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Took a group lesson. It was part of the beginner lift ticket, rentals and crappy instruction package. The instructor taught us how to get up off our ass or roll over and push up off our face. then he said turn your head and shoulder like this... did two super giant carves and went down to the bottom of the hill and said he'd wait for us down there. really shitty lesson, and that's pretty much how i teach people now if they ask me to teach them lol.

I learned to carve after my first day but then didn't really pick up snowboarding until two years after, but I didn't really forget how to snowboard. Picked up dynamic turns by the end of the first season I guess and I've been trying to learn something new since then. It's my 4th season now.
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How long it took me to learn? Freakn Forever.

I took group lesson the first time, and there were 10 people in the group, and half of the people cannot get up sitting down... you get the story. Progress was really slow, I spent most of the time sitting on my ass watching other people get up and fall, rinse and repeat. After an hour, half of the people in my group were gone, some freaked out, some hit themselves while learning and decided to leave, and finally the instructor was able to teach the few of us falling leaf and that was the end of the lesson.

2nd lesson was much better, only 3 people in the group, all of us were weak on toeside, so he spent a bit more time on toeside turn and at the end of the lesson, teaching us how to link turns.

In all honesty, I learned really mainly from Snowolf's description, tips from here, and watching youtube videos. Things he taught me here was 100x more useful for me. But I for sure needed those lessons.
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Didn't take me to long. It was a hard transition for me going from surfing to boarding but like many others said the youtube videos were really helpful. A little help from a friend in my backyard prior to going to the mountain and I was linking turns down blues at the end of the day. Definitely hooked for life and plan on buying a nice set up for myself soon. This forum is where its at! You guys rock!
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My girlfriend (now wife) taught me. First day was so rough, I almost never got on a snowboard again. Then my wife's sister's boyfriend taught me more things and I was up and riding the second day linking turns. It just clicked and once it did, off I went.

Amazing feeling that I'll never forget. One run I can barely turn and the next, I just totally understood it.
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for christmas, my bro got me a used all mountain/freeride board for like $50, plus a pair of his old boots. I figured, what the hell, give it a shot.
I took a little group lesson, and the best thing i learned was how to travel with one foot out of the binding.
After that, it took about 3 hours (really fast now that i think about it) for my bro to teach me how to leaf, another hour to link turns. By the end of the first day, i was going down "double-blacks" with some degree of difficulty. Im over in the midwest, so it's most definitely not a double black diamond. Still, pretty good, if i do say so myself.
In the weeks following that, i got out as much as i could (once every two weeks, maybe) and now i'm bombing down the steepest trail here.
IMO, snowboarding waaaay increases confidence (as opposed to skiing), being that you have to be more aggressive and all that.

goin with my brother and a couple of his friends up to canada over spring break to snowboard and get drunk!

edit: come to think of it, i learned how to snowboard SHIT fast. XD
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1st day had no clue...a friend tried to teach me...I was going straight down the hill...only knew how to stop by falling...so i tried the Bunny Hill...thats when I tore my MCL....I thought I was done for good with snowboarding...but I have been skating for years so I thought to myself lets try again.....First time back after tearing a ligament is nerve racking...but my friend showed me how to plow down the hill and them do a version of the falling leaf...I now working on linking my turns...still falling occasionally but progressing nicely...and I am actually going out tonight to work on linking turns more
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Well it all started when my friend who skis asked if i wanted to go to the hill with him, so i went but instead of renting skis i borrowed a good friends snowboard.(which i was probably better off with on account of i live in MN and therefore wakeboard all summer)

we get up there, get on the first lift get to the top my buddy stops and waits for me to strap in, then he says " oh yeah this hills pretty easy" and takes off down a black diamond(midwest that is) now i'm standing there looking like this i then nutted up and tried it and fell and got up and fell again down all the way down the hill.

Right after that we went to a blue (which seemed like a piece of cake to me after my first hill being a black) and i could link turns by the end of that run.

By the end of the day i went back and made that first black my bitch

Its all been down hill from there, granted i still have alot to learn
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I first started riding in 1993. Back then there were no lessons for snowboarders, in fact there were exactly 6 snowboarders on the entire mountain. LOL, I remember riding with a bunch of experienced skiers from my junior high, basically it was DIY on the bunny hill for most of the day. I hated it so much, I scorpioned twice in one day and almost gave up. By the third time up everything clicked and I was riding black diamonds by the end of the season. I would never want to go back and have to relearn, lol. Although I would love to go back for the $99 season passes.
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I'm still learning stuff too, but here is how I started learning and the initial progression.

First day: I winged it with a friend and we both got beaten up like crazy.

Before Second day: I read a total of about 6 books on snowboarding at bookstore below my work during my lunch breaks.

Second Day: Practiced all the drills: falling leaf, J, S, carve, etc. and went from greens to a double black. First double black was mostly falling through like 80% of the trail because it was just sliding on my back since it was so steep. But learned from it and was only falling maybe 20% of the way throughout that same trail by the end of the day. It was a chute under the lift so some ppl must've had fun watching me. lol I actually remembered the name (Ripcord...at SugarBush, VT).

Third Day and on: steep double blacks, mogul double blacks, no-fall zones, got bored with those...Then carving and more carving (I was gonna buy an alpine board for I think my second or third season but my friend convinced me not to).

But all of these things that I practiced were learned from reading those 6 snowboarding books, except maybe the moguls. I sort of had to figure those out myself. No one wrote about those.

Now I bought some Snowboard Addiction Coaching videos and am going to learn some freestyle and park moves.

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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
I do, because my friends are all skiers, and middle-of-the-piste skiers at that. Simply not compatible with fun.
I sometimes do. When I learnt new stuff, I mostly rode solo because you go at your own pace. If I get bored with my friends just cruising around the mountain taking pictures and crap...I just say, I'm gonna go fast...If you don't see me, I prolly took the wrong trail so I'll meet you at 4. Then I "go fast" to the park and hang out there myself. LOL
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