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Originally Posted by Dano View Post
I yelled left side
See, that's on you, this ain't jogging through the park on Sunday. Part of the safety code BS you "sign" when you buy a ticket or pass is skiers downhill have the right of way. It's not on them to avoid you (because they can't see you), you have to avoid them. You should have just stopped man. It sucks, but that's just how it is.

I vent my frustrations at
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I yell left or right as a courtesy when passing someone so they know I'm coming, not so they can yield. It's always intention to leave room as I go around, some skiers are unpredictable though

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Originally Posted by Dano View Post
The top of kicking horse is 40 feet of cat track that drops OB on the left and Double Black chutes on the right. To follow along the cat track to the last chair that will get you to one of the top bowls you need to be ripping pretty good. There was a family riding all over the fucking place, I yelled left side, and one of their kids snowplowed right in front of me. I couldn't go left and I was going too fast to drop into a chute blind on the right so I tried to stop. Didn't happen fast enough so i just bailed, trying to slow and remain on the track. My buddy rode right over my arm cutting my glove and hand then he bailed too.

Not only did these fucking clueless parents not keep their kids in a tight group sharing the run, the dad wanted to exchange blows until he realized I was angry enough to kill him and throw him off the fucking hill.
If you can't safely get across that cat track, unstrap and skate, I know it sucks but you just can't risk running into people because you don't want to skate for a few feet. That cat track is full of kids and newbs because it's the easiest way down, people aren't always going to get out of your way.

In my experience yelling left/right just makes the person turn that way.
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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
See you're a parent that gets it. Classic example was 3 years ago at Keystone I'm in A51 going up the park chair and there on big line jump 3 is Mama, Papa, Baby 1, Baby 2, and Junior skiing in a nice cheese wedge formation. They get to the knuckle of number 3 and Mama pulls out her picnic basket and sets up a full scale picnic on the landing of 3, that jump is 75 feet. Everyone was screaming at them to move and guys aired over them, finally I called ski patrol from my cell phone cause someone was going to die.

When I was 17 my buddy hit a 25 foot jump at our home mountain spun a back 7 and guess what just happened to ski into the landing while he was in the air? 4 year old that took the edge of his board right to her head. He scalped her. Full blown flap of forehead peeled back skull exposed she's freaking out he's on the ground in shock my other buddy grabbed the girl and slapped snow on her head and called ski patrol. Where were the parents? No where in sight they just let her go do the bunny hill by herself which is right next to the base of the terrain park and she skied over into the landing blind. She survived but got something like 200 stitches in her head.
Oh my god, that mid-park picnic break is wrong in so many ways. That 4 y/o cheated death with "only" 200 stitches. Another inch and she could've been taking a ride to the morgue. It was quick thinking of your friend to pack the wound in ice. Maturity varies in kids, but I think 4 years old is still a bit young to be skiing unattended.

LouG, nice of that dad to respond the way he did. People can be so defensive and indignant that it makes you wonder if there's any possible way to get a point across that doesn't involve physical injury.
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This is just tragic... doesn't matter who's at fault, the point is, lives were lost. Yes it could have been easily prevented, but that's why it's called an accident seeing as though it shouldn't have happened, but it did. Condolences to the families involved.

As a father of two young kids, I do get protective with them when we're up in the slopes. I always have my son go down first while I'm behind him eyeing other people bombing down runs. When he needs to stop coz he's tired, he immediately sits down even on the middle of the run (kids dont think about getting run over, go figure), but that's when I tell him to move over to the side to prevent other people running over us. As what has been mentioned, no matter how good you are, if you can't see whats immediately in front of you physics would tell you there's no possible way of stopping right away.
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Originally Posted by LouG View Post
Amen Toecutter.

I don't have any horror stories like BA, but once upon a time I saw a father and his little girl pull up behind the lip of jump where nobody could see them as I was coming in hot to hit it. I had to bail on the jump, but pulled up to the side to let them know nobody above me could see them and they were going to get hurt. The father politely responded, "FUCK YOU, I CAN STOP WHEREVER I WANT". Ignorance is bliss I suppose... until you scalped by an edge.

Good on you for knowing what's up and teaching your kids how to ride smart. Skiing/Snowboarding is dangerous by default, but there are so many ways to make it even more so.
Ya know, I'm a pretty laid back guy, and probably would've done the same thing in that situation. Yeah, those guys caused me to bail on a pretty good sized air, and I could've hurt myself bad, but no harm, no foul. I would've done the same thing and politely let them know what was up. But, I do have my limits. He would've probably gotten to "Fuck you..." before teeth were separated from his gums.
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I've seen many people stopped just over a hill or even at the landing of a jump. And I've seen near collisions and full contact collisions that result from this as well. I've even stopped over a hill like this before but didn't even realize it. Whoever's "fault" it is, doesn't really matter as people make mistakes. Ppl wipe out and have to rest somewhere and are too dazed to think...or simply overlook things.

I got one of thse last year and now I'm gonna wear it every time I board. I haven't had any major injuries from crashing and stuff (and I DID hit ppl in my earlier snowboarding) but I sure wish I had thought of getting one of these much earlier as it would have prolly saved a bit of pain anyway. You never know when someone is going to hit you even if you're careful...or that hidden piece of ice is arround the corner.

They vary in price (from arround the cost of 2 tickets) but I recommend somethign similar after feeling how much it helps falling on it. I can imagine if a skii/board flies into my body.

Fox Titan Jacket Upper Body Armor

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Ok, first of all, none of you have even been to Hogadon, because its not worth it. That run is not all what you think. The kid was out of control and didnt know what the hell he was doing. It is possible to get going fast there but i feel that its just stupidity and lack of skill.
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Originally Posted by Toecutter View Post
The boarder could have lost control on ice above them and careened into them. Last week we read about knuckleheads purposely skiing or riding way too close to other people. I'm not saying it wasn't caused by the mom and kid, but let's not blame them yet without knowing much of anything here. All we know so far is that the mom and kid were stopped on a "difficult" run and the man collided into them.
I once ran into some skiier like that because of ice. It was in a double black daimond and these two old guys were just stopped in the middle of the trail. I tried to stop but slipped out and next thing you know I clipped one of them at the skii and knocked him down. He was OK but lo an behold ski patrol happened to be right behind me! I was like appologizing like 10 times per second because I thought he was gonna give me a ticket or revoke my pass and arrest me. :P But he said that yeah, he did see the ice patch but it was still my responsibility to avoid ppl in front of me so he let me go. But the problem is that not everyone would see that ice patch in time and an "old men in a double black diamond" should know better than to be stopping in the middle of a trail like that chilling out. That's part of the danger of the sport.
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As i've mentioned on several ocassions here, i'm a new boarder. My 7 year old son is a new skiier this year as well.

We both took lessons this seasons and are obviously in the beginning stages of learning. After 3 lessons, i purposely kept him and myself on the beginner hill a couple more days just to lern safety. Naturally he can pizza down the side of alot of runs, but i refuse to let him do so until he is fully capable of doing so safely.

I've picked up boarding a tad faster than most, but i will not go above the green runs yet....purely for the safety of myself, my son (who skis right by my side), and the other skier/boarders.

We have been out 7 times so far this years and each time we see totally irresponsible parents with their kids. No idea if this is the case with this tragedy, but man people are plan ignorant and irresponsible when it comes to skiing/boarding. I'm also concerned about them not having a helmet. I know alot of people don't wear them, but my son will always wear one and i will as well until i'm better accomplished (which will be a couple years or more).

Sounds like a terrible accident that could have been potentially avoided on a number of levels.
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