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killclimbz 12-03-2010 01:23 PM

Steamboat Pat Downs to ride the gondola?
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This country needs an enema.


Those waiting to board Steamboat Springs' gondola first must submit to police pat-downs, according to 5280 magazine's Kelly Bastone.
Full article here.

Yet another reason riding in the backcountry is more attractive to me...

oneshot 12-03-2010 01:43 PM


it's either submit to the searches, or forgo the nearly $100 you just spent on a lift ticket
$100 lift tickets?? OUCH!!!!

pat downs and 100 lift tickets.. 2 reason to stay in the BC :)

killclimbz 12-03-2010 01:45 PM

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$90 lift tickets I am sure. Steamboat is always on the high side but they are not more expensive than a day ticket to Vail or Aspen.

But yeah, ouch. And I'm getting treated like I am going through airport security? No thanks. When you are on vacation you don't need that hassle.

InfiniteEclipse 12-03-2010 01:51 PM

Coloradans should stage a revolt one day where everyone shows up with flasks

killclimbz 12-03-2010 01:54 PM

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It would be better if they just didn't spend their money there.

Which is what I would recommend doing. There are a ton of places with just as good of snow and don't hassle their patrons like this.

JeffreyCH 12-03-2010 01:55 PM

That's just plain fucked up!!! Guess I'll never ride Steamboat now, good job dick heads :mad: :thumbsdown:

What the hell are they even looking for or think they will find? Guns? Drugs? Bombs? This stupid shit has gotten out of control!!

oneshot 12-03-2010 01:57 PM

yeah, in a lot of cases when u go on vacation you already flew and got that treatment.

we got $60 lift tickets here and i have thought thats rape for awhile.. being a season pass holder for yrs and yrs tho it never effected me. but yeah thats rape.. i stopped buying passes though and riding lifts all together my 3rd season owning a sled.. EI: last yr.. 1st season in some 30+ yrs i did not ride a chairlift at least once. :cool:

now if our resorts started patting down when i was still riding there, i'd BOYCOTT.

ShredLife 12-03-2010 01:59 PM

i just called information at Steamboat and asked them about the article, and it seems they are already running damage control. the woman i talked to said that the article is ridiculous and not true, that they do not and will not be doing police pat-downs, and blamed this on the 5280 magazine basically making shit up. she said that last year they had additional security on the mountain on April fools day to mitigate/discourage pranks.

so the steamboat management knows about the article and deny its truth, and i would look for them to address this publicly soon.

on the other hand, if it is true then they should be boycotted and put out of business.

killclimbz 12-03-2010 02:04 PM

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I figured they would do an about face as soon as this became public knowledge. Once you are there, you are kind of stuck with dealing with it. Once people know it's standard practice, they'll just choose to go elsewhere. Nice work Steamboat. I got a feeling they will have a measurable drop in their bookings for the next few weeks. Maybe some of the more saavy travelers will take advantage of the discounts they will have to offer to get people to show up.

Bummer for them as they are having a great season and would have been able to charge a premium otherwise. Nice work guys...:thumbsup:

linvillegorge 12-03-2010 02:10 PM

What the fuck?!

I'd go to the ticket office and demand a refund if I got to the lift and found out a popo pat down was a requirement to ride. Fuck that!

Didn't they do something like this at the Keystone gondola one year? I seem to remember a big stink about it and that the judge threw out every charge that was written up as a result of it.

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