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Default Take a look at this news article.

Snowboarder ordered to pay family of injured child $30,000

A snowboarder who seriously injured a child after running into him on Grouse Mountain has been ordered to pay $30,000 in damages.

According to a Supreme Court of B.C. ruling the victim, Patrick Gregorowicz, was four at the time of the crash and was snowplowing a few metres behind his dad Peter when struck by snowboarder James Lee.

The incident occurred at 5 p.m., Feb. 9, 2002, on The Cut green run.

Peter Gregorowicz testified that he and his son had avoided some fencing toward the bottom of The Cut that was supposed to funnel skiers and snowboarders.

Instead, they went around the fencing and then traversed back across the run.

Gregorowicz said as the pair approached a steeper section of hill, he looked behind and saw his son was still snowplowing.

He looked ahead and then heard a scream. He turned and saw what he described as a tumbling snowball. He then realized that his son had been in a collision, the ruling states.

Gregorowicz dashed to his son, who had suffered a broken right lower leg.

Lee, who was 18 at the time, stayed at the scene and put his snowboard in the snow a few metres up from the scene to prevent another accident.

Lee testified that he had crashed his snowboard earlier in the day. He said he was doing a right-hand turn on The Cut when he felt something hit him on the back of his right hip. Lee and the boy then fell.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice James Williams ruled Lee was liable for the accident and ordered him to pay $30,000 to the Gregorowicz family.

However, Williams also ruled Peter Gregorowicz was partly responsible for the crash because he had taken his son around the ski fence and then cut across the steep section at the bottom of the funnel.

Patrick Gregorowicz has recovered completely.

Chris Dagenais, spokesman for Grouse Mountain, said the ruling sends a strong message to skiers and snowboarders that they must be responsible.

Its too bad it took an injury of this magnitude to get that message out, Dagenais said.

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What the fuck? dont agree with this ruling AT ALL. $30,000 wat the hell? This dad.. wat a greedy douchebag sueing a 18 year old for 30k

and dont u expect these things to happen on a ski hill? especially with a 4 year old kid?
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Hard to stomach isn't it. Especially since the father was ruled to be partially at fault.

Yea the snowboarder was at fault, but not $30 000 worth of at fault. Could pay medical bills at most maybe, but broken bones are kind of a fact of snow sports. I certainly wouldnt sue an 18 year old kid for something that was clearly an accident, you don't bear that kind of ill will towards someone. It ends up consuming you.

My guess with anyone who brings that kind of lawsuit is the kind of guy who peaked in highschool and does nothing but blame everyone around him for his own mediocre existence.

It would take wrongdoing with malicious intent for me to ever want to sue someone.
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what the fucking fuck

what bills? this is canada

and The Cut is an extremely mellow green run

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I thought Canada had free health care? What's the 30k going towards? It said the 4yo fully recovered, so obviously it isn't going to affect his future moblity. People need to stop being so greedy! I would never ruin some 18yo's life for something like this. Poor kid probably won't be able to go to college now!
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Just goes to show you.. some people are just nasty.. If the guy stopped took off his snowboard... tried to help make sure the kid was alright and everything.. I just can't imagine someone suing a person like that? The only way I could see it possible, is if the guy was burning through the green and even then.. collisions are going to happen on green runs, blue runs.. it's a fact of life.. I had someone put their skis between my bindings just the other day, luckily somehow neither of us were seriously injured.
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I'd argue the negligence falls on the father for failing to stay behind his child and better protecting him
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I don't get it. Not taking the snowboarder vs. skier side, but what evidence is there that the snowboarder was reckless. The father should have had his son in FRONT of him, not trailing behind. And, if anything, it seems as though they are the ones who acted irresponsibly.

Whatever happened to accidents? Now everyone has to sue? Didn't the dad have insurance? I don't get it.
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It sounds like to me that it came down to you was more erroneous, Who was the downhill rider, who was in control, who was merging, who was disobeying a sign/rope. To bad there wasn't more details here. Bet the judge was a skier that disliked boarders though.

P.S. To those who are saying why wasn't the dad in back? Some people are very visual and the kid might actually ride better by following his dad's path and example. Of course to bad that dad didn't choose to make a good example of following the fences directing traffic.
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Originally Posted by Flick Montana View Post
I don't get it. Not taking the snowboarder vs. skier side, but what evidence is there that the snowboarder was reckless. The father should have had his son in FRONT of him, not trailing behind. And, if anything, it seems as though they are the ones who acted irresponsibly.

Whatever happened to accidents? Now everyone has to sue? Didn't the dad have insurance? I don't get it.
I couldn't agree more here. Everything is "sue to get your way" and it's only getting worse. This is clearly an accident, the guy did the right thing and blocked off the area after the accident too. The story says it happened on a green run too, which obviously is going to have beginners that aren't fully comfortable on avoiding objects, wrecking, etc. Had 2 skilled riders collided on a black then yes there would be negligence, but this was just an unfortunate accident. Yes he was at fault, but like others said 30 grand is just over-doing it. I'm sure he felt bad enough seeing a small kid with a broken leg. I'd like to hear the complete rundown of the so called "damages" too, probably mental trauma or some quack-doctor bullshit, the kid is 4, he isn't going to really remember this in 10 years. Karma will catch up to the kids dad in time.

So here we have 2 things, a father with a grudge and a young guy with debt for years. If you can't handle injuries get the hell off the slopes. Accidents are going to happen when you're traveling downhill standing on frozen water.
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This shit is what's wrong with this world. Case in point the other day I was on 5 chair at Breck it takes you to the top of the park. I was on the chair and it had loaded the person behind me had skied out when someone up top tripped the emergency stop it sent our chair rolling back and hit this skier. She flipped her shit on me and my buddy cause the chair stopped. I was like how is this my fault, her first response was you can pay my doctor bills I'm suing.

If you read the description of what the boarder felt something hit his hip from behind, it sounds like he was the one that was actually clipped.
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