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Default Major problem with snowboarding…Wife

I’m 39, started snowboarding this year. My wife & daughter took up skiing. Truth be told >> we all started skiing this year; I just couldn’t stop thinking about boarding. Skiing didn’t cut it, surely you know the feeling.

Unfortunately I fell snowboarding in late Jan (fell hard on overextended arm).
Went to my doctor right away, MRI images indicated overall structure of my shoulder maintained, unfortunately there was a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus (upper rotator cuff) tendon. Minor (interstitial) tearing was noted on some of the adjacent tendons, these were noted as “common” and will heal. The tear however would not heal without surgery. Surgery took place Mar 03, as outpatient. The tendon was stretched/returned to the “tear site” and anchored to the bone. Had it not been for the tear, it would have been categorized as a 2nd degree shoulder sprain. Anyway, so far it’s been really painful but healing is underway. Physical therapy begins Apr12; I plan to hit this with a passion.

Anyway, major problem >>> Wife.

She wants me to stop SBing for good. Says she won’t help me though this, should it happen again. She believes SBing is twice as dangerous as skiing due to locked footprint and “unnatural” body movements.

I have no interest in the park or tricks of any kind. All I want is to gracefully carve downhill without getting hurt. I’m no attention whore. I feel that quitting is the “fail-safe” way to avoid further injury. However I do NOT WANT to walk away from this sport. What to do? She is willing to drop $1000 for entire ski set-up for me; I would just rather stay on my old/used board. Boarding is all I think about these days. Thanks for any input, I'm bored so I posted a pic of us....

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She looks a little like the devil right now, lol... jk, man.

My first recommendation would be do a little research and find studies to prove otherwise.
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Tell her, hell to skiing i;m boarding and ya cant do nuttin' bout it. skiing aint no safer
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yea im sure you could find proof that skiing is equally fact, id think its much much easer to destroy an acl or mcl while skiing..considering your knees and legs in general get all out of whack when you fall

edit: if that fails, suggest she take up sandwich making and leave the man be

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Told tell her anything. Just keep boarding. I've been married 11 years and can't imagine telling my wife to do something or being told to do something .... she will get over it when you don't get hurt, if you do get hurt she will be super happy..... she gets to say "I told you so".
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Well, being a wife I think I would need more information. Like, how exactly did you fall? Was she with you when you fell? My husband and I - 50's - took up skiing 4 years ago. He really didn't like the skis and hated having ski's going different directions all the time. After the first year he tried snowboarding and like that a lot better, he liked his feet straped in and not worrying about yardsales and getting all your gear together after a fall. He fell a few times hitting his head on ice - got a helmet and continued. After three years no other incidents.

This year I started snowboarding - never got past geen runs on skis - skiing just felt too hard to me and exhurting and you can always falling leaf down a diamond if needed - can't do that on skis! lol

We both fell early in the season this year and I hurt my wrist and he sprained his on easy falls. We got wrist guards and have kept going. I see him boarding and he doesn't do anything crazy that he wouldn't have done on skis so I look at it as he could get hurt either way, but I see how careful he is and we continue. But, in all honestly, I think if he got hurt like you did I'd give him a second chance and if he got hurt again, I may not be as happy to see him continue.

Just my 2 cents.....

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Having learned to ski before I snowboarded I'd say skiing was generally safer. Although I switched over to snowboarding fairly soon before I started really pushing myself so I never had any huge crashes ect. With snowboarding I've had some nasty edge catches and trapped my arms in akward places while falling. I know there's proper ways to fall, but when things happen so quick it aint easy to brace yourself. I reckon it's pretty easy to break a wrist too. I've had some close calls. Never really got them problems skiing. So yeah shes probably right it's more dangerous ect. However like anything if you take it easy don't run before you can walk then you should be fine. Perhaps you just got unlucky with your fall it happens. You could quite easily hurt yourself skiing. I'd say be your own man stick with the board. Be sensible and you should be fine.
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I skiied for years, then took a break for years, then took up snowboarding (3rd season). Snowboarding is inherently a little more dangerous when you're starting out, just as it's a little harder when starting. Once you get going, it evens out. Once you're into intermediate levels (not stunt riding, ok?) I think snowboarding is slightly safer in that when you have a big fail in skiing you not only get flying equipment to worry about, you also have knee injuries. Once you get into jumps and park and crap, all bets are off -- it's just all dangerous.

This is all just my opinion of course, and I'm no authority (other than having done both), but the bottom line is that it's your aggressiveness more than the nature of the sport that's going to determine if you live or die.

If you are like most families, you are probably far more aggressive than your wife and daughter (just like in my family). Combine that with the fact that they are on skis and you're on a board and you have what's called a "skewed sample". It's very likely that you'd have buggered yourself up on skis anyway.

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That was not going to happen if it was me. IF my wife asked me to stop climbing OR snowboarding..I would simply sleep up in my office and keep climbing and riding. Do not touch my passions.
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