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TyBardy 03-19-2014 09:29 PM

Proper Board Storage questions
This season I completely outfitted my entire family with new boards... That means I now have seven boards I need to store in the off season. I do not want to warp, damage, or ruin my boards by incorrectly storing my boards.

Can I store them on the wall? I have an indoor gym in my house that is temperature controlled that I would use.

sclogger 03-19-2014 09:31 PM

Just keep em away from sunlight, top sheets and UV don't mix well.

TyBardy 03-19-2014 10:20 PM

Could have swore I heard the storing them a certain way was bad vs. storing them some other way.... they would be inside and out of sunlight in a temperature controlled room.

ridinbend 03-19-2014 11:01 PM

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Just put a thick layer of wax on ands don't scrape. This will help with long term preservation of the base.

24WERD 03-19-2014 11:32 PM

Wax and leave on
Takeoff bindings if u didn't take it off
Properly strap the bindings so it. Doesn't warp n put in box or shelf.

Don't stack boards .
Lean them against a wall or closet vertical

Drink a beer

Look at tube videos

Till next winter

TyBardy 03-19-2014 11:32 PM

Yea I do that, but traditionally I just kept my board under the bed, not that I have a horking load of them, I have to get creative

ridinbend 03-20-2014 12:48 AM

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Originally Posted by SGboarder (Post 1626001)
Those were all things I heard before, but according to the Burton and NS guys none of them make any difference.

Just wax it anything after that is whatever.

francium 03-20-2014 01:03 AM

i belive it used to make a difference but with the addition of modern materials such a carbon fibre stringers this has stopped boards warping. ,my park board lives propped up the wall, wax it very rarely and it still rides as good now as it did when it was new. a few of my mates hang them on the wall and they're fine.

snowman55 03-20-2014 02:49 AM

I just put on some wax and then keep it in the basement leaning against the wall. My basement has AC running during the summer so it doesn't get too humid down there.

When I put on the wax, I make sure the edges are covered. It's supposed to prevent them from getting rusty.

Deacon 03-20-2014 04:11 AM

as long as its not stored with weight on it, it'll be fine. waxing isn't even required, it'll just help keep the edges from rusting, nbd.

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