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slyder 07-04-2014 01:36 PM

Rib protector
Okay just looking for some input during the off season. I want to get my boardslides down and being one of the few of us on
here with "Gummers Syndrome" I need to try to protect myself as much as possible.

Any thoughts here on good gear or possible good/bad of items/similar I have pictured.

1st. Paintball vest. Looks nice fitting and not bulky chest, back and ribs. Not sure I need to worry about chest but never done them so don't know.

2nd. Moto-X gear. Just ribs and would do a good job and doesn't look to bulky

3rd, again Moto-X gear and even less bulky

All similarly priced. Do I want back protection? Is rib protection even needed (I worry slipping out and landing on ribs)

Well any input or thoughts always welcome.

Kevin137 07-04-2014 02:32 PM

Well, it is going to be personal choice...!!!

And, with practice, comes the ability, the problem is what pain do you actually need to suffer, and even when you have learnt, can you afford the hospital visits and time out if you do fall...

I always ride with protection, we have some very tight twisted tree runs, and i have a habit of hitting them, if i am running through them, or the park with mates etc, then i will always protect up, and for that i use this company, i have a FULL body protection and also impact shorts that cover thighs etc...

Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure | Forcefield Body Armour

If i am out with Sneaky, then generally i am just running slower, doing much less, so i wear a simple carbon back protector from Sweet Protection. (Currently Not Available)

Sweet Protection | Ski and Snowboard

I always have some protection though, my history with a broken back and ongoing problems i just don't take the risk...

The difference is huge between the types available, the Forcefield has no memory, so never wears out, so for everyday use, is awesome if you are hitting stuff constantly like i do, but the carbon back, i know will wear out, but as i use in a different way will last me years... In fact i have only landed twice on a rail in 2 years while using this, saved me both times...

larrytbull 07-04-2014 03:03 PM

Demon Snow Force Flex Pro.

this is my goto protection.

I like chomps am a "gummer" and have had too many surgeries to count
I need to protect body on a spill. although I don't do park, this keeps me alive and bruise free.
had many beginner falls with this, and i walk away laughing about what an epic fall, rather than crying about how hurt i am

slyder 07-04-2014 04:35 PM

Kevin I like the harness looks lite and adjustable to your needs. Pieces come off/on as you may need them for specific situations.
But it doesn't look like much if any rib protection. Is this the case?

Larry as you know Im a huge believer in protection. I have 2 sets of tail bone protection.
Stepping up to boardslides I need to protect that center core for sure. Hoping I never need it but I know I will.

Larry this looks nice

Still shopping around wish I could hold, touch and see some of these side by side. Going to hit up a few Moto-X shops that are local to see what they offer. They may even have some connections on used gear.

neni 07-05-2014 05:45 AM

Just general thoughts as I donít wear rib protectors for snowboarding (but I always wear a backprotector snowboarding and a full body protector while eventing). The two later pics show vests with solid plates. If you bend your upper body forward or sidewards, I imagine, these solid plates would stick/push/press into your armpint? They're designes for riding bikes where you have a rigid upper body position, while snowboarding you move your upper body. I thus don't think they're suitable.
For eventing I chose a protector with many small plates rather than one big plate cos IMO they were the better trade off. (Line of thought: A one piece plate may give better protection but is hampering movement thus I'm less likely to wear it all the time, the many piece plate design may give a tad less protection but doesn't hamper movement all the time)

larrytbull 07-05-2014 07:25 AM

the demon jacket protection is many long popscicle stick like plates in rib area, and has solid plates for elbow and shoulder, back is padding. you actually don't notice the jacket that much as it moves pretty well with you.

kosmoz 07-05-2014 07:59 AM

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What about feeling colder with d3o protection? Have heard some people saying, that these d3o pads "attracts" cold and it's not the best thing in colder days.

slyder 07-05-2014 08:15 AM

Actually I think this might be what I saw my buddy wearing during our park adventures this year. I'll have to send him a text and verify.

Or Zolemite might see this post and chime in

Jason 07-05-2014 10:39 AM

You could also check out lacrosse rib pads.

Kevin137 07-05-2014 11:58 AM

You can buy it in pieces as well, i bought the whole thing as it was the only one available, and have used it all... Not so much recently though...

Forcefield Extreme Harness Flite | Forcefield Body Armour

That is the lightest version, just chest and back, it is a soft material that goes heard on impact, but unless you can try it on, then you don't know what it feels like, and it can be a little heavy, anything over -2 and i hate wearing it as i sweat in it, but it is also easy to sponge clean as well, which helps...

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