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tonicusa 09-03-2014 07:03 AM

Will Park City Open This Year?
Park City bond ruling pushed to Friday | The Salt Lake Tribune

This is really down to the wire. I think Deer Valley should open to snowboarders.

BurtonAvenger 09-03-2014 09:58 AM

From an internal memo I was sent from one of my sources it's looking fucking bleak. The way I see it, if they do open it's going to end up with it being on the Epic pass.

Steezus Christ 09-03-2014 11:27 AM

the whole situation is just a shit show. the world really needs less cunts.

COtoUT 09-05-2014 11:21 AM

PCMR fucked-up big time by not protecting themselves. Talisker and Vail have always wanted to conjoin the resorts-and this is how they will do it. Talisker has PCMR in a legal strangle hold... and Park City is down to it's last breath.

The really shitty thing about this will be the loss of all the great side country along the ridge line at The Canyons. There will be a lift or two there within two seasons (max). Kind of like all those tree shots that have been annihilated by The Colony homes, a real bummer

The Epic Pass is reason enough to leave The Canyons (sadly). There are just too many people there now. BCC Pass is the answer.

tonicusa 09-05-2014 05:37 PM

Looks like they won't be opening. Who is going to pay $17 million in rent for one year! LOL

That sucks.

jtg 09-05-2014 05:54 PM

It's too bad an antitrust argument can't be made. With no market pressures, prices are going to go up, service is going to go down, and employees are going to get screwed if Vail owns both. This is a huge risk in general for ski areas, since the conglomerates only get larger, not smaller. And we aren't building any new resorts any time soon.

Even if the eviction goes through, Vail still can't use the resort because they don't own the base, parking lot, facilities, or the water rights. The two are basically playing chicken right now.


Originally Posted by tonicusa (Post 1803345)

Looks like they won't be opening. Who is going to pay $17 million in rent for one year! LOL

That sucks.

It's not necessarily rent, it's a bond. The idea is they put up the cash while the courts settle the dispute, and if they lose, it covers what would have been owed to Talisker. If they win, they keep it.

tonicusa 09-05-2014 06:12 PM

Yeah I know it's not rent, I was oversimplifying and if you don't renew your lease you are shit out of luck. You better have a good relationship with your landlord then.

BurtonAvenger 09-05-2014 06:52 PM

Actually Vail taking over will more or less drop season/bulk ticket prices. When they introduced the Epic here it made multiple mountains affordable. Before the $579 pass price the Vail pass alone was like over a grand.

PCMR/Powdr Corp fucked up.

Pigpen 09-05-2014 08:05 PM

If they do post the $17.5M bond, imagine what they will do for a day pass to PCMR... Have fun paying $130 for a day.

If they don't post the bond, I truly do feel bad for Park City and its people, the economy will be destroyed for the whole year.

tonicusa 09-05-2014 09:11 PM

It sounds like they know they can't raise prices just to stretch things out one more year. They are maneuvering to try and settle the issue longterm, or not at all it seems.

Not renewing the lease was a huge mistake but Vail should realize nothing good comes from trying to "snake" someones business when they mess up a lease renewal. I've seen this happen before in other industries and it never ends well for the guy trying to steal someones lunch.

I think some sort of joint venture or cooperative effort would make the most sense. I think PCMR does a good job running their operation from what I see, but perhaps there are issues behind the scenes. Nonetheless it's a place that's not too hipster, and not too joe public. Just a place where people are going to ride and everyone seems polite. You can spend a lot of time there with no issues or major complaints, provided you are just looking to ride etc.

What I like about PCMR is that it doesn't attract a lot of poser skiers and boarders. You don't see a bunch of telemark hipsters with their Patagonia outfits and silly craft-everything vibe, and you don't see the tool snowboarders slapping their boards in the lift line and trying to ollie off of every thing way too hard like they didn't take their ritalin and they think they are Danny Davis impersonators. It's just a place you can be left alone and ride, where everyone is pretty polite and there are plenty of good riders.

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