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say chi sin lo 06-22-2010 06:54 AM

Partial or Complete UCL tear (skier's thumb)
Any of you guys have it?

This doesn't affect me in my main sport of tennis (much) because it's on my non-playing hand, and I have a one-hand backhand. But it does give me some minor problem as I set up my backhand. Sometimes it gets achy/sore just placing my left hand on the racquet's throat as I set up my one-hander. To all the non-tennis people, in short, the thumb gives me still reminds me something's wrong with it, ever-so-slightly when I play tennis.

I got it when I broke a snowboard fall with a awkwardly placed left hand. Never EVER break a fall with an open palm people! I had it seen by a hand specialist and he placed me in a custom functional brace/splint/immobilizer. He ruled out a complete rupture so it didn't necessary require a surgery (optional). It remained immobilized for 2months. Then I thought I was all good to go.

I could set up my backhand normally, I could open bags of chips, I can pinch stuff with force and general daily tasks didn't bother me anymore. Then I started playing video games (yes, video games are the bomb). And lately, the same burning/achy feeling is coming back. Now I realized the ligament hasn't healed yet. And if two months of rest didn't do the trick, it'll probably never fully heal?

Anyone have this and live with this? Because I know to really fix this, it'll have to be operated on. But to have my hand completely non-functional for several months is out of the equation. I'm a researcher and I just can't have extended amount of time where I can't pipette stuff and handle my test tubes.

So... who lives with this. And...

Who had it operated on? And how long was your hand out for? Excessive scar tissue (underneath the skin of course)?

Tarzanman 06-30-2010 09:12 AM

Ligaments take a long time to heal. Years, sometimes. Even after they heal, its not unheard of for them to ache more than they did before.

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