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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
There are far greater hazards that your government could spend time, money and energy on that are bigger problems. Smoking being one of them. I have never been around so many heavy smokers as Canadians....
And yet they have insanely high prices on cigarettes in Canada, they have these absolutely disgusting pictures on the packets, and where sold, smokes are hidden from view behind thick black curtains......yet people still chain smoke. Goes to show, the more you tell someone not to do something, through all these campaigns, they more they are going to do it, I know, I do only I smoke about 3-5 cigs a day, not 4 packs. Sure, make people aware, but don't push it. As far as the helmet law? I can see where they are coming from, what with socialised health care, but they should drop the moan about smoking related health care, the tax they put on cigarettes should cover that, but how would you work a helmet tax? If you smoke, the tax you pay on cigarettes will cover you if you get sick from it and if you wear a helmet? about a surcharge on lift tickets for people who choose not to wear a helmet....these things can be checked at random around the resort? Dumb idea? probably....

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I think it should be the same as the state law for bicycle.
Which for California is "17 and younger" Motorcycle and bicycle helmet use laws
I think it should be optional like it is now for snowboarding, like everything.
Like there warning that came with my burton bindings, "Keep it rad. Look both ways before crossing the street.
Bathtubs are slippery. Do not stand on the top step of a ladder. Life has risks...Snowboarding is one of them."
"Life HAS RISKS...SNOWBOARDING IS ONE OF THEM" just like everything else, driving a car, climbing a ladder.
That is my point on this mandatory helmet thing.
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I have to agree with Snowolf and CheeseForSteeze. Although I do advocate helmets and wear one myself, I generally hate laws that seek to protect people from themselves (children excepted). As is often argued, I believe it is a slippery slope. If the interest is saving lives and healthcare costs, why not just ban skiing and snowboarding? Of course, you shouldn't leave out other dangerous activities: sky diving, SCUBA diving, motorcycles, rock climbing, mountain biking, even driving personal cars isn't nearly as safe as public transit. Think of the savings if we eliminated all those!

Even if you accept mandatory helmets for just this case, they haven't presented nearly enough evidence that this will even accomplish saving healthcare costs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning that helmets offer much protection (there have been plenty of studies to confirm this), the problem I have is with their cost-savings argument. First off, what about those without helmets who die immediately from their injuries? Their costs are no doubt less than those wearing helmets who suffer a TBI. How about those wearing helmets who avoid a TBI, but suffer massive spinal chord injuries? Are those much cheaper? Or those wearing poorly-fitting helmets that suffer an injury because of it? Furthermore, what about the costs related to enforcement of this law? Even with the argument that resorts will enforce it, they only will if they know they will face a penalty. In other words, it requires some level of government enforcement. There would likely be inspections or at the very least court cases resulting from this law. Even if they have done their homework (and just failed to mention it in the article), have they seriously looked at other activities similarly to weigh the cost-benefit of mandatory safety requirements in those?

I say leave adults to their own judgement. I'll be wearing my helmet.
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or how about what I know as an insurance excess, all private insurance, to the best of my knowledge does this. In other words, Canadian government continues to pay for in full whatever health care they normally pay for, but if you have an accident in an extreme situation, such as snowboarding, high speed watersports etc, you, the injured pay the first $500, or whatever. But you, as a Canadian citizen are made aware of this, each instance where an excess is applicable is specified. You are then more careful, and will be able to make your own decisions.
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Originally Posted by SimonB View Post
You're right. However, a law like this one would not cost much, if anything, to the government to enforce, since the responsibility would be on the resort...

Personally, I don't think there is that much money involved in medical care for head injury caused by skiing/snowboarding. I would just hate to see someone I care for get injured because that person didn't think he/she needs a helmet...
ski hills can not charge people that are not wear helmets.but they must in force the law.

Mandatory helmet laws for Nova Scotia re...
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Not wearing a helmet in block Nova Scotia is just dumb. Nanny state is to protect those who are not smart enough.....I don't like seeing people hurt.
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Originally Posted by SimonB View Post
You're right. However, a law like this one would not cost much, if anything, to the government to enforce, since the responsibility would be on the resort...
There will be a competitive incentive for resorts to "look the other way" for people who don't want to to be told they have to wear a helmet and then that will require, at the least, some guy to drive around and audit the resorts to give a reasonable assurance they are in compliance enforcing helmet laws or the resorts will have self-certify at their own cost to prove they are in compliance.

Both of those things cost money.

Personally, I don't think there is that much money involved in medical care for head injury caused by skiing/snowboarding. I would just hate to see someone I care for get injured because that person didn't think he/she needs a helmet...
I would hate to see such a thing too, but similar things could be said about people who decided to ski/snowboard in the first place. It's a risky activity and it stands to reason if we are going to minimize the tragedies of snowboard injuries that there is a far greater proportion which could be resolved also be mandated spine protectors and making resorts do absurd things require to issue licenses to ride terrain ("you need a black diamond license to ride here, sir, I'm sorry that's a $150 ticket") through a program that has to be certified by auditors, etc.

I see what you're saying but I just do not think the fact that not wearing a helmet increases the risk of injury reason enough to require people to wear them.
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Originally Posted by SimonB View Post
In fact, the law should not be needed at all. In Quebec, I think every resort require a helmet to go in the park. In the '90s they required a leash to get on the lift. They could just do the same thing with helmets. No helmet, no chairlift.

If the law passes it will be the resort's duty to apply it. No real cost for the government.

As for the smoking, it would cost a lot to fight it. They probalby spend more money fighting contraband then fighting smoking, because they are losing tax revenue. They probably get more in tobacco tax than what it costs in medical care, hence why they don't put that much effort...

Our country is no better than others, still driven by money...
You must still be a teenager still if you actually believe the government is doing nothing to stop smoking. I remember a time when you could smoke indoors at fast food restaurants and inside bars. I also remember when you could buy them in vending machines at cafes and when they were only 2 bucks a pack.

These days it costs a considerable amount more and you're actually restricted to where you can smoke OUTSIDE. Add to the fact that as far as I know tobacco companies can't even advertise in Canada(for the most part anyways, I know I've seen some ads in american magazines that are sold here) it's hard to say that the government has done nothing to combat smoking.

Now as helmets go, in Ontario you need one for park riding anywhere, if you're taking/giving lessons and I think possibly even renting now. I believe they were even considering making it an age thing as well. It's really not all that bad protecting children, I've had kids in my lessons eat shit hard, only to get up right away and shake it off due to the helmet. Forcing certain people to wear them can be very advantageous for the society as a whole, but I still think once you're an adult the choice should be left with you.
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Default Helmets

I have been wearing one for about 10 years since my best friend sliced his head open from the crown to the back of his neck when he fell while we were snowboarding, so it doesn't make much of a difference to me. I definitely support it for kids under 18, and think it's a pretty good idea for people over 18. I wouldn't be mad if the law were enacted, and if resorts enforced it. But, I'm in California and not Nova Scotia, so it might be different if the law came here.
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yup there shouldnt be a helmet law. because it interferes with darwin's law. a person can die from hitting the skull at merely 15kph (read this somewhere), if someone is dumb enough to not wear a helmet while doing something dangerous, even if he doesn't die from cracking his head open, he will do something else dumb and die. natural selection.
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