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Started from sled riding, I always loved the snow as a kid, my mom had a house without a front porch railing and me and friends would pile snow up to the edge of the porch and sled down it, usually with a jump at the end. Was only about 4 feet high but I remember it being fun as a little kid. Would try to stand up on the sled and go down the hill as far as I could without crashing when I went to sled hills too. One day an older kid had one of those cheapo boards and I asked him if I could try it....that was the turning point.

Ended up getting a snowboard for christmas, heavy as hell and horrible sidecut (or lack thereof) now that I think about it. Rode that for a few years just on sled hills and figured out toeside turns KINDA. In middle school I joined ski club but the resort didn't allow snowboarders so I was S.O.L, learned how to ski there but still rode the board at home, mostly just in a straight line. Skied for 3 years and they decided to allow snowboarders. If I remember right I complained to my mom that the board I had was limiting me and she must've known how much I loved it because we went to a snowboard shop (Sun Valley Sports which is still there) and I got my first "real" board and bindings set-up. It was a K2 HC 142 with K2 lowback bindings and K2 boots. Got a pick-a-day pass to the resort, basically a one day per week ticket with a bunch of extra day tickets. Convinced a buddy to talk his mom into getting a board too and we learned from each other. Never took a single lesson, just learned from mistakes and figured out how to turn heelside and link. One of the lucky ones I guess that it came natural to.

19 or 20 years later here I am, never took a lesson in my life on a board other than advice from better riders back in the day and watching videos frame by frame, trial and nasty slams till I figured a trick out. Hard to believe I've been doing it that long, but I'm still just as stoked to strap-in this year as I have been every year in the past.

Still have the K2 HC in the basement, bindings and all, people always ask me why I don't just get rid of it, but it's what changed my life and allowed me meet some of the best people I've ever known.
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During high school, I went skiing a few times with friends. I really only rented skis. It was fun, but I didn't really feel like I was improving.

When college started, the first winter I decided to try snowboarding instead of skiing. I bought new pants and a jacket, rented gear, and signed up for a lesson. I guess in the beginning, I was mostly boarding for something to do outdoors, and to hang out with friends.

After about 3-days, snowboarding wasn't 'painful' anymore, and I was really not liking the variation I was getting in rental equipment. I was still pretty bad at this point (falling on greens) but I thought I would buy hard-gear (boots/board/bindings). I got a discount setup, and for the next few years, I just went a few days per year, mostly just crashing down greens and hanging out with friends.

Then one day, something just clicked. I made it down a green without falling, but moreover, I felt completely in control. So, I tried a blue. I tumbled a couple of times, but I made it down, which was exhilarating (compared to bunny slopes). I felt hungry though... like I really wanted to learn to do it right. When I got home, I searched and came across this forum, and read what people said about technique. I took another lesson, intermediate this time. I eventually starting zipping down blues, and I was hungry for more. I realized that I could take most chairs on the mountain now, and get to some peaks that had blue runs down. Some people here helped me pick out a new board and new bindings. Hungry for more, I tried doing black diamond runs.

I'm still not very good... but it's an amazing feeling gliding through curves and getting to the bottom, then looking up at the mountain and thinking: "I DID THAT."
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I skated as a kid, never got really good and gave up to pursue other interests.

Fast forward two a few years ago. My friend invites me on a snowboard trip. The Thursday before the weekend, my apartment caught fire. Rumored to be an arson, but I never picked up the official report because my stuff wasn't damaged. But the building was condemned and we had a week to move out. I should have stayed and moved my stuff out but I was so pissed off, I said I'm going, I don't care. So began the tale of prioritizing my life around riding. Rode that rental crap and fell all day but as soon as I got back and moved my stuff, I went to the local shop and picked up a Palmer Saga-R with white Union Forces. I knew I would be going every chance I had, every spare moment no matter how far I had to go, how much money I had to spend or what I had to do.

Haven't looked back since. Caught the freestyle bug two seasons ago. Got back on the skateboard so I'd have something to do when the snow melted.
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Ex-gf actually got me into boarding when we first started dating. Hated everything about it until i started progressing while boarding with my boys and fell in love with it a few years later.
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Had been skiing for several years. Made a trip to Tahoe to ski, back in the 90s. The resort/hotel I was staying at had some coupons for a snowboard rental, lesson, and ticket for real cheap. Thought, what the heck, took a flyer on the lesson at Mt, Rose. Got this god awful directional board - pointy nose, snub tail that weighed a TON. Took some bad falls the first day, but at the end of the day I was linking turns and leaning over to where, if I did not balance centrifugal forces with lean angle, serious face or butt plant. I still remember the rush of pulling off those turns... a feeling that skiing never gave me.

For several years after that skied and boarded every time I made a multi-day trip to the slopes. Then about four years ago, decided to board exclusively. Boy, board technology has come a long way since the day I learned to board on that plank. I think today's boards are actually lighter than the BINDINGS on the board I learned on.
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I live by the sea and go longboarding most weekends, so for me it was very much a longboarding on the snow kinda thing Looked fun and I can do it without having to spend ages learning!
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Ahh, the Memories. When I was in High School.....1994ish it snowed a bunch and was cold as H*ll! We had a ton of days off, and I loved going out and playing in the snow till the wee hours of the morning. Sled riding was key and I would always try to surf the sled down the hill, usually falling off and tumbling along the way. I had heard about snowboarding from kids who did ski club and was amazed at the idea of strapping my feet to the thing! I couldn't join the club because of wrestling season, so one day in late February, 1996 I went to Blue Knob, PA. It was a boiler-plate, freezing cold night, I rented a board, and fell all night long. It was horrible, I sucked, sucked, sucked. My girlfriend was skiing and she was good, but I was awful!!!

One day, that summer, I was at a swap shop and saw a 1992 Burton Air with a cracked top-sheet where the bindings screwed-in for 50 bucks! (Including bindings) I thought, wow and I bought that puppy right away. (didn't have much money at the time) I did some laminate work to secure the bindings a little better and when it would snow, I would hike the mountain behind my house and snowboard down. The boots I used were old hunting boots with the thick felt lining.

I also worked at a greenhouse as the boiler-keeper. When I wasn't tending to the fire I had a lot of down-time, so I would hike the hill next to the house and ride the fluffy snow back down. I fell in love!! It has been quite a wonderful 15 years of boarding!
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I got bored with skiing after the 85-86 season and was going to give up the snow life. Then some buddies and I went to Denver for a concert and I saw a Burton Elite at one of the local stores so I figured why not. I took it to our local hill not even knowing if they would let me ride it there but they we cool with it, so my claim to fame is being the first rider there. Another guy moved up from Colorado about half way through the season and showed me some sick tricks (for those days). From that season on I have been hooked.
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I've lived in South Jersey my whole life so no mountains here, but we have plenty of hills around and whenever it snowed I would go sledding. When I was about 11 I felt like regular sledding wasn't that exciting anymore so I decided to start standing up on the sleds to "surf" down the hills. Then I started noticing some of the older kids riding down on snowboards. I had no idea about snowboarding before that. I wanted to try it so bad, so the next year when I was 12 I got a snowboard for christmas and took it to hills. I pretty much felt like I mastered it after a couple days. Than the next year I convinced my parents to take me to a "real" mountain. I loved it, but no one in my family skied so I ended up never going again until I was 18 and could drive myself. I've been taking trips up to the mountains as much as I've had time for ever since. This will be my 4th season.

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Originally Posted by BoardWalk View Post
I got bored with skiing after the 85-86 season and was going to give up the snow life. Then some buddies and I went to Denver for a concert and I saw a Burton Elite at one of the local stores so I figured why not. I took it to our local hill not even knowing if they would let me ride it there but they we cool with it, so my claim to fame is being the first rider there. Another guy moved up from Colorado about half way through the season and showed me some sick tricks (for those days). From that season on I have been hooked.
As a side note that board had a swallow tail and about twelve inches of effective edge with no flex. Add to that Sorel boots with ski boot inserts, it's still hard to believe I got hooked. That just goes to show how sweet the sport is.
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