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GavinHope 06-30-2010 07:27 AM

Anyone tried a trampoline to help their snowboarding/grabs?

I recently had a blast on a trampoline, whilst being strapped onto my snowboard. The idea was to try and learn nose grabs, which I couldn't/can't do :)

I was wondering if anyone has tried this or something like it, for a few reasons:

1. I taped up my edges before hand with gaffa tape, to protect the trampoline. That seemed to work, but getting the tape of was tres annoying. Anyone tried it without taping their edges?

2. Whilst it definitely helped me to practice some techniques for grabbing the nose, I found in general, the grabs harder to get than I was expecting. Anybody else find this?...

3. ...and a related point, I did actually try loosening my bindings to see what effect that had. I've never actually tried that on the hill before, but being on a trampoline I decided to give it a go. It made a big difference to boning/tweaking the board, but I didn't want to practice in a way that was different to how I ride.

- do people ride with slack straps? Am I just not very flexible? I've seen one or two clips of people on trampolines and they were getting all kinds of crazy grabs...

Cheers, Gav

PS: if you want to read the post/watch video of trampoline attempts, it's here

Cr0_Reps_Smit 06-30-2010 08:11 AM

i only hopped on a tramp with my board a couple times but it was always fun. id recommend using a old beater board so you dont have to worry about taking the tape off again cause you're gonna wish you had that tape on there if you slice through your trampoline and fall through while jumping.

also while it is fun and helps you a lot its not substitute for actual practice on the hill, more of a way to just train your muscles and get an idea of how it should feel. when you have actual downward momentum its gonna feel a little different then it did on the tramp.

as for the straps thing i usually just strap down to right when its snug, i never tighten it more than that but i also dont ride it super loose, if anything ill have it a notch or two before being snug if i plan on just riding rails. just keep practicing and you'll be able to twist and flex your body the more comfortable you get with it. maybe try practicing some stretches or yoga if you feel up to it. im a big fan of yoga but i dont do it nearly as much as i should.

hope that helps a little.

Suburban Blend 06-30-2010 02:54 PM

Try one of these on a Tramp

GavinHope 06-30-2010 04:52 PM


I think you're right about using an old board - I should have done that and just left the tape on. I could use the same old board for the balance rail too...

I agree about it being different on the hill too. I had a chance to try out the nose grab after trying it on the trampoline - just an indoor slope and a really small kicker - the trampoline definitely helped, but it was different to ollie'ing first, on the snow...


BurtonAvenger 06-30-2010 06:12 PM

All one needs to know is Woodward at Coppers the Barn. Triple backflips what?

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