazard to yourself and others on this hill. Btw, I chaperone for a middle/high school ski bus program and the first day or two we expect and teach the kids to have it together but we clearly expect and reinforce "ur responsible for yourself, your gear and your buddy...cause if ur and/or buddy will have a shitty day. If a kid for gets his pass twice...he sits in the lodge or plays in the snow and not ride the harm done...but lesson learned. Also our passes are on lanyards...I wrap mine around a belt loop of my pants and put in my pants pocket...easily pulled out if somebody wants to check...I don't like it hanging around my neck or hanging on my jacket...fluttering about and is likely to get ripped off when bailing at 40 mph.

CassMT 03-16-2014 03:07 PM

we have the one-time policy too, and both my kids have one strike already. this is why my pass is on my pant beltloop instead of one of my 5 jackets...

i think the charge it because they can, like when you overdraft at the bank and they charge you $35 for the 3 hours they covered it. money grubbing fux i say

ShredLife 03-16-2014 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by CassMT (Post 1616866)
i think the charge it because they can, like when you overdraft at the bank and they charge you $35 for the 3 hours they covered it. money grubbing fux i say

this. ski resorts only care about money. that is all.

slyder 03-16-2014 03:21 PM

Ours are just ID card no RFID or readers. manually inspected.
I was asked 2x this year to show my pass otherwise I've hidden in the pass holder built into my jacket. I did have to remove it 2x and clipped to my pants on a few warm days early this season.

I guess I can see how this can be abused. Again a dads perspective, I'm sure the young'ins would try to get buddies in.

I have 3 kids to get out the door and all my gear and make sure they have all theirs even though they say they do and have double checked. So wrathfuldeity, usually I do have my shit together but 4 of our shit together something still gets missed :blink:

Donutz 03-16-2014 03:29 PM

At the local mountains, the policy is that if you forget your pass you can get a new one for the price of a day pass. Yeah, $50 replacement.

I think they've gotten tired of people forgetting their passes and claiming they lost it.

slyder 03-16-2014 04:26 PM

Ya know though I've had a pass at our local hill for 3 yrs now. Don't you think with computers, and the aggressive marketing to take riders from someone else's hill and get them to be season pass holders at your hill IE: customer service. They would just let this go. Maybe after the 3rd time a nominal fee $10 and they put it on your jacket or I don't know something.

I just find in this highly competitive industry CS and common sense sometimes go out the window.
Note: I have never forgotten mine but one of my sons has. Again he has had a pass for 3 consecutive years as well
Like I said I never thought of the theft angle, only the CS side of retaining the future business of that customer. I have roughly 6 hills within and hour I can choose from. Pros-Cons to all of them, so providing a great experience and CS I feel is key.

A few weeks back our hill did customer appreciation till the end of the season. Season pass holders bring a guest and that guest gets 1/2 off lift ticket. Something they have never done in the past and I used it 5 times for friends. One of them "is" buying a season pass next year. This and other factors made his decision.

ShredLife 03-16-2014 04:34 PM

they don't give a shit about season pass holders. you're either going to buy one or you aren't and once they've got your money fuck you.

they don't care because its not where resorts make their money. they make it on tourists and day ticket sales.

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